Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Another Storm

Greetings and holykisses,

Just a quick blogpost today as I'm actually at our Mechanics shop today.
More bad weather moved across our area through the night and we had either one or two tornadoes in our county. Clarksville got hit which is very close to us but thankfully all is well at our house.

Our electricity went out in the night but came back on and thankfully we still have power. Most everyone around us doesn't. Even our "parts" store called about a delivery and they too were without electricity.

Some of you have emailed or texted me and told me when you see storms in Arkansas; you pray for us and we appreciate that so much! I know there were lives lost again last night. These storms have just been unreal. How quickly things can change........

The night before last we had a storm that dumped a ton of rain in such a short time. Our son's apartment got flooded on one end and yesterday he and his Dad spent a good portion of the day digging out the mud from behind his place. They had to pull up his bedroom carpeting and take off baseboards etc and are trying to air everything out. It's a bit of a mess but nothing that can't be dried out and fixed. We're thankful.

Looking forward to blue skies and sunshine.
Holykisses xoxo


Rebecca said...

Oh, Lea! Holding you up to the Father for His protection and grace. Yes, how quickly things can change. Sometimes it takes graphic and personal experiences for us to really "get" this!

Heather's Blog-o-rama said...

Hi Lea,
I'm really glad you are okay. I also have friends in OK and MO and when I heard about the tornadoes there, I was concerned. So far everyone I know is okay . However, it really has been "unreal" as you say...seeing all of this crazy weather!!! We've been fortunate here in Oregon that we haven't had that kind of weather. We have other weather problems of course ;) :) Summer can be difficult, because of forest fires and Oregon...well, it seems like Oregon is one giant forest that can be really dangerous. All we can do is pray and trust in the One who holds our future :) :) :) I hope you have a blessed Wednesday. It's raining buckets here today. So thankful for rain!! Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

Tammy@Simple Southern Happiness said...

Keeping you in my prayers for safe keeping. We are in need of rain you you all have had your share.

I so pray your son's apartment can dry out soon and things can get back to normal.

God bless you all and keep you safe.

From the Heart said...

I try to always pray for you when I hear where the storms are. There have been some areas closer here that have been hit also, but so far all we have gotten is rain and thunderstorms. Usually I sleep through them.

Praise God you have electricity.

Irene said... and your family have been especially in my thoughts and prayers lately. Not knowing the area there I am never sure if those storms are near you or not but I just pray. Of course those poor people in the midst of all that devastation in Joplin and constantly in my thoughts and prayer. Praying the Lord we keep you safe dear friend. ♥

Mecky said...

I am glad that you and your family are safe. I sure hope that your son dries out quickly. It sounds like a mess.
I am so thankful we didn't have very bad weather here. A friend's friend lost family when a tree blow on top of them.
These storms sure have been bad. So many of the tornadoes have been rain-wrapped and not being seen.

Have a Blessed day

Sue@CountryPleasures said...

Glad to see your ok, I left you message on FB cuz I hadn't seen you online and saw where Ark. got it bad. So thankful you and yours are ok. Keeping you close in prayer, it's not done yet!

Cora from Hidden Riches said...

So thankful to see your post today, Lea. I'm always praying and I know you are in the hollow of His hand. Here we are, just praying for some rain!!!!

katie said...

So happy to hear you are all safe
I am 30 miles from Sedalia that got hit today. I think we have better weather coming .
Keeping all in prayer

Anonymous said...

Lea, If you can believe this... we are having tornadoes in Calif. They are about an 60 miles from us... we are fine but sure is scary. You are in our prayers! Take care sweet friend. Today was Helena's birthday. Had a blast. Look at FB for some pictures I posted. Love you!

Michele Katherine said...

My Dear Lea,
I've been praying, and I will be contacting you soon. I'm sorry to hear about the area that flooded in your sons apartment. I have never seen a Tornado in real life, but I watch storm chasers and I can't imagine the threat of a possible tornado, it seems so surreal. I will continue to pray for the safety of your family.

God bless you dear friend,