Thursday, March 17, 2011

Going Green

Happy St. Patrick's day everyone!

I just finished reading about St. Patrick, and the meaning behind this day.
I love the idea of spiritual renewal more than anything, and praying for missionaries world wide.
Ya know; I've always thought the whole shamrock thing was only based on people who believe in "luck." But reading that St. Patrick used a shamrock to explain the Trinity to pagans, ... now that's cool!

My family does have a wee lil bit of Irish in us.
And yep, I'm wearin green are you? Must admit; I'm feeling quite festive in my green tshirt and apron.
--I even bought the guys and Tony's girlfriend all a t-shirt too just for fun.

See the little shamrock plant up above? Well; ... that was "my" t-shirt. lol ;)

Oh; and I also picked up a new bag of green dirt.
I positively love those giant sized bags of MG!
They're kind of cumbersome trying to load in my buggy at the store, but ... I go through lots of these bags in the Spring.
The new little shamrock plant is already potted in her new home.

And my poor spider plant got repotted too.

Meet the new Dahlia!
Can't wait to plant her in the garden.
I'm holding off a couple weeks, because it's just too early yet.
For now; she's living in the craft room.
Our son Tony got a couple days off this week, and came for a visit.
Here he is with his beautiful girlfriend Michelle.
Our other son Trent bought another jeep to make into a "toy."
Here, he was taking his brother and Michelle for a little ride.
Trent loves to go "muddin" and he told me this Jeep is getting a lift kit put in it.
I think it's the newest project. Hope he gets it done soon.
Our family is long over due for a day off to go muddin together.
(Those are some of thee best times I've ever had with them!) Our boys play hard!!!
This my newest memory verse.
I've been having a harder time remembering them, so I wrote it down on this slate and put it in my kitchen window while doing dishes. That helps alot!
Are you wondering if I just "felt" like washing all my aprons this week?
Nooooo... I didn't. I had to.
Remember "cousin IT" who showed up at our house awhile back?
Well.... this is a picture of him outside the window the first few days we saw him. He'd sit out there and stare at our screen door. --- "He" is why I had to wash all my aprons. Yep,.... I thought he was totally housebroke. That is until I was standing down the hallway and turned just in time to see him hike his leg and pee on all my aprons that I have hanging on hooks. Yes way Jose!!!! I could not believe it! Bad boy Oliver! NoNoNo!!!

Only a couple were actually wet but I thought,... what if he'd done it already before? Yuck!
They all went in the wash.
That was mistake number 2.
Opening the washer, I wondered why they didn't wring out in the spin cycle?
That would be because they were all in one big knot.
It took me almost 45 minutes to get them all untied.
The scissors came to my mind for one horrible minute... but I took a long deep breath and kept working at it. What a disaster.
What was I thinking?
Learn from my mistakes.
Don't ever wash all your aprons at once.
Look at him.
Will he learn?
I don't know?
He's been doctored,... bathed...
fed ALOT.....
loved on....
Given a $14 dollar pill because he was still crawlin with fleas.
He even had his hair done at the Beauty parlor.
I think I told ya we're calling him Oliver.
Yes, Oliver... Oliver. Just when you think he's starting to behave he picks a serious dogfight with our other dogs. Oh and have I mentioned that he hates cats? As in: he tried to kill the cat.*
Does it sound like my patience is wearin thin?
But, about the time I'm ready to choke him, he'll come lay that head on my leg or do something totally cute; like... just look into my eyes with those big brown eyes of his. Why do those eyes get me?
I don't know... but -- I'm not forgiving him for marking my aprons as his territory.
That's gonna take more time.
I want this to work out... but some days it's not easy.
Just ask the cat!

For our supper tonight, I'm making stew, and this whole wheat bread.
My friend Sue of Country Pleasures; shared a recipe she found for "St. Patrick's day wholesome Irish bread" yesterday, and this morning I gave it a try. (Sue has a wonderful blog and shares some great recipes. If you don't know her yet, go pay her a visit.)

