Friday, April 1, 2011

~One day~

Greetings and Holykisses,

I went to bed last night thinking and I just had to share this picture thought with you.
Have you ever really thought about "time?"

"one day is with the Lord as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day."

Last night I thought alot about the woman in the nursing home. Then I thought about God time... our time, ... and started seeing the dots that connect it all.

Have you ever had surgery and had anesthesia? In a single moment when that iv drips into your arm, you drift off to sleep, but when you wake up, although it may have been hours you were out... it felt like a moment? Or you know how you went to bed and slept 8 hours, but when you woke, it seemed like you had just went to sleep?

Now, .... look at the many people God puts on our path. People we run into, meet, ... people we do life with. Some we see all the time, some once in a while, many we meet once and never see again... oh for the many many people, and the many ways we meet. With lots of time in between.

Last night, I started thinking again what I shared yesterday; the nursing home, and my friend Tracy. I met her through blogging and I adore her. God's used her for a tremendous blessing in my life. -- ...Last night, God used Tracy to help me get an even bigger glimpse of how He's in control.

So.. Lea meets Tracy, and Tracy meets Lea. They live in different states and lead very different lives. And as I lay in bed God showed me how intricately He makes things happen and cares for us. I had a taste of it yesterday but last night I began to see an even greater scope through the woman in the nursing home.

Everything began with:
God growing a friendship between Tracy and I.
He brought two of his daughters together through cyberspace.
One day, Tracy went to a flower website and bought me a gift certificate for my birthday and emailed it to me. Later, I found a certificate in my mailbox at my house. It sat on my desk for months.... until one day I went to the website and ordered Fall bulbs. Think of the time spent, and the many people God used to first grow those pink tulip bulbs. Now, imagine all the hands they passed through, and the many delivery people He used to travel them to my mailbox.

Once again, the bulbs set here for a time.
Until the one day, I planted them.
I dug into the soil God created, and set them in place.
They set dormant all winter..... (that's a lot of time!)
Yet below the surface of what I can't see... God is growing them....little by little.
Until one day... they surface.
They continue to grow and then
one day...they bloom. The most spectacular, beautiful, magnificent, GODflowers!!!!!!!!!!

Meanwhile... all the while, God was setting up more people meetings.
And one day He sets me about to cut the pink tulip He grew above, and all the others He grew along a little creek bank in my neighbors woods. Then, on that one day, He sets me about to travel them to His beloved daughter in the nursing home. She was but a stranger to me, ... but not to Him. So much time was involved and people used for that one day and that one moment God's gift was placed in His beloved daughter's lap. Her eyes beheld His beauty and His love and peace saturated her soul. I feel so blessed that I got to see it and be a tiny dot of His intricate plan. It's overwhelming to me how life moves along, ... how God moves.

As I thought about it all in bed last night, I talked with my husband about it.
It was our pillow talk. The MIGHTYness of our awesome God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I've been pondering my faith alot because I've been challenged while reading through the bible study workbook "Believing God."
How much do I really believe You Lord?
How strong is my faith?
Can I really put all my trust in You alone......
Do you always hear me, and really care about me?

I'll be honest, there are things I struggle with...
I've wondered "whys?"
But last night God showed me,.... His control. His timing, and how little I understand it all.
I may not understand things, .... but I can trust HIM.
He really does have it all under control. *without any help from me! ;)
His ways are so far above mine.
His sense of time and His timing.... -- I'm so amazed.

As my husband and I finished talking, and praising God for His awesomeness, I said... "To God be the glory."
And my dear husband exclaimed it as well... "To God be the GLORY!!!"

Oh thank You Lord!
To GOD be the GLORY!!!


A Joyful Chaos said...

Truly our God deserves all honor and glory.

Thanks for sharing this post.

debbiec said...

Thank You Lea, for your Blog!!! may God richly bless you!

debbiec said...

Thank You Lea, for your Blog! may God richly bless you.