Monday, September 13, 2010


Greetings and Holykisses friends!

Happy Monday!
I hope yall had a good weekend!
I went for a morning walk today and my heart's so full.
This lil lady was born on 9-11-10, and I finally got her picture taken today.

Her Mom; Rebekah is chockfull of love n kisses for her. I could watch them for hours.
Have you been listening to the words of the song that's playing? It's called: Love Like Crazy. I hadn't heard it until today; although I did notice our "youngest" son quoted from it on his facebook a week or so ago. --Now this morning; our "oldest" son asked me to come down to the shop and "listen" to it. I think it's part of the reason my heart is bubblin over so much today.

Well; we had rain most of last week and our grass came back to life and went crazy! I just finished weed eating a little while ago and cleaned up the garden and put out more birdseed. Some of the plants left are lovin the cooler weather. This is sweet potato vine in thee old washtub. Soon; I'll be adding pansies and more mums around here. Oh- and not to forget, it's almost time to plant Fall bulbs. A friend blessed me with tulip bulbs for my birthday. It's time to send my order off for them. I tell ya; Fall gardening is FUN! I'm on the lookout for a cute pair of overalls to make a scarecrow next. No garden should be without a scarecrow!!
If any of you know what this flower is, please let me know. They spring up out of nowhere all summer and fall long. Just one little stem with a small pink flower. They are very short; unlike their taller cousins that pop up in the Fall only.
This is our newest visitor who has upset thee applecart here. (Oh dear.) Myguy is an unhappy camper with this Tom around. He told me yesterday that there are pawprints and scratches on the black Ford Fusion he just bought to fix and resell. I've seen this cat on top of his muddin truck alot so it was probably him on the Fusion. We have never seen Merry Pearl up on a vehicle; not that she never has but........
It has been a royal catfight around here. Pearl hates this Tom and he will not leave her alone. I'm pretty sure she's spayed so that isn't the problem, but Tom here doesn't understand that fact. Anyone want a cat?!! If he's still here tomorrow night maybe one of the ladies will take him home with them from our bible study. He could be a door prize. lol

Speaking of bible study; I'd better get busy. This afternoon, I'm devoting to extra study time.
Oh; and to also figure out what's wrong with our printer. I put fresh ink in it but something isn't working right. The test pages look great but when I go to print out any regular text, it acts like it's printing but the page is blank. It's a Lexmark... -anyone have any ideas???

Oh* ... yesterday's church service was so cool; so I want to share a couple more things with you. At the beginning of the service the Pastor always has a reading? The scripture was taken from Hebrews 4:16 which happens to be a verse that has become a prayer of mine.
"Let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace that we may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need."
I'm so thankful for God's grace, and have been praying for boldness in Him. The message then came from the book of Esther. I think my head must have started spinning because I couldn't even find the book of Esther when he said that. lol I had to look it up in my table of contents; which was funny because the Pastor even said outloud what page Esther was found in his bible. lol

--Most of us know the story of Queen Esther. But my heart wrapped around the lesson as God reminded me that He created us all for certain purposes. And within that; no matter what is happening around us; He can turn things all around. With Him all things are possible; we just have to have faith and go boldly to the throne of grace. There; we'll obtain His mercy and find grace to help us in our own time of need.

I think I've gotten kinda of slack in a few things. --So last night, I started pondering God's purposes for my life. -- Am I taking up my cross "daily" and following Him, or am I often just living my life for myself? We all have a choice to make every single day. His way, or our way?

I hope yall have a wonderful day!


Denise said...

Enjoyed this post sis, and I love the song that is playing on your blog.

Sue@CountryPleasures said...

What a sweet little cow, what did you name her? That flower maybe a wild cosmos or in the same family? So good to see you post, I take it your internet is better? Great song!

Blissitydoodah said...

I've been praying the Prayer of Jabez daily. I'm sure you know that one!

Yep, that cat needs to go. Bless his heart. We want Pearl to stay merry!!!

Vickie said...

Awww, sweet little calf - I think you should have a contest on your blog to name her! Wish they could stay little longer... sigh...

Paula said...

Aloha Dear Heart!
What a cutie patootie you have there. what a dear sweet calf. Those ears!!!! I owuld be a bubbling to hearing the heart of love coming from your boys. what a joy and blessing. LOVE the picture of you and your guy. You make such a handsome couple :-) Got a good laugh out of the door prize idea, actually it is a VERY good idea. Gotta a box???

Thank you for the reminder to take up our cross for Jesus daily. When we do he makes glorious things happen. Today when I was out dropping off books at thee library, I met a woman there, she was lonely I could tell, and needed to talk. She had her little llasa apso with her, get this (God is so good) her dogs name was MAggie MAy,(same as mine) Her dog is 11 years old (my Mags is 11 weeks old) Her name is penny and my sisters name is Penny! And it just kept going on and on. By the end of our time together she was laughing, and I was praising the Lord for using me, to allow love and laughter in this womans life, which is what I think the Lord wanted to gift her with. If I had not prayed and been open for God to use me maybe would of missed this encounter (too busy, wanted to get home etc). THE LORD IS GOOD!!!

HAve a blessed day Dear HEart Sista! Aloha!

ozjane said...

Moggie says " big bad Tom go home"
Could that flower be a looks a little like it and they come up like that.
Love Esther " for such a time as this"

butterflykisses said...

OOOOOOh my goodness my Lexmark has been doing the same thing... I had to reinstall my printer off the disk. It has done it twice this week. I hate to say it but I thought it was only me.

butterflykisses said...
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Anonymous said...

Love the new addition, Lea! I wish I could pet her... Who sings this song? I really enjoyed it, too. I think the door prize idae with Mr. Tom would be a great idea. Have a great Bible study. Love, Janie