Saturday, October 9, 2010

Pumpkin Latte Recipe

Greetings and Holykisses,

One of my guilty pleasures at Starbucks is the seasonal pumpkin spice latte. Have you ever had one? Well, thee other day I picked up a Gooseberry Patch magazine and to my delight it had a pumpkin latte recipe in it! I knew I had to try it! First I'll share the Gooseberry Patch recipe, and then I'll tell you how I made mine.

Pumpkin Latte

4 cups milk
1/4 cup canned pumpkin
3 Tablespoons vanilla extract
1 teaspoon cinnamon
2 cups strong brewed coffee
Garnishes: whipped cream, pumpkin pie spice and cinnamon sticks.
Stir together milk and pumpkin in a saucepan; cover over low heat until steaming. Stir in vanilla and cinnamon. With a handheld blender or electric mixer, blend for 15-20 seconds or til thick n foamy. Pour into 4-6 mugs or tall glasses; pour in hot coffee. If desired top with whipped cream, sprinkle with spice and add cinnamon stick stirrers. Serve immediately.
Sounds yummy doesn't it?

Well, since I'm still 3.5 pounds from my goal, I decided to make a skinnier version: I also halved the recipe because Myguy doesn't like coffee.
I used fatfree milk,
and lighter whipped cream.
The first sip was good... but I had to go back and add splenda to sweeten it up more. I think next time I'll play around with the recipe even more. I've never really experimented with coffees before!

For me; I wouldn't say this is as good as they are at Starbucks?? - especially my lighter version... but .... it does make my mouth happy and it's nice to have something to make at home. - --And now that I had to open a full can of pumpkin I'm off to make some muffins or bread to put in the freezer for another day.

Have a great weekend!


From the Heart said...

That sounds so good. I may have to try that. Have a beautiful day.

Linda Stubbs said...

You are sooooo adorable! I love your picture on the side! I will have to try this........looks soooooo nummy!

I am having a party........please come......I have some exciting news.......would love to have you!!!!!!!

Hugs sweetie!

MidniteScrapper said...

Okay. You know I just fainted right away. WOWOW! I'm gonna try it for sure. Sadly, I will be trying a lighter version as well, but who cares? Still sounds so delightful. I love your blog all decked out in my favorite - fall!!

Sue@CountryPleasures said...

I had a similar recipe come through my news feed on FB the other day that I'll be trying, but like you, I"ll have to skinny it up a bit but a special treat now and then is good for the soul!

Sunnyside Up said...

Is THAT Mr. Scarecrow? I see Maude is all dolled up! ;)

I L-O-V-E Starbuck Pumpkin Latte's but we dont have one where I live so its a treat for me when I go to Amarillo! As soon as November is over I move on to the Peppermint Lattes...oh...yum! Extra WHIP please!

I am going to TRY...uhhh...attempt to make this at home! Good girl for being true to yourself on the skinny! GOOD GIRL! One must do what one must do even though sometimes we dont wanta...Thank you Lord for Fatfree Milk and Light Whip!

Linda is right...You are soooo adorable!

Love ya...MORE than a Pumpkin Latte!

Hannah said...

I tried this and it was pretty good! Not as good as Starbucks, but pretty delicious!! Thanks for sharing!

Denise said...

Yummy in my tummy.

Paula said...

Mmmm... sounds yummy, sweetie!

Gooseberry Patch said...

Thanks a bunch for sharing our recipe here...and your clever tips for lightening it up too!

Have a great harvest season and if you haven't already, visit our blog for even more Gooseberry Patch goodies.

Find us on Facebook too!

Hope to see you there! :)