Saturday, May 21, 2011

Weekend in Babysitting

Greetings and holykisses,

We are on high alert here this weekend.
Tony's girlfriend called yesterday and asked if I'd watch the kids. ;) Of course I'll watch the kids! We hung up the phone and I set about babyproofing. Not with "baby" in mind but boydog in mind. You know; for "just in case."

Baskets of books, baskets in general, my purse, ... anything that you would not want to be marked as someone's territory. lol "Just in case." I think I said that already but ... I've babysat before... and you learn things! ;)

When Sylvester and Roxie got here; things started pretty well. I think they both remembered being here before and after checking out the house and seeing their crates get put in the computer room with our dogs' crates they realized they were staying awhile.

Then came the rain. It rained like crazy. Lightning, thunder and thankfully that's all because we were under tornado watch much of the day yesterday. Did you know when you open a door for four dogs to go potty outside and it is pouring out they stop in the doorway and refuse to go any further? What do you do with four dogs with full bladders that don't want to go outside? Yeah; that's what I did,... I booted their hineys out the door. One by one was sent out into the storm. Ya know what ya have then, when it's finally time to come back in? -- ..... four very wet dogs in my craft room. lol Least out there the floor is tile and they could dry off before coming the rest of the way in. So I pasted ephemera into my soul journal and painted during their drying off times. It was a wonderful night, and everything was going fine until....

day 2: I don't know what has happened to my Addie but .... this is her on one side of the door that goes into my craft room. I finally had to separate them like this. I guess I made the mistake of talking to Roxie in my "I love Addie voice?" We were in the living room and I pet Roxie and gave her some love and CHOOOOOM! Miss Addie wigged out! It was a horrible dogfight. I finally had to smack Addie with the remote control to get her to stop. She had Roxie in her teeth and wasn't lettin go. I can't believe no blood was shed, and her cheek is intact. It must have been more growl than anything. They got into it one more time after that and now Addie just paces. Look at her here in this picture. See her neck stretched out... she was growlin and acted so vicious! Where did my sweet Addie go?

These are the three on the other side of the doorway. Roxie is on the left, and Francois to the right, and Sylvester ... well he's the adorable little black one. Roxie is a corgi out of one of my litters so she's actually a full sister to Addie.

Isn't she pretty? She's kinda hard to tell apart from Francois; but she's chunkier. At first glance I tell them apart by their collars. Right now as I blog they're all together again so things have cooled down.

I'm not sure how long they'll be here yet. I have a hunch Michelle will come get her beloved Sylvester tomorrow sometime but I wonder if she'll want to leave Rox here until Tony gets back from working out of town. It could be several days-- so Addie better just chill out a little. Gosh; dogs can sure get over protective can't they? I've been thinking about buying another female corgi soon and raising AKC's again. Seeing how jealous Addie became;... I don't know now?

I almost forgot I loaded this picture too.

Sylvester loves his bunny.

I hope it doesn't get gutted while at our house. lol Francie is a toy ripper and keeps taking it away. Kids!*

So what are all your plans this weekend?

We went out last night for our usual Sonic drive in, late night- have the munchies- want ice cream-Run. After we got our treats we went cruising and Myguy "hapd" by one of my very favorite, most wonderful, antique shops ever. He turned around in their driveway and said, "You been in here lately?" lololol I hadn't, so I was safe. It felt like a trap! -- I'll leave you with words of funny wisdom from a complete stranger whom I will never forget:

Shop: Blossomberries

Scene: Springtime around the cash register with stranger and I paying out at the same time.

Between us were boxfuls of pink impatiens, rose scented geraniums, pincushion flowers, pink and white petunias, lantana, onion sets, yellow and pink snapdragons, feathery yarrow in shades of who knows?, rudbeckia, hens and chicks, moss roses, ... are you getting the picture? It was incredible to say the least. lol We were both obviously "getting in" our gardens at the same time, as well as flowering up. ;) We were both giddy and I told her, "It seems I can always find room for one more flower. One more. And one more." She laughed and told me something I think is brilliant: "Honey, .... just never leave a paper trail." Now some of you I know will get that.*

That needs to go up into the new "quotes" tab don't you think?!

Some of you probably saw I screwed that up adding a quote yesterday and it ended up as a regular post! Sorry bout that! Then of course came a downpour and our internet quit so I tried to delete it from my phone. lol It was a quote from my friend Cora, so I'll have to try adding it again later. While I've been adding this new post, I somehow hit something and it published all by itself so I had to redraft it too. Good thing yall are so patient! You're great. Have I told you that lately? Well you are... I love just love yall.

Today is "thrift" day. And while I'm out I think I'll visit that favorite antique shoppe too. (grin) I'm still looking for more bottles to build the tree, and rusty crusty garden art. If you've seen any cool new ideas lately please share. Needing more inspiration!

Have a blessed weekend!

Holykisses xoxo



Tins and Treasures said...

Good Morning, Lea,
You are a brave woman to take care of all those puppies at once!

Good luck and Happy Saturday ~Natalie

From the Heart said...

Sounds like you are having fun with all the dogs and then getting ice cream and the antique shop. You are truly blessed

Heather's Blog-o-rama said...

Hi, I found your blog via my friend Linda over at Prairie Flower Farm. She wrote such a nice thing about you, I had to come and visit. Plus, I like your music playlist, so I'll have that on while I'm working on other things :) :) I was so delighted with your blog, I decided to follow it ;) :) Was it difficult to add pages to your blog? I'm thinking I may have to do that with mine, soon!!! Have a lovely weekend. Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

Heather's Blog-o-rama said...

HI Lea,
I just had to come back for another visit ;) :) I read through the blog and just couldn't stop laughing, reading about the dogs "brawl in the Hall" "Thrilla in Manilla" :) :) :) I'm glad they're all getting along now. They sure are cute little four-legged bundles ;) :) :)

I love garage/yardsale shopping. If I look carefully,I find treasures :) :)

Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)