Saturday, February 19, 2011

Keep Sowing.....

Greetings and Holykisses!

So much has happened, and ... not happened since I last wrote.
I feel like I should give you an excuse... but I don't really have one. Not really.
I just haven't had anything to say.

I've tried to write...
but I've just had...

For the past two weeks, I've been in the word... alot!
The new bible I got at Christmas is awesome!
It's two new translations for me- NKJ, and Amplified. Boy oh boy do I enjoy the Amplified!

When I last wrote; I'd been busy painting everything I could get my hands on, that robins egg blue/turquoisey color. But honestly, I've done hardly no crafting, painting, or anything else, other than read, read, read. I've made it into Deuteronomy!

I took my camera outdoors a couple times trying to get my groove back.
I did get some good pictures, but that's as far as they went.

Apart from that; .... interesting and neat little things have been happening in the quiet.
Things that would make my eyebrows raise and I look back today, I know more was happening than I could see.
For instance.... my friend Sherry sent me a package of these tiny, colorful balls and she told me to add a cup of water to them.

When I came back to them later, this is what I found! They'd grown, and were nearly overflowing.....-
She sent me a special word in Scrabble tiles, and .... oh how I've wondered about that one little word. She told me she's used the colorful balls to teach being filled with the Holy Spirit. And I love that she added, "When we're not - we may look pretty -but we're not good for much!" I can't tell you how I've meditated on it. She also said, and I quote: " When we are filled with Living Water we can help sustain others and fill others with this "life" by sharing God's Word!" Feel free to go back and re-read that a couple times. I have... over and over. I've thought on this so much that in the early mornings when I wake up and read my bible, ...
I keep the little vase of colorful balls on the table with me while I read to remind me.
And I did have to put them in a larger vase because they were overflowing!!!

From the table,... reading .... to the prayer chair.
In the early morning.... and late evening... and other times in between.
That's what I've been doing: just seeking.
And finding!
I love them that love me; and those that seek me early shall find me. Proverbs 8:17

Okay, so now I must share with you another thing that happened this week. First I have a question to ask you.
Have you ever felt the Lord nudging you to do something but because you didn't understand "why" you maybe ..... tossed it right out of your head and heart? Probably everyone can say they've done that a time or two or ...five hundred.

Let me share with you something that happened that I .... didn't understand at all until after-wards.

One day this week I walked down our long, dirt driveway to the mailbox at dusk.
It was a beautiful evening and I was taking my sweet time ....just strollin down the drive. Opening the box, I discovered a large envelope- package. It barely fit in our mailbox. Once I got it out, I turned it over and smiled. It was from a dear friend whom I've never even met in real life "yet." She'd even rubber stamped "feathers" all over the envelope! (I love feathers, and so does she!) I started walking back up our driveway, and then started veering onto the grass instead. That's when I saw it. At my feet; was this sweet little bird nest! I was so excited! I picked it up to bring it in the house, and - that's when I felt the strongest urge to run and get my camera. ? I kept thinking, If I send her a picture of her package with the birdnest I found she's gonna think I've lost my mind. ;) --But I did it anyways.
I even carried them to the tree I assume the nest fell from to take another picture.
Say, "cheese!!!!!"

Once back inside the house I couldn't wait to open it.
"Ohmystarsngardners!" It was soooo beautifully wrapped! She wrapped it in the colors I've been painting our living room and everything! Turquoise and browns and even the va va voom leopard print I adore! -- Notice the nest? .... heeheehaahaahoohoo. I tell ya, I felt so stupid taking pictures of her present with that nest ... but I'm glad I did ... even though it seemed crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Are you ready for this????????????????

Inside were handmade cards with birds, and she jazzed up a new notebook for me to record my thanks, "eucharisteo!" Remember I told yall that we were going to be reading the book by Ann Voscamp "1000 Gifts?" The cover of the book has a bird nest with two blue, robins eggs, so my friend, made a NEST with the two eggs on the cover of my notebook! A NEST yall!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!That's OUR GOD! Soon as it registered in my mind that I was lookin at a nest.... I just started cryin! God LOVES us yall. He loves us so much!!!!!!! The way all of this happened just blows me away. I pray from now on, I will always remember this day, and will be obedient to do those things He asks me to without question. When it doesn't make sense...., or takes a heap of boldness and courage.... Just obey, and do it. No matter what!
And yes, I have been recording my gifts in my new, special notebook!
I even took it inside the potting shed today and saw His beauty in the simplest, yet most amazing things. And on my walk today, ... I discovered another gift to record. An armadillo was rooting around in the black berry briars and allowed me touch him several times with my boot. He was so busy that he didn't even mind. I watched him for several minutes. Wearing his coat of armor and munching on worms. (Did you hear me giggling?)

