Saturday, March 5, 2011

~My Shabby Olde Soul Journal~

Greetings and holykisses,

Some of you asked about my soul journal; so....I thought I'd share some of my pages. Keep in mind I'm no artist and I think I've only really finished two pages so far. To me; so long as there is space to journal... or doodle; .... then it's not done. I'm finding as I journey along, that "my" soul journal really does tell a story of things that God is teaching me along the way. If you're interested in beginning one of your own; at the end of this post I'll share the link that my friend Sherry of he{art} gave me that got me started.

In the page above, I used an outline of myself and was thinking alot about how people are measured or valued by the world. The world's standards and God's are so different. -- Man looks at the outward appearance, but thankfully God looks at our heart.

This page is one of my favorites.
I like to use vintage sewing patterns in my layers; they really give an aged look.

On this page, God had me in the word ABIDE.
Picking up my bible, the word "abide" just kept jumping off the page at me.
"And now, little children, abide in him; that, when he shall appear, we may have confidence, and not be ashamed before him at his coming." 1 John 2:28
On these two pages, I was following the prompts to close my eyes and doodle.
Then, looking at the lines, you start drawing from there, and .... I dunno... it's just fun!
These two pages have alot of in between layers and journaling. I painted over and over to hide what was written. The rickrack label was a "gift" from my friend Irene. RickROCK Irene!!!!
There's a lot of room for more journaling.

This spread started out my royal mess.
I'd written in my other journal on a really "off" day.
Have you ever had one of those days that you wrote and when you re-read it all later, your jaw dropped to the floor? Yeah... one of those days.

I was in a MOOD.
No.... a BAD mood.
I wrote alot of UGLY, and couldn't just leave it there.
So I tore the pages out of my beautiful italian leather bound journal- which made me sick in the first place, and then glued them down into my soul journal instead. Oh don't go tryin to figure out what I was writing about coz you'll never ever know. I'd written alot... and these are pieces and pages that don't even go together.

After gluing them down way out of order...
I then happily covered it all up with gesso.
And more journaling....
And paint...
more journaling... gesso, paint... -- you get thee idea.

I glued more stuff down... more paint... and I'm tellin ya.... my soul was SO refreshed!
It's kinda cool coz through the whole process, alot of prayin went on.
Okay; and....
Some serious repentance.

What started out a battle in my mind....
Well; let's just say, God is good at fixin our messes.
And with Him...
sweet victory.
Even the muddy water looked pretty after all that.
This page is when God started showing the coolest things about His light!
Some of the layers were kinda deep... other things... light-hearted.
Remember I told you that I like to splatter paint?
This is why.
I learned at Sarah's site one of my favorite things about soul journaling: is to just drop color onto your book and close it up!!! Whoda thought? But once I started doing it, ... I loved it! I also love to get my brush wet and flick paint all over. It's messy and wonderful! Gotta wear an olde apron that's for sure!
Here are some splatters I really liked. Yellow, pink, and blue: together.
This page was done using a picture of our church sign. I actually just got a start on it here. In my heart, it goes along with the book 1000 Gifts I'm reading, and also how God's teaching me about His light. I think I'm gonna use my white gelly roll pen and write a verse in the dark edge around the sign. For starters anyhow!
The other side of this page goes right along with my scripture memory verse at the LPM blog.
I need to use that gelly roll pen to doodle a vine at the edge of the green next to this photo... -- And who knows what scriptures will come to me in the days to come and end up on these pages?
I think this picture was taken the same day as the one I made for my banner. Anyhow, I copied it off and used it on two other pages.
I'm finding that I like to use the positive and the negative of a picture. I haven't journaled anything on these yet.... but I know on the right side I'll write a prayer to go along with the words: "upright in mind and heart." I know sometimes my mind and heart can be the very opposite of upright. But He's refining us day by day right?
Staring into my background here.... I'm anxious to start journaling.
Remember the colored balls my friend Sherry sent me that I blogged about?.....
They ended up in my soul journal too. ;)
At the soul journaling site, you'll see a picture of Sarah's hands in a cute heart.
She was my inspiration one day to photograph my own.
And I've started a new page using them.
I've decided to use them to "soul" journal my blessings, having been inspired by Ann Voscamp's book 1000 Gifts. -- I now have a "build on."
I can't tell you how much fun I've been having doing this... and you know what is really amazing?
I find that while I'm soul journaling... I spend even more time in the Word. The two go so hand in hand for me.
So if you're inspired, and want to know how I started
Visit Sarah Whitmire and have a look at her prompts.
I'm so happy my friend Sherry introduced me to this.
It's one of my favorite things to do now!
It's definitely good for my soul.

