Monday, July 12, 2010

Happy Birthday Tony

Twenty four years ago today, we were given an incredible gift.
Funny when you're the parent.. how you "go back" on your children's birthday and remember every little detail. We were all so excited and couldn't wait to meet him. I couldn't wait to hold him in my arms; I already loved him so much.

Last night... I found myself on the floor, surrounded by piles of Tony's baby pictures as midnight drew near bringing with it such a special day to our family: July 12th. July 12th, 1986- when our family became complete. We are so thankful!!!

Happy Birthday dear Son!
You are SO loved.


Denise said...

Happy Birthday to Tony, Happy Birthday to Tony, Happy Birthday to dear Tony, and wishing him many more happy days.

Paula said...

Tony is blessed to have you as a mommacita, and your hubs as papa extrodinaire! To come into the world with such love and total acceptance. Hmm sounds familiar to our papa right?;-)
Happy Birthday Tony! Even though I have never met you, I wish big blessings from our heavenly father above, and a wonderful year ahead.

Lea the picture you posted is very nice. Is he as sweet as his smile?

Love and blessing to all ya'all !!!


WOW he looks like you Lea..cutiepie(:)


oops can't spell I guess --LOL-- Birthday ~!!

Anonymous said...

Hey, my friend! Were you able to wake him up singing, Happy Birthday"? I hope so, if not tonight. You are so blesses with two handsome sons and a wonderful husband! Have a great day.
Love, Janie

Denise said...

Oh so handsome! My on is 40 and 44.. I guess I need to post the miracle that came about due to the death of my dad....... God is good!

Lea said...

Thankyou everyone for your sweet words and celebrating our birthday boy. We can't wait to see him... !!