The tiniest of things can be so breath-taking....
so amazing.... and today my soul was refreshed gazing at one polka dotted guinea feather and a handful of dried marigold seed.

...Enjoying a warm, Winter day, that felt more like Spring
It was good to be outdoors, playing in the potting shed, and looking through seed I saved for this years garden.

I still have buckets of bulbs that I didn't get all planted last Fall, and today; found them "sprouting." Isn't it amazing? It's been cold here up until this week. These poor bulbs were tossed in an old chicken feeder and forgotten. Yet, they still want to grow.
Most are daffodils, iris and lilies.
I planted them along a fence, and while digging in the soil;... thought about last Sunday's sermon to "keep planting." The message was from Luke 8, and was about the parable of the sower.
-- I realized when I discovered my unplanted bulbs the many times I'm not even sowing at all.

I was reminded this week that I don't have to know the results, or His reasons.
I just have to follow Him and

Keep sowing.

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. John 3:16

Smoochy holy kisses xoxoxoxox


Sherry said...

WOWOW!! That post was just chock full of goodness and warm fuzzies. I just love being able to bounce all of these blessings back and forth. I'm glad you like the colorful gel balls. Hugs and blessings Lea! Have a wonderful Lord's day!

GodsOwn/Bernice said...

Your words ( and pictures) are always like "music" on my screen!
Enjoy it this early sunday morning!!

Have an great and blessedday!!

Rebecca said...

Be bold and courageous - just do what God asks - even if it doesn't make any sense....That's what hubby and I are doing right now. And it still DOESN'T make a lot of sense. These words from you were like the "nest" - affirming and assuring us of God's oversight & sovereignty in our affairs!

I don't have to tell you to stay in the Word, Lea. That's so essential if we are to survive and thrive in these days!

Keep sowing!

Simple "T" said...

That truly is amazing how all those things came together and it all relates to the book.

Your blog is always and inspiration to many and to me. It lifts our spirit to read your journey in Christ and stirs something inside folks. Keep bloggin' as you to touch other with your words about the lord and one stray person could just happen onto your blog (kinda' like you happened onto that nest for a reason) and after seeing your love for the lord want to know more.....

We miss you and hope you will come share more of what the lord is doing in your life and how he directing you and showing you himself.

Dawn Dutton said...

Thanks for the great post. A awesome reminder.

Sue@CountryPleasures said...

You have been blessed with a wonderful gift from God, to see his spirit and share it, thank you! :) I just love the way fate finds you! Great post and yes, you've got your groove back! :)

From the Heart said...

Great post. I've been wondering about you and if you were okay. Glad to hear that your still with us. I'm having the same problem. I've run out of things to put on my blog. Sometimes we go through a dry spell. I'm not a writer so I depend upon God to give me something that will bless others.
Luv ya, AE

My ADHD Me said...

I had such deep thoughts and ideas for a comment after reading this and then it all disappeared after just one word.....

An Armadillo!!

Holy Toledo!!

Anyway, even when you feel you have nothing to say, you are an inspiration.

BTW, You may be proud of me. Remember that my version of crafting is replacing a button that has fallen off or hemming a pair of pants with duct tape.

Well, this week I re-covered the seats of 2 of my dining room chairs! They were filthy. With the encouragement of many, I went out and bought the new material (a completely different color than was originally on them). I bought a staple gun, pulled out the scissors and screwdriver. Well,. about 283 staples later (that may sound like overkill but quite a few ended up on the floor or had to be pulled out after "missing" the target) anyway, I have completed 2 chairs and must admit that I am quite proud of the outcome. Whew, maybe next month I'll get to the others.

Have a wonderful day!

Yolanda said...

Very beautiful post, and I love how God blew you away with the nest.

He is amazing!

Paula said...

I LOVE how our God love you my dear friend! Thank you for sharing your heart and sharing Jesus.

The Lord is so faithful to bring us through our seasons.

Aloha! Paula

Cora from Hidden Riches said...

Oh, Lea!!!! Your post today was so full!!!!! And yes, the word, "overflowing" just jumped out at me. But it just kept on overflowing!!!!! I didn't know you were counting gifts, too! I just wanted to hug you, your bird's nest, your list, altogether!!! My mind raced back to when you constantly reminded me of eagle's wings and to fly. I can't tell you what an inspiration you have been to me and I know it is because you are "filled" to overflowing, and you have dripped heavily into my life! I should have started my list at 1001, because YOU would take up the first 1000! I'm reading the book. And I'll never be the same!

Dee said...

This is a happy post Lea for many reasons..number one... that you are so deeply in the word and two for the great find of the bird nest at the same time as your lovely gift in the mail. I believe that when you draw closer to the Lord you also grow closer to's beauty and simplicity and art work of our creator. Glad i stopped by. Dee