Holykisses xoxo


Rebecca said...

Lea! You are incredibly artistic! I can see your creativity shining through each example you shared. Thanks for taking time to show your pages. They are inspiring!

Simple "T" said...

I dont know how this post got past me. I am just blown away about your soul journal. God gave you a gift and you are using it to his glory. What an artist you are and to have these to look back on and to see where and how far you have come.


Sue@CountryPleasures said...

What a MASTERpiece you have created and a treasure to leave behind. You AMAZE me!! Hugs!

Sunnyside Up said...

I am just AWEstruck and teary eyed that you opened not only your SOUL JOURNAL with us but YOUR HEART!! Your SJ touched me deep..and inspired me all the same! I think SJ doesnt take an "artist tallent" (although YOU are very artistic & expressive) but for us other folks not so artistic, it just takes a willing heart to open up on blank pages...& express whatever comes out! I LOVE it Lea! Thank YOU so much for sharing it with us!
Today I am making the decision to NOT let my soul journal sit on the shelf...empty & blank another day!


Sherry said...

WOWOWOW! Isn't it refreshing?? I am just beyond blessed to call you friend. When I get busy and miss my Soul Journaling time - I start to get in a funk. It's like I HAVE to do it now. You're right about the getting more into scripture. I love it. Great post Lea - I'm so glad that you are enjoying it.
Sherry :)

Cora from Hidden Riches said...

I'm with Simple "T" on this one. Somehow, it wasn't showing up for me. I was even here yesterday, and this wasn't there for me, neither was it on my updated blog list. Must have been for a reason, I'm sure.

Lea, I'm speechless! And you know me, I'm one of a LOT of words!!!! You definitely have a gift and a talent for showing the depths of your soul in an art form that is just beautiful. To the point, I think every page should be framed and hanging on walls somewhere!!!! I can't even imagine that you would go back and paint over even a speck of any of it. Thank you so much for this. I just had no idea.. . . I thought it was going to be words. . . . just words. . . with some kind of theme. I see another sleepless night coming as I try to imagine my soul painted on a page in a journal. . . . . Thank you a million times over for this!

Yolanda said...

Lea, I came to tell you something and the very word I was going to use is in your first reply. I'm still going to say it:

you are so dad gum artistic that it stinks. you amaze me with what you see, what you do, and the outcome. SO BEAUTIFUL inside and out are three!

Love ya


WOW I love it you are quite the ARTIST lea(:) hugs,p

Paula said...

Aloha My Beautiful Sister in Christ!
Thank you for sharing your soul journal with us. And I agree, you are so very artistic! Soul journaling is such a "safe" way of working through whatever and where ever God leads! It has been a blessing for me, nudging me back into my creative space after the death of my dear Mother. You can pour out your heart, then cover it up with fun art!!! Whoever started soul journaling had a really great idea! It is so hopeful how the Lord can take our ashes and turn it into something beautiful!!!

Got a kick out of how you said that the page is not done until there is no more room! I find that I go back and keep adding and adding to pages that I did initially.

Thank you for sharing!

Aloha !

Heidi said...

Lea! I love your art journal! I went through the online class by Brave Girls and that's where I learned some art journaling techniques! I love all your details and how for each question, concern, prayer and praise you go to The Word and include that scripture. That's how my journal is, too. I like the page of pieces torn, what an excellent way to "work it out" girl! I need to go back now to my pages and do more, now that I know it's not finished UNTIL THERE IS NO MORE ROOM! Hugs, sweet sister-in-Christ!