Friday, July 16, 2010

Friday Photos

Greetings and holykisses,

This afternoon I wandered around with my camera for awhile.
It's so humid that when I went outside- my camera started to sweat. I'm serious. Going from an airconditioned house to air so hot n thick it takes your breath away; my camera literally fogged over. It took a long time before I could even use it.

Anyways, as you can see in the picture above; our morning glories are beginning to really take over. At this time of year, I stop fighting it and just let it happen. Besides; soon everything else will die off, but the morning glories seem to like it when it gets pretty hot and dry. We've had so much rain though that everything continues to thrive. Especially the grass and weeds!
Remember yesterday I told yall that Psalm 23 has been a big thing to me? Especially Psalm: 23:5. Well, shortly after writing yesterday's blogpost, I went to town to see my friend in the nursing home. I stopped off at the Dollar General for some chocolate pudding for her, and walked over to the book section. I saw a book with a $3.00 sticker on it, and reached for it without even reading the cover. Picking it up, I read the title: Traveling Light. Hmmm? The author was Max Lucado, and looking closer it said, "The Promise of Psalm 23." (Yes way Jose.)
As I opened it, .... inside was this.....
my verse staring back at me! I just shook my head.... and carried it to the cash register along with the chocolate pudding. :) It's a really good book! I just had to share it with yall today.
Back to our stroll outdoors, do any of you remember the bluish ladder I had propped up in the garden? It's in this picture. Can you find Waldo?
Somewhere in this picture, is thee old wash stand. I told yall it's been rainin! Stuff grows in Arkansas when it rains alot!
Most of our sunflowers are already seeded out. But this one was a late bloomer. I