Friday, May 20, 2011

Faded Friday

Greetings and Holykisses,

I'm listening to rolling thunder and hoping the corn patch gets a drink today.
It's hard to imagine that not long ago, my garden was under water for days but now... needs rain!

Yesterday evening, I took my camera outdoors while I watered what I just "had" to. You know how those beloved clay pots can become the Sahara desert by thee end of the day? As I tilted the water can across them, I also watered my husband's old workboots that are planted with Laura Bush petunias. I'd been noticing the flowers were not lookin their prettiest. But as the water trickled down into the soil of the boots, I saw movement. :) Upon closer inspection; a disgruntled toad popped his head out and shot me a "thanks alot Lady" look.* The Laura Bush Tunie isn't taking so kindly to his obvious root botherings. I think a little miracle grow would help but I'd better make sure it's also good for adorable toads. ;) I love that once again a toad has taken residence to his boots!

The Yarrow above is at my favorite stage. ~fading~ Although it's sad to see the flowers near spent,... I adore how the colors mute. They remind me of pink, antique, barkcloth drapes that have hung in a sunny window for decades; giving them yummy, faded, perfection. --And the scripture added, brings me back to my Everlasting.

This little pottery sign, hangs on a nail in the middle of my garden.
Sometimes I look at it, and imagine Adam walking in the garden of Eden before even Eve was created. It was just he and God. What was the light like that Adam could see? Was it the same as I see even now? Or was it brighter? And so I wonder?
These are surprise seeds from my friend Irene all the way from Oregon! There are lots more growing, but I wanted to share a close up of a few seedlings. I'm not sure yet, what everything is, and so I haven't weeded. The only ones I'm sure of are the Marigolds. I'm wondering if the leafier ones are Daisies? Anyone know? I can hardly wait til they start blooming!

Speaking of daisies; I've been preparing new pages in my soul journal and since I had paints out, I prepped a canvas and painted a shade of coral. I want to try to paint a few daisies on it in an aqua fruit jar. My friend and Sisterchick Kay has promised to teach me how to paint roses! I think she's painted for a long time, but recently is brushing up with classes at the Sr Citizen center! Isn't that cool?! I'm excited. Some of you might remember me talking about her before only I call her "Gardener woman." She's the lady I met a year and a half or so ago. Every time I drove past her house, I would admire her garden and God was telling me to "love my neighbor." So I bought a pot of gerber daisies and left them at her garden gate. At the time, she had a sign that said No Tresspassing and I was too afraid to open her gate and go knock on her door. But the next time I went by, she was outdoors so I pulled into her driveway and that's how we met! The rest they say, is history! She loves God, she adores gardening and I'm blessed to call her treasured friend. Not only does she now come to the bible study at my house, but she's going to teach me how to paint roses. Is God good or what?! I can hardly wait!

Until we meet again...
Holykisses xoxo


Rebecca said...

It's looking good over here at the Olde Potting Shed! The tabs worked out, didn't they?

From the Heart said...

Beautiful post and your flowers are lovely. Takes me back to the 'good ole' days when I use to have a house and always planted flowers in my front yard.

Have a blessed weekend.

Linda Stubbs said...

Hi.........I am home for a few months. I am lovin it and the best part is that I am getting to visit my favorite blog sites. It has been really hard, but our job together as a family is helping us keep the farm.

I loved the little plaque in the middle of your garden. That verse is so encouraging. Thanks for putting it up. You are a sweetie.

I read your notes on facebook. The scripture you put up would bless my soul while at work. Just wanted you to know.
Hugs sweetie friend,