Saturday, July 31, 2010


Greetings and Holykisses!

Sorry I've been so out of touch lately.
We didn't go on vacation or anything, but I needed some refreshment.
A little time away from Blogging, less Facebook, and Tweeting.
The world can bombard a person. --I started feeling a little like these old zinnias; wimpy, worn out, and faded!
So it was time to wait on God for awhile, while seeking His direction.
I've been in the word alot, the last couple of weeks, while doing my Ruth study, and praying for a clearer vision about some things.

This morning, I got my answer.
(Thankyou Lord!) Then it was confirmed through a spirit-filled friend.

So I'm back at the Shabby Olde Potting Shed today.
And I'm so happy you're here too!
Today, I realize more than ever that the world is a beautiful place God created for us.
And that once you become a child of God, you're not to conform to the ways of the world. You're changed; just like this little butterfly that was once a caterpillar.

Romans 12:2
And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.

I want God's will for my life.
His perfect will.
And I pray to have a willing heart to say, "Yes Lord... and do what He asks of me."
At times, because of the ways of the world, it can get a little confusing. And listening too much to people who don't follow God can begin to cloud my little head.

So that's my story and I'm sticking to it.
To God that is. His will, His way!

Aside from that, everything's fine in my neck of the woods.
A few things that have been going on....
Our Ruth bible study has been going well and we're on week 5. Just two more get togethers and we'll be through our book. The ladies have asked what we're going to do next, I'm just praying if the Lord wills us to start something new; He'll lead the way!

Let's see what else has been happening..... about 3 weeks or more ago, I went to the doctor over a disk in my back. She started me on medicine that seems to be helping some. I'd put on some weight, and she said losing it would help as well. Goodbye chocolate buttermilk cake, and so long hot fudge sundaes. You've been replaced with bing cherries, and green grapes, for sweets instead. The LORD's helped me drop 7 pounds so far. Not sure how many more to lose, but oh how the old devil often uses food to try to mess with my head.

Last Sunday, we finally got to see our baby boy who turned 24 on July 12!
He's been working in Mississippi alot and we've missed him so much! He rode his new bike down to see us and we celebrated his birthday.

We were so happy that he bought a good helmet when he got his bike. We always made them wear helmets when they lived at home and hope he learned how important they are. I can promise you; this Momma is praying a hedge of protection around her Manchild and that motorcycle. ;)
The dogdays of summer are upon us.
In other words; it's hot. Summer in Arkansas just spells HOT; there's no getting around it.
Our cows are often seen standing in the pond all the way up to their neck. Even the puddleducks are going to the pond more often now to cool down.

The flowers are starting to wind down. Especially the ones in pots. They're all on their last "croaks." I've deadheaded the zinnias but we're not supposed to get rain now for awhile and with this heat, they won't last long. I water them a little but soon they'll all be gone.

The grass will start turning brown probably this week. Must admit, ... I'm ready for it to slow down so we don't have to mow so often. --The dragonflies are all over the place! The one pictured above, is a real gymnast. I had to get my camera.

I hope this finds you healthy, happy and well.
I've missed you all!
Have a great weekend!


Sue@CountryPleasures said...

WOW Lea, sure have missed you! That butterfly photo and dragonfly are awesome!! Glad to have you back but sure do understand, we all need refreshed in order to rebloom! Great post!

katie said...

Beautiful post.
Refreshing through His spirit, the best thing to do.
As I crossed Truman Dam yesterday on the way to the shop there were hundreds of dragonflyies in the air. I have never seen so many at one time but was driving so couldn't look to closely.

Rebecca said...

Missed you & glad you're back. You went to the right "Place" to find your refreshment :) His will IS best.

It is good to be reminded and to remind each other!

"Be Thou My Vision" will keep playing in my head for awhile now that I've heard it here. Thanks for that!

godsown said...

Glad you are back....Beautiful pictures...Love butterflies and to think they where an caterpillar before.....
I look forward to more beautiful posts and pictures


Kelly Combs said...

Hello my friend!!! Helmets are the LAW in Virginia where I live. they have to be worn, so glad your boy is smart enough to protect that smart brain of his!!!

Glad you are doing ok. My sis is having back surgery on Tuesday for her aches & pains. Long recovery, but her pain is so bad. I hope yours feel better soon, and CONGRATS on losing 7 lbs. That is awesome!

You are great!

Blissitydoodah said...

That is a wonderful photo of the zinnia. I am showing my blossoms too!
My bloomers!
Oh boy is it hot. I am avoiding the outdoors like a plague! and speaking of...we have these huge horse flies zapping our windows and getting into cars every chance they get...c'mon October!

BECKY said...

Hi Sweetness!
Oh how I have missed visiting with you! Looks like we both have been absent for a little while! I am working on getting my Etsy shop opened and some blog surprises, too.
Just letting God lead, knowing His timing is perfect!!

Can you believe that it will be August tomorrow?? Crazy huh?

It sure is hot down here, but I am ok with that. Our winter was so much colder and longer than we were used to that this summer can drag on all it wants! I don't mind decorating for fall when it's 90 degrees out!! HA!!

Love ya gal, and it is great to connect! LOVE your photos!But love your heart more!! {smile}
Have a blessed Sunday!

Denise said...

You have been missed sis, congrats on losing 7 pounds. I love you.

Alleluiabelle said...

I love you my sweet friend. I've missed you. I love popping in here. It's like a breath of fresh air for me. I know where you are coming from with the weight thing...I'm so there with you. I'm trying to lose that extra 15-20 pounds myself as I have lower back problems too.

Please pray for my beloved, he's in the hospital.

My prayers go up for you that your back gets healed in the sweet and precious name of Jesus! Amen.

Big Hugs,

From the Heart said...

Was beginning to wonder what had happened to you. Everyone needs a break now and then. Good to have you back.

Dee said...

It is good to step back from the hectic pace and chaos of this world and be refreshed. I myself am still on a blog break for another week. I miss my blog but am grateful I took the break. I am like you about needing to lose weight..sigh. It will take a lot of prayer! I am glad to hear you recieved a confirmation. I get so excited when I recieve confirmations! You have a very handsome is nice he came for a visit and it is so important to keep our children in a hedge of or no bike.

Jill said...

Love the pictures! I hope your back is feeling better soon. Have a wonderful week!

Paula said...

Aloha Lea! You sure did go to the right place for your refreshment, and how wonderful to wait on the Lord, and have him show up!!! He is so awesome like that. You have inspired me to delve deeper into better food choices. So tomorrow I will make a pot of grains, saute me up some veggies, and a squash something, and prepare for a victory! Will be praying for you as well:-) Tony's Bike looks awesome and I will be praying for your manchild as well. really enjoyed seeing your garden in full tilt summer, even in your pictures I can sense fall a coming. Your dragonfly picture is AMAZING!! So clear and detailed. You have a wonderful gift, mahalo for sharing with us

With Fond ALoha Paula


Oh so sorry dear friend..about the disk in your back..sounds so painful the pics -the dragon flies,flowers and your darling son ofcourse(:)
Feel better soon.

SweetAnnee said...

I love your Cocks Comb!!!!!!!

ozjane said...

How did a wee little lady like you manage to produce that rather gorgeous but not tiny hunk.
Fancy having a 24 yr old.
I hate to think of the age mine would have been had I been able to have them.
He looks a handsome dude.