Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Discovering Hidden Layers

Greetings and Holykisses,

I have so much to share today and wasn't sure quite where to begin?!!
The last few days have just been so good! And the coolest part, ... is how so many things have been coming together!!! Since I can't share it all in a day, I thought I'd show yall how God seems to be showing me new things through two totally different avenues: happenings in my craft room, and truths from His word through my bible studies.

A friend of mine recently introduced me to Soul Journaling. I shared a page here at the Shed of my armor page from my journal and how God's been showing me to put my armor on daily and to know and remember that He's my strength.

Back to the soul journaling.... - I've been following a list of prompts so I can learn new techniques in the artwork. But at the same time, I'm finding God leading me in this whole new direction! The spiritual lessons He's been giving me through it has been so incredible! Uncovering spiritual truths, ..... having scriptures flood my mind, and finding God's truths while creating in my craft room has been- well it may sound weird but.. an absolute blast!
What I love about the Soul Journaling is discovering my hidden layers.
When soul journaling, I've been starting with two pages and then cover them with torn book pages, or other ephemera. Then, in ink, magic marker, pen... whatever... you journal! You just write...... So far I have followed the prompts but.... from there......... is where the "heart stuff" is happening. You know the verse: "Call unto Me, and I will answer thee, and show thee great and mighty things, which thou knowest not." Jeremiah 33:3 Well.... that's what I'm going to be praying for the whole rest of my Soul journaling. "Show me God!!" Because He will!

Like many of you; I have many journals. I've always, always loved to write.
I was the little girl in grade school who loved to go into class early and write on the chalkboard.
I loved to doodle... and still do! I'm a happy doodler! Even my journals are doodled upon. I guess that's the part in me where God wired me to be creative.

This Soul Journaling has become so much more though.
For one: it's safe. How? Because of the layers!! How many times in the past, have you wrote your heart out, and then later worried... "someone might read your journal?" I think often times, it's our own shortcomings we'd just as soon kept hidden. But what I'm learning with this new style of Soul Journaling is that uncovering my soul, and laying it all out there.... before God (and He already knows it all anyways).... and then moving forward by covering it with the next steps is like soul therapy! lol I love it! I tell ya, it's .... sometimes eye opening and God's really used it to help me to see areas in my life that I've needed some restoration and healing.

Another blessing I've recently discovered is a radio program I've come to really enjoy.
It's called Midday Connection and although I can't seem to find it in my area; I use Itunes and download the podcasts to my Ipod. This way, everyday when I take my walk, I can listen while the Corgis and I walk around the pastures.

By enjoying these free Podcasts, I found my next bible study! Perfect timing too coz
I'd recently finished my No Other god's book, and really didn't have an idea what to do next?
One day while walking and listening, to Midday Connection I was blessed to hear Becky Harling discussing her book Rewriting Your Emotional Script.

It is now my newest "read" and study.
Somehow, for me; it's also perfectly enhancing my Soul Journaling!
The book shows how the Beatitudes can help us rewrite our emotional scripts, layer by layer throughout our journey.
And my soul journal is also uncovering negative layers. I pray and journal what comes to me, and the artwork goes on top: Layer by layer by layer. When I soul journal, I can write about past hurts, disappointments, failings, sins,... --everything. For me, it has become an open confession. Then; with layers, and color, and more layers, God has been helping me see them for what they are; some are true, and some are false!!-- Lies of the enemy! And then, He helps me replace those past things, with His promises, Truths and WORD instead. I've been so enjoying it! I can hardly wait for the pages to dry, so I can turn the page, and begin again! -- Speaking of which; it's a new day!

Holykisses! xoxo



Love it LEA and the pic of you in the BANNER is just darling love your hair (:)

Sue@CountryPleasures said...

Very interesting and something I may have to check into, I love the name, Soul Journaling! You never seem to fail me, your such a treasure! Hugs!!

Michele Katherine said...

Good Morning,
"Soul Journaling", You can't go deeper than that. I agree with you that this is something the Lord uses to allow us to see ourselves through His eyes.
God bless you,
Michele Katherine

Denise said...

Sounds incredible sis, love you.

Anita Lustrea said...

love your blog....glad you found us at Midday! This is Anita from Midday. Also, i like the name Soul Journaling. I loved the picture of your soul journal too!

~ ♥ Kelley ♥~ said...

So glad that things are going well for you dear friend!
Soul journaling sounds very interesting!
Just wanted to come by and say hi and wish you a blessed week!♥

heidi said...

Very cool concept....to write all out...leave it there, But cover it up! Interesting!

I'm in Jeremiah now...."your words were found, and I ate them, and Your word was to me the JOY and reJOY-cing of my heart!"

I knew you'd love that verse! Joy in His words and our words are joy back to Him!
Blessings, Heidi

From the Heart said...

Beautiful post. I enjoy them so much.

Have you heard about Rachel Olsen's new book? It's more like a devotional. She is a very good writer and I enjoyed reading it so much. The title is "It's No Secret". Revealing Divine Truths Every Woman Should Know. She's the one who did the Bible study on the women of the Bible and that's when I started my blog. You would realy enjoy it.

Rebecca said...

Sounds like Soul Journaling was invented just for YOU!