Tuesday, March 1, 2011

~The Fountain Of Life~

This past weekend, while in the potting shed; the sunlight was streaming through the doorway onto this painting. It seemed to be shining perfectly in line with the heavenly light that's painted just above Jesus and.... then continued "Son-shine" ..... to the bottom of the picture. I took several photos!!

As March 1st rolled in; I began searching for my new memory verse. Psalm 36:9 is the scripture I'm writing in my heart. If you're memorizing God's word as well, feel free to practice your verse in the comments!!!

Tonight was our ladies bible study here. We were missing one of our sisterchicks and hope she starts feeling better soon. -- Our lesson tonight covered Lot's wife, and Priscilla. So many things are still running through my mind. Our discussion was good and some things ... we still wonder about? But I come away tonight having learned something from both women, as well as their menfolk.

When God tells me to do something.... I don't want to hesitate like Lot did.
And I hope to remember on my own journey to not "look back." -- .....Why did "Mrs. Lot" look back? Disbelief? ........Curiosity?
Or maybe it was just pure disobedience... caring more about what she thought, wondered and wanted rather than what God said? I don't know for sure.

And then there is dear Priscilla: .....I'd love to be more like her. She did what she could alongside her husband to further the kingdom of God. She even risked her own life for another. She must have been very brave. Did she have her worries? Or was she fearless and bold!??

When I mentioned I'd like to be more like her, one of the Chicklets asked, "Well would you want to go to dangerous places and do what she did?"
I said "Yes," ... But I really meant... "Yes and No."
No, I wouldn't "want" to move away now, but I hope I would- if God asked me to. --Not everyone is called to be a traveling evangelist. But aren't we all commanded to share the good news? It seems that for the most of us: our mission fields are our own backyards, and communities. Our mission field is simply every soul who crosses our path.

Well, it's getting late and I have three new colors of paint to go splash in my soul journal before bed. "True blue, Citrus green, and fresh foliage!"
Sweet dreams dear friends,
Holykisses xoxo


Sherry said...

Glad you're back in your soul journal. Great Bible lesson. ;)

Simple "T" said...

So true, everywhere there is something we can do to spread his word, just like you are doing on your blog. He can use us from anywhere. We all have our own unique gift and we can use that for his glory.

Perfect photo of the sun on the son of God.

Hope your day is blessed.

Denise said...

What is a soul journal and are you really going to "splash" color in it!

I love to study the women of the bible.. There are many but we do not hear about them much..... They were trail blazers for the kingdom and true examples for us all.. I just finished reading Ruth again... Powerful!

Cora from Hidden Riches said...

I want to know about this Soul Journal, too!

I'm not good at journaling --- I never know where to start. I wish there was a "Journaling 101" somewhere that would give me -- may 10 questions to answer each day. Something like the Simple Women's Daybook, but more for the soul than just my every day happenings. Can you teach us, Lea???

I loved your verse, especially now that the "light" has shined on it like that. I now have a visual and I'm adding it to my list to memorize.

I need to carry my camera with me more. I'm missing so much life!

From the Heart said...

Good lesson for all of us. I want to know about your soul journal also and if you really splash color in it.

Michele Katherine said...

Hi Miss Lea, :o)

These words you wrote;

"Our mission field is simply every soul who crosses our path."

How awesome, that is so well said, and something I so often overlook. I tend to think too big, and get lost. Thanks for a great post!

God bless your week,

Rebecca said...

(I've been away too long. I'll have to come back and read past posts to make sense of the "soul journal" and colors!)

You're SO right about being prompt and thorough in responding when the Lord speaks to us....

No verse to share, but I did a little more research about Phoebe after meeting our little (new) Ethiopian granddaughter on Monday. Her name is Feben, the Ethiopian version of Phoebe. Our son and DIL decided to keep her Ethiopian name.

"A picture is worth a thousand words," they say. A picture with the sun shining on it is worth a MILLION words!


HI Lea(:)
Love our new look and your thoughtful messages(:)

Cora from Hidden Riches said...

So. . . how long do we have to wait to hear about this Soul Journal?????