Monday, August 23, 2010

A Time For Everything.....

Greetings and holykisses,

I didn't decide on a sabbatical. But I know in more ways than one; .... rest has been needed.
I've missed all of you! Each and every one.

Where do I start?.........
Well... our Ruth bible study ended, and oh how I've missed it! We decided to take a little break and then our next study will be on the book: "Women Of The Bible" by Jean Syswerda. It's 52 bible studies for individuals and groups. We don't have it all figured out how we'll do it, but may take turns choosing which women we want to study and go from there. Obviously we won't be gathering for 52 weeks, but it will be nice to not have to purchase books so often. We'll be starting next Tuesday! -- On my own; I ordered Kelly Minter's bible study: No Other Gods. I can't wait til it comes in the mail. In all admittance I know, I've not been in the word near as much since our last study ended.

Let's see, what else has been going on......-- we had a nice visit by my Sil and Bil. They were here for a couple days and we hit the road finding "Bargains Galore on 64." It was fun and we all found some good deals! 160 miles of yard sales!!! --- No... we didn't go that far, but made new memories together. Hopefully the potting shed wren will love her new "wren house" as much as I love the vintage green cultivator that Myguy bought me with it's little wooden handle!

This past Tuesday I had bone grafts done in my mouth. I'm still pretty sore but thank GOD the swelling had finally went almost all away when I woke up this morning. I seriously looked like Mrs. Potato Head for a few days. ... I'm really not exaggerating. Do you remember the Mr. Potato Head game? I'm tellin ya, ... everytime I put on my little black glasses with those great big swollen and elongated jawline... well; I looked like "kin."

Two days after the surgery date, was my birthday. That was going to mean no birthday cake for Lea. But guess what? My friend Maxi knew about all this and the Sunday before surgery, she surprised me like you can't imagine. After church, Myguy and I had went out of town and when we got home, my friend had been at our house and decorated it for my birthday! She left us homemade chicken enchiladas, chips, dips, and the most scrumdillyicious chocolate cake... this side of heaven. As I walked up to the kitchen door when we got home, I found a sticky note telling me I was beautiful. ??? Entering the kitchen was a big shiny banner and there was sticky notes from one end of our house to the other with the most wonderful messages of sweet friendship. I was totally overwhelmed. Balloons were all over the place, and even presents too! We dove into the food and I'll never divulge how much cake I REALLY ATE. You don't really want to know how much this gal can put away. lol How blessed I am by this friends FRIENDSHIP. She's the friend I met literally at the alter of a church we visited. I'd went up to pray and she walked up and prayed with me. God's good isn't He?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Remember how I told you my friend had left notes all over the house? On my bathroom mirror she'd taped one that says: WHEN YOU LOOK INTO THE MIRROR TELL YOURSELF HOW BEAUTIFUL YOU ARE TODAY AND EVERYDAY. Now imagine me standing in front of my mirror looking like swollen Mrs. Potato head after oral surgery. Reading her hand written message.... I couldn't help but smile.* " I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well. " Psalm 139:14 -- and thank you Lord for such a special friend!! Oh- I have to share the funniest one with you. Of all things I found another sticky note stuck to a bra I'd left on the dryer. It said: Friends are like bras: close to your heart and there for support. heeheehaahaahoohoo... (now that could break a stitch or two.)

Tomorrow I go back to the dentist for him to check everything and I have a prayer request. Please pray that I start growing enough bone so I can have the implants I need. My dentist also said, that we gotta pray enough bone grows....! I'm trusting God and that it's all gonna work out. Later this evening I'll be sitting down to write a thank you note to the family who lost the loved one that I received the bone from. I don't know who it was, but this is a new thing where they give you a card where you can write a thank you and then the organization that handles everything will see that it is received. I'm very grateful for such a precious gift! I've been thinking about it all alot. It's kinda wild to think someone else is now a part of you, ya know?

On a lighter note.... yesterday afternoon we drove up into the Ozark mountains. It was so beautiful! We stopped off at a basket shop where we know the owners and visited for a little bit.
We bought this handmade apple basket while we were there. It's a nice big basket and the man who made it does amazing work. Bet this will get used alot and passed down to the next generations.

We got the handmade whisk broom hanging on the wall there as well. Have never had a hand made broom before. (Lord knows it needs it around here these days.)
Remember awhile back I told you about this little hen who hid out without my knowing it and hatched out 8 little chicklets? The chicks are all feathered out now and about half grown. We were a little late closing the door on their pen the other night and something got in there and killed this little hen and two of her babies. Myguy found her feathers down by our woods. Makes me so sad... -- the Momma was one of my very favorites.
But now these two jumped on a nest of eggs up at our coop and are sharing responsibility to hatch out another mess. The red one up front was just daring me to take a step closer. lol But I'm smarter than she is.
Today, Trent came looking for me and when he didn't find me, headed out toward the garden wondering if I'd wandered out there. He didn't find me, but found a raccoon instead! He watched it eat two small tomatoes in the middle of the day off this old vine.

