Friday, September 10, 2010

Weekend Getaway

Greetings and Holykisses,

Last weekend, Myguy and I took some time off and got away for a couple days.
There's nothin like grabbing an overnight bag and just heading out! We went up into the mountains and just had a blast.

Looking through the photos on my camera this morning; I realized that most of my pictures are always old buildings that catch my fancy. Thee olde store above always catches my eye and I can only imagine the stories it could tell.
This red peeling paint and old screen door is beautiful in my eyes. The rusty tin roof only adds more flavor don't you think?
For my birthday, our son Trent made it to where I can listen to my Ipod on the stereo in the Xterra. I love that because now I can hear the bible while driving. While we were listening to the books of Luke and John; ... the narrator was talking about the Judean countryside ... and we were right outside of a place called Mount Judea here in Arkansas. It seriously gave me goosebumps.
We passed so many church signs with good messages but this one said the most. God bless Piercetown Community church!

Here I was again, admiring another abandoned building. The little picket fence was so charming. Someone put alot of love once upon a time into building this home sweet home.
Look at the SUNshine built inside the eaves. It has two of these. Beautiful isn't it?!!
We stopped at several antique stores and shops. I'm not sure where we even were here but this young man was alot of fun to watch. He was carving a bear on a stump, very much like the one my Sil and Bil bought when they came down here a month ago.

Our over night get aways are over for awhile now, but we sure had a relaxing time. We stayed at our favorite motel and ate at thee Outback- Myguy's favorite steakhouse. --At one of thee antique shops I found some beautiful, lil antique plates that I hope to serve homemade cinnamon rolls on for the bible study gals on Tuesday evening. I hope Myguy remembers where this place was because it was the cheapest antique shoppe I'd ever seen. I wish I'd have thought to take a picture of the dishes as I'd never seen this pattern before and they were only .75 each. I felt like I was practically stealing them at that price.

The rest of our week, our internet was out most of the time. We've had rain for over 3 days and needed it so badly! Thankfully, the grass is growing once again and our cows must be so happy. We've had to start puttin out hay already.

So that's been the latest scoop. A lil get away, and rainy week here in Arkansas.
We're looking into getting different internet service. It's frustrating when we can't get online for days on end. I hope to catch up with all of you soon.... I've missed everyone!

Have a wonderful day!
Rain or shine!
holykisses xoxo


Rebecca said...

Lea, I enjoyed every single aspect of your trip that you shared! We have done it for awhile, but our best "times out" are when we just head in a direction w/o any definite destination--just enjoying the trip, the sights, and not in any hurry to get anywhere particular so we can stop at whatever interests us along the way...

That IS a great church sign!

Anonymous said...

So nice to read about your get away Lea~you and Mike so deserved some time away! *Ü*
So glad that you found some cute plates~wish we had decent thrift and antique stores around here~everything is outrageously priced and I can't find a blue canning jar to save my soul~oh well!
Have a blessed weekend...

Angela said...

Hey beautiful sister...Just sat here listening to Oh Happy Day...sigh..oh I loved it...((Hugs)) Read a couple of your posts. Enjoyed all of them. I loved the sharing part of your time with our Lord and what you read....blessings ((hugs)) and holy kisses to you too

Sue@CountryPleasures said...

Oh Lea, we are SO much alike! I'm drawn to old buildings too and yes, the red peeling paint and old ratty screen is beauty in my eyes too! Your photos are wonderful, what a great weekend! So glad you got some rain, us too!

Steve Finnell said...

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Nezzy said...

It looked like the perfect getaway. I just love the pics of the old abandoned buildings. You have quite the eye for photography girl!

Sounds like ya hit the jackpot with those plates.

Ya'll have a wonder weekend heaped full of blessings!!! :o)

Paula said...

ALoha Dear Heart Sista! me thinks the rain and the internet outage a blessing for you in that you got some time off to spend it with your beloved hubby. And the grass loved it too! There is a certain charm, character,and history to old buildings. The store was sooo awesome! I too love old buidlings. sometimes I think I was born inthe wrong era, but then God put me here now so he has a better plan!!!!! Looking forward to seeing your plates, and thank you so much for sharing your trip with us. Glad you got some time away.

With Fond Aloha Paula & Maggie May Belle

Paula said...

I almost forgot! teh saying "Dont get caught dead without Jesus" has always been one I have used with people who I have witnessed to but dont accept Jesus. Love the fact it was used in the sign! How true is that statement!!!!!

From the Heart said...

Missed you but really enjoyed your trip. When you put up pictures and tell about the place I feel like I'm right there with you.

I heard that parts of Arkansas was flooding there was so much rain. Glad you all didn't have that much.

Hope you get your internet fixed. It feels like you've lost your best friend when you can't get on at least that's the way I felt a few weeks ago when mine crashed.

Glad you had a good time but am glad you got back safe and sound.
Missed you, AE

Jill said...

I love antique stores! Would love to see the dishes you found! I also love looking at old places too. I did a post on it awhile ago. It just so fascinates me to think of who may have lived there. Thanks for sharing all these lovely pictures! Have a wonderful weekend!

Farm Chick Paula said...

Thanks for taking us along on your getaway, sweetie.. well, sort of taking us along... (in pictures, I mean..) *giggle*
Glad you had such wonderful time- loved the pictures!

Vickie said...

Nice weekend trip, Lea! And I would have been taking the pics of the old places, too, cuz I love em!

It's fun to just take off driving. And it's always great to just get away with your sweet hubby!

ozjane said...

Nice to read of you happy holiday and some acquisitions as well..good work.

Anonymous said...
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Denise said...

Thanks for sharing your wonderful get away sis.

{Bellamere Cottage} said...

Loved the sign at the church... I seriously have never seen that one before.... Love the one's signed, Love, God though and have seen those many times.

Great pix... I enjoyed the tour.

Warm blessings,

Anonymous said...

So did you buy the bear??? So far mine is sitting on the back patio... looks right at me when I go out to feed Harley! I just lOVE him! Thanks again for showing us such a great time while we were there! Your SIL - JC