I think the bread turned out really good! For dessert, I'm making Leprechaun cake. ;) -- It's really just jello cake. You know; how you bake a white cake and when cooled, poke holes on the top with the end of a wooden spoon? Then you pour liquid jello over the top and chill and then top with a carton of whip cream. I haven't made one in a long time, but they're so good.

And in case any of you want to try the bread recipe, I'll share it here.
This is a short version.

Irish Bread

1 cup all purpose flour
2 tsp baking soda
1 1/2 teaspoons salt
1/4 cup butter or shortening
3 cups whole meal flour ( I used whole wheat)
1 3/4 cup buttermilk
1/2 cup to 3/4 cup golden raisins. (I omitted!)
1 tsp caraway, fennel, or anise seeds whichever you have. (I omitted that too for Myguy)

Mix together, and then knead 3-5 minutes. Shape and place in a well greased pan. Cut a slash (cross) into the top. Bake 375 for 45-55 minutes. Be careful to not underbake.

I better skidaddle.
It's time to peel potatoes, and carrots for the stew.
Have a wonderful day yall!
Holykisses xoxo


Rebecca said...

I enjoyed your post today, Lea. Looks like you've enjoyed time with your sons - AND have taken advantage of some good weather to be outdoors...

Sherry said...

Oh, I loved catching up with you today!! That Dahlia is BEEUTEEEFUL! Poor Oliver, he sure is a looker now though. Kinda reminds me of what Jesus did for us the way you found him, cleaned him up, invested in him, forgave him and are teaching him... Maybe even almost loving him. tee hee...even if he doesn't deserve it. =)

Tammy said...

Mercy, I see you have been busy and not in a happy way accept for potting the plant. I was wondering about the dog and if he stayed. OUCH, I wonder if that is why he did not have a home. You sure have put up with a lot with him. I know you are giving it your best effort. Poor cat, maybe if she puts some claws in him he will learn to back off. He is cute though. But being cute and getting along are 2 differnt things.

I hope harmony will spring forth soon.

From the Heart said...

You always give me a lift. If I know you that dog will be trained in no time.

Best wishes.

Kristi said...

I loved your post today and hearing all that you are doing. Oliver is so blessed to be at your house. I haven't seen a dahlia quite as beautiful as yours. Blessings to you sweet Leah!

Kelley said...

Happy St.Patrick's Day Lea!
Sounds like you are keeping busy busy busy!
I love seeing Oliver and all your pretty flowers!
I am going to try and write another e-mail soon as I don't think you got the other one...
Wishing you a blessed weekend ♥

Cora from Hidden Riches said...

Poor, poor Oliver! All I can say is. . . . Remember BUSTER!!!!!! Peed on my quilt, almost killed the cat, defiantly said NO to everything, flunked out of bad-boy school, ate a loaf of bread, a stick of butter. . . and he made it through. Or should I say, I made it through!!!! You are right -- it's the eyes. They know how to use them, don't they?

Think I'll get about 12 of those chalk boards. I can't remember a thing any more!

Cora from Hidden Riches said...

By the way, I love those aprons!!!! If only I could learn to tie a bow behind my back. . . .!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Lea,

Love this post! I just washed all General's shirts and jeans just so I could iron them! If I lived by you I would've ironed all those aprons for you.... more rain all this week so I guess I will ask my friend to bring her hubbies shirts to iron. By the way, I just bought a new iron. Wore the last one out!

I like Oliver.... bad boy though. How does he get along with the corgies? He looks like he might have shih-tzu in him. Cute little stinker.

Have a great day. Love your sunshine. It is pouring here.


Toyin O. said...

Your garden looks really nice and I love all the pictures, thanks for sharing. Glad you had a good St. Patrick:)

Denise said...

I am a LOT Irish!!!!! My grandfather on Dad's side was born in Dublin on St Pat's day! Now that is Irish.. They (his parents) came here when he was young. His Dad was a prominent Dr in Pennsylvania, and she was a Lady's lady.... I would have loved to have known them...... Anyway.. I am very much Irish........ Would love to go there one day..(I think)

I had to laugh about the aprons! Had to...... Glad you took the time to untangle them...... They are priceless........

Happy Spring!