When he told me about it I was so excited but then he made me realize that it was kinda odd for it to be out and about in the hot part of the afternoon like that? I'll be watching carefully. Wouldn't you know, he thought it went under the potting shed.* I think tonight I'll put a can of catfood out there in full view of my window and see if I spot it too.
Yall the garden is lookin pitiful. I'm plumb ashamed. It's so hot and dry and for the most part I've let everything just go until it cools down. It was only 99 today though. I think the hottest we've had here was 106 this month. That makes for hard gardening! Unless you want a huge water bill which I've been trying to be wiser about! Remember: *(forgot the waterhose on a couple times... .for a loooong time.)
The most colorful thing we have left is our cockscomb which is about ready to let dry and use for seed. I just love their pretty, red rooster combs. --- As much as I hate to kiss all my flowers goodbye for the year,... they did well and we'll have alot of seed for next year now.

"To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven: A time to be born, and a time to die; a time to plant, and a time to pluck up that which is planted;" Ecc 3:1-3

Have a beautiful day,


maxie said...

My Dear Friend,

I am the one that is blessed to have your friendship. You are so special to me!! love you lots!!!

Rebecca said...

What an interesting post...Happy to read you are on "this side" of the surgery.

...rejoicing with you about the generosity and love of your special friend.

Belated Happy Birthday! May God bless your life, the bones in your mouth, those little chicks, your garden and all that concerns you!

Mokihana said...

I'm so sorry to hear about the hen and chicks! Oh goodness, that happened to us once and I was devastated.

I'm glad to see you back here and will pray that you grow those bones back! Dental surgery is no fun! But He is the Great Physician.

Blessings on your days...

Paula said...

Wonderful to hear your rested, and blessed with wonderful friendship and prayers :-)

Ya know birthday suprises from friends have absolutly no calories!!! LOL! What wonderful love showered all over you.

Sorry to hear about your momma hen. She was so beautiful. Do you think it was the racoon?

Since the Ruth study ended my heart has gone back to those women in the bible, and am so thankful for their honest and heartfelt lives. Cant wait to hear what ya'all learn within the woman of the bible study. Please keep us posted. So nice to see you back at the shed nice and rested. Can you feel fall a coming on?????

With Fond Aloha Paula

Denise said...

Friends are such priceless gifts that God blesses us with. Praying that everything goes well at the dentist for you sweet sis, I love you.

Yolanda said...

For me sweet One, was the sharing of the bone graft.

God has blessed our medical field with so much of HIS knowledge that it is amazing what we are able to do in our generation, all because of God.

I've missed you, but from the sound of things and the looks of things from this post alone, you've been mighty busy. I'm thankful that Maxie has become such a great friend for you.

Our small group from Ruth has decided to venture on together with more women of the bible as well. We are reading & discussing "Twelve Extraordinary Women" by John MacArthur, and doing it as a book study.


Sunnyside Up said...

Ahhh...there's my girl! Back and rested! We have ALL missed you but it sounds like you have had alot going on in your neck of the woods!

I'm so thankful for the gift of the bone graft! Isnt that amazing? From one to another...just like God intends for it to be..I will be praying that your mouth heals PERFECTLY and be ready for the implants! May God be with you over these next couple of weeks/months as you go to the next step of this process. Keep us posted! How blessed this family is going to be when they receive your Thank You note! Touches my heart!

What a WONDERFUL friend you have! I loved the post-it on the bra! Too cute Maxine! And Chocolate Cake? I want a friend like you! ;)

SO very glad that you are back!

Love ya girl,

From the Heart said...

Wow what a time you have had, a lot of good and a little bad (bone graft). I'm so glad your okay. I was really beginning to worry about you and prayed that you were alright. Happy Birthday, sorry I missed it. What a wonderful friend, sounds a whole lot like you.

This post did not show up on my blogroll yesterday. The next one did. I've read both and emailed you so I will let this take care of your post other post. I guess our time and your time is different. We're on Eastern Time. I'm not sure what time zone you are in.

Having your mouth worked on is no fun. Been there, done some of that, not the grafting but fillings and root canals.

I'm so glad you had time to do some traveling with your friends.

My computer died so I got a new one and it is great.
God bless and will be praying that the bone graft works.
Love you, AE

Jill said...

Didn't know you were having surgery. Glad things went o.k. and I hope you are feeling much better soon. What an amazing friend you have! Such a blessing.