Friday, May 27, 2011

Garden Chair Makeover

Greetings and Holykisses,

Hi yall!
I hope you've just had a wonderful day!!!!!!!!

I told you earlier I'd try to get back on one more time today after finishing this chair.
Honestly; I had more fun planting it today than oughta be legal!
Pictured above, is the chair I bought at a flea market last weekend for $5.00. It was painted a too-glossy chocolate brown color and the seat was pretty nasty; so it was the first to "go."

I himhawed whether to repaint it?
Shabby white... or leave as is.
I left it alone.
Then carried to to the garden and started diggin out all the old barnwood and painty, chippy, peely boards I've saved up for something special. When Myguy watched me carrying the circular saw, hammer, and drill I'd just fetched out of the shop; it wasn't long and he followed me to the garden. ;) He knows I'm not wild about saws. But a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do. And I really hate a cordless saw even more. ;P

Turned out I didn't have to use the saw at all, coz my sweet husband helped me!
Awwww.... (I love that man.) If any of you guys out there are reading this; may I please tell you ... it's actions like this that make a woman fall in love with her man all over again and again! (Am I speaking truth ladies?)
Okay where was I? lol -- This was the scene in front of the shabby olde potting shed.
And board by board we shabbied her up. Myguy didn't even question me. lol He patiently waited while I held up this board and that board til we got em just imperfectly right.
Myguy didn't even raise an eyebrow when I told him the really decrepid olde board in the center of the back just had to be on it coz I think it's the most beautiful board I ever saw. He helped me get to this far and then he went back to work and .... he lovingly took my saw away. lol

Next I grabbed some old chicken wire and stapled it to form the basket. After that; added the coconut basket. Then today, was the really fun part.....
Moss was added to cover up the chicken wire on the edges, and then I had a ball planting it with some lush pink- parfait verbena, petunias, and a purple "Callies" -Calibrachoa. They look just like the Laura Bush Tunies I love and the tag said it's a miniature petunia that trails. Exactly what this chair needed something messy and spilling all over the place. I hope they grow!

The new chair now sets in a secluded spot right behind the potting shed. I take that back; ....
Mr. and Mrs. Puddleduck are actually living back there now. I forgot to tell ya that Hairspray started laying eggs and took up residence beneath the blackberries. She'd laid two eggs under the bamboo by our chicken coop but a gluttonous possum or something ate them thee other night. Now Hairspray has decided the blackberry bushes may be abit more private. I hope so coz a possum or skunk would probably rather have her than the eggs. Anyways, ...I hope they like their new chair. ;)

I leave yall with a verse that kept coming to my mind today.

“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Matthew 11:28


Dawn Dutton said...

Awesome chair!

Barbara Jean said...

cool chair!!
And, yes, so true, it is those kinds of things that say "I love you". =)

barbara jean

Trace4J said...

Madly in love with your chair. AWESOME!! I love how you think outside the box.
Love the the scripture. Have really clung to it this past year.
Thankful He carries my burdens and gives me rest.
While I pull on my boots and breath.
Stop by and see my drying beans. They turned out so cool.I think they would look fabulous hanging in the potting shed. :)
Hugs to you friend!
Granny Trace

Tammy@Simple Southern Happiness said...

Girl, you do have an eye for "Shabby Gardens" decor. You did an outstanding job. My minds eye was envisioning you carrying that saw and tools to your work spot and your hubby watching you go back and forth.

You sure are correct, we swoon over a guy that will help us in anything we do and without asking. Something that simple melts my heart.

I so hope the ducks will be safe back there and the eggs. Will be cute to see some baby ducks.

I pray the lord will keep you all safe each and every day.

From the Heart said...

You have a very unique way of taking something no one else would even think about (that's me) and making something beautiful out of it. That's what God does to a person who accepts Christ as their Savior. He takes the old self and makes something beautiful out of them.

Blessings, AE

Cora from Hidden Riches said...

Nothin' better than chairs in the garden, and you did an awesome job on this one. I'll never forget the old rocking chair frame that a friend put in her garden. It was struck by lightening and pieces flew everywhere! We laughed so hard, because we had always felt a little guilty about putting that chair out there. It was her Mom's and she was supposed to have had it redone. Woops!!!!!

Love the whole look, Lea! Perfect!

Anonymous said...

Is that not the cutest chair ever??? Leave it to you Lea to create something that sweet. I love it!


Rebecca said...

Now that's MY kind of yard art! Great idea, Lea! said...

It was almost your fault!
I saw this bassinet on the curb to be thrown out.
I looked once. I stopped the second time. I envisaged it with bulbs and pansies.....but is was a bit too tatty and I was a bit too tired to drag it into car etc.