Wednesday, February 2, 2011

3rd Memory Verse, and Spruce uPs

Greetings and Holykisses,

This morning I'm finally able to get on blogger.
I tried loading pictures yesterday but had all kinds of problems. It was probably the crazy weather!

This is my 3rd memory verse for the scripture challenge.
I wanted to find a TRUST verse because I know there are times I still walk in fear when it comes to the future. Sometimes the what if's try to get the better of me. So this verse is being written in my heart. "In God I have put my trust. I will not be afraid. What can man do to me?" From now on, when what if's come... I'll say this verse. Especially when people pleasing fears begin to take root: I will not be afraid, because what can man do to me!??
This past week, I started looking around our living space, and decided it was time for change.
Do you ever do that? Feel the need to rearrange furniture, or take things off the wall, and just put up something different? I think it was a bad case of spring fever.

So I started by changing out the poinsettias that were in thee olde crock in this picture.
I mean; no wonder I had spring fever, I was still hanging onto my Christmas flowers with white knuckles. I loved their vibrant red color, and I think that's why they stayed so long. With Valentines day fast approaching, I knew *pink roses* had to be an improvement.

After that, .... robins egg blue...... washed over me.
I needed paint like an addict needing maple -iced, cream filled, long johns.
Lowe's here I come.
I think I could stand in the paint chip isle for hours. Color, ....and oh so many possibilities! But the longer I look at the many possibilities, .... then comes the thought of "what if it's not an improvement but rather... disaster?" I have created a few disasters before...but... if you don't try; ... then nothing: ever CHANGES! It was time to just go for the gusto. If it turned out a flop, I knew I'd just keep painting until something pretty happened. ;)

A friend of mine, recently sent me to a website with rustic lodge furniture that was painted a distressed turquoise color. I don't want to write the website here, because it's completely ridiculously overpriced, but at the same time I liked the look alot. So, God creating me to be a woman who enjoys getting her hands very dirty, and robins egg blue on- the- brain:
This began to happen. I forgot to take a before shot of this old table but, it was finished with an outdated, very dark stain from the early 70's. To me; the cracked up legs only adds to their charm.
After getting a wash of robins egg blue paint, .... it was then rubbed with oak gel stain. The stain made it darker, and really changed the paint color.... - I liked it!
It turned out so much like the pricey pieces on the fancy website I told you about; I could really hardly believe it.

But that wasn't all.
I'd stared for weeks, at the unfinished woodbox that Myguy had thrown together just before our last snowstorm. There it sat day after day, in the living room with kindling in it... - just bare plywood.
On a sunny afternoon last week, it came back outdoors. The kindling got dumped out, and it too got a spruce up. It needed something.... to tie the room more together? So I bought three of those little carved, decorative pieces. The two small daisies, I attached to the ends and the larger piece to the front. You just add some wood glue, and little nails... and voila!
Nothing fancy, but .... I think our firewood looks happier.
Then, to keep the color going, this table was "egged" as well.
And so were a couple bird houses that I had laying around.
Our mantle and fireplace bricks needed something too.
The mantle boards used to be a willow green. Now; they're called "sugar cane."
And the bricks were painted white, but are now a "mulch" color.
A little paint can sure go a long ways.

I swapped curtains, and tried to mostly use things we already had to freshen things up.
But I did want to go to Hobby Lobby to look at fabric to reupholster an old rocking chair.
So I printed my 40% off Hobby Lobby coupon , and to my delight....
they had the picture back in stock I'd had my eye on and it was marked half off!
I just love all the names of God so much. And on this particular day; I was so happy to find something so very special for our living room. I brought the picture home, and the sales lady let me use my 40% coupon on the fabric I found for the chair, even though the fabric was already 30% off. She allowed me an extra 10 % with my coupon! What a blessing!

That concludes my Sprucing uP!
For now anyways.

I do find it amusing that....
I realized my newest book that came in the mail also has blue eggs. lol
My dear friend Char and I are doing this book together and little did I realize that the whole time I had robins egg blue on the brain... my newest bible study has the same theme. I'm eggcited! Okay; so that may have been a little lame. lol I couldn't help myself. heehee
I was also eggcited this week, to find snail mail from my Artsy friend: Sherry!
Thankyou soooo much Sherry! I sooo loved the *message* and I'm taking it to he{art}!!!!!!!!!!

So here is my next project to tackle. (Sorry the picture is so tiny. I loaded it when I was having trouble with Blogger yesterday.)
Anyway, the seat has a printed fabric on it with "jam jars." It hasn't ever matched anything or even mis-matched very well. So out with the old and in with the new. The new fabric is a solid mulch brown that looks like tooled leather. I almost went with a leopard print for fun, but it was alot more expensive. The price difference between the two, almost paid for the names of God picture!

Last but not least.... meet cute lil Sylvester.
I've been babysitting him for almost a week now. He's a long haired chihuahua.
We now call him, Sylvester P. Leaksalot. Because if you talk to him, ...he pees. If you touch him, ... yep; .....he pees. He just gets so excited; .... he leaksalot! We put his little pen just a few feet from the door. I open the exterior door first, and then his pen door. Sometimes when you open it, he'll leave a trail across the tile, ....all the way out.* Poor lil guy... Have any of you had a furbaby with that kind of problem? His owner is hoping he outgrows it because he's still a puppy. But I ... don't know????

It's almost time for my hair appt.
Yall have a wonderful day!!!
Holykisses xoxo


Denise said...

love you sweet sis.

Simple Southern Happiness said...

They do have doggie pampers to help catch the drips. I wonder if the Dog Whisperer knows what to do. I do know that once they build self-confidence they do stop that. Especially if when you are talking to them you are on their level. I gather that would mean laying on the floor to talk to this little baby.

You do have spring fever and what you have done so will surely brighten these gray days. The side table is perfect.

We all know where the negative thoughts come from and we have to in the name of Jesus rebuke them from our minds. The minute I get up in the morning, those ole negative thought want to flood even before I put my feet on the floor. I quickly say my prayers as I am standing up so I start my day with the lord on and in my mind. I do find throughout the day I have to keep rebuking those negative thoughts. You know who wants our hearts and minds full of worry? The lord knows your needs and wants, keep that in your heart and mind first thing in the morning. If the lord restored Job in the bible, he can restore anything you come up against.

Prayers of peace and God's grace.

Dee said...

Your changes are wonderful,You sure have been busy and it sounds like you were also having fun while doing it. I love the table. The Robins egg blue looks great...I painted my art spot a similar color and just love it. I feel sorry that you may be getting Spring fever but it sounds like you know how to beat it. I can relate to your blogger frustration...I have been having problems with my computer. Each day it is something I can not leave a comment on FB.:( I look forward to seeing your finished do nice work and have a good eye for color and fabric. Sylvester is a cutie...I did not know there was a long haired chihuahua..hopefully he will out grow the pee thing...but like you I have my doubts.

Cora from Hidden Riches said...

I loved your verse for this week, Lea! I'm also doing the challenge, and I picked a verse about trust, too. Mine isPsalm 91:14-16. It's long, but I'm determined this old brain will learn it (and LIVE it)! Love your robin's egg projects. Just beautiful!!!! I have a video on my blog taken from the One Thousand Gifts. It will be the next book I read, believe me. It was so uplifting to visit your blog today!!!! Thank you!

Sue@CountryPleasures said...

I just LOVE how fate finds you! :) And I LOVE the blue makeovers, very nice and chic! I noticed your old overnight case, my Mom used have one just like it! :)

Rebecca said...

You've been a busy little "beaver"! I can sense your enthusiasm and the lift to your spirits via the new Bible verse, paint projects, and the great bargains at Hobby Lobby! Good for you.

Sherry said...

Yea!! I'm so glad you got it. I felt like my note was a little rushed - sorry! I wanted to get it to the mail finally. Did you get what the beads were for? =) If not you can inbox me on fb. =) Love the sprucing up. Everything looks great and welcoming. Stay warm!
xo Sherry

Michele Katherine said...

Hi Lea,

Wow! you have been busy. Robins egg blue happens to be a favorite of mine. You did an outstanding job on the painting, and the decorative pieces on the firewood box.

I think it's so fun to rearrange things, because it feels like you got new stuff, especially when you paint things. I have painted furniture, but I'm too lazy for a paint brush, and use spray paint.

In regard to the pup, with the incontinence issue, my pup does the same thing, when we have visitors , but I think they outgrow it, like puppies out grow a lot of other things like biting etc...

God bless your day!

Sunnyside Up said...

Lea...your verse is PERFECT and such a great reminder to simply...TRUST! I totally relate to all your fears! I am going to have to memorize this one myself!

love, Love, LOVE all that REBlue! One of my favs! You did a GREAT job on that side table & the cracks on the legs..charming! :) Perfecto with that brown leather sofa! Now I know eggactly how Im gonna paint a lil cabinet my daddy drug up out of the dumpster for me! Dumpster diving at its best...just add a coat of REBlue!!!

Dont think I didnt notice...Jude 1:24-25~ ;0 the mantel is beautiful!

Love ALL that you have painted...buzzzyyy girl! Cant wait to see that chair!

In God I have put MY trust...

My ADHD Me said...

I love the verse you chose. It speaks to me.

Your creativity is also such an inspiration. You may remember that I have said before, that although I have wonderful ideas in my head, they lose something in the process.

You have inspired me today. Quite a while ago I bought some fabric to recover my dining room chairs. A quick and easy fix for all day challenge for me. But after reading this, I am going to go for it today!!! (tomorrow at the latest)

Jackie said...

Your projects turned out beautifully! I love the table, those high end catalogs can be good to jump start a creative mind! I'm eggsited too, because I just received the same book in the mail and am going to start on it soon! That is a God thing for sure! I had not heard of it but was online ordering Jesus Calling and that pretty little book came up as a suggestion, so I was enticed and ordered it also. Love the cover picture of the eggs and yes, that lovely hue of blue! I too have been looking at paint chips, picked them up this week at Lowe's. I am sure many of us are battling cabin fever with visions of freshly painted and newly decorated rooms.

Have a great day! I love your verse this time too!


Very cute Lea --Love the post..hugs.P

Nezzy said...

Heeehehehe!!! I'm just crackin'up at he renamin' of the little dog!!!

I love that your havin' spring fever in beautiful Robin Egg Blues. Your transformations are simply amazin' sweetie!

God bless ya and have a terrific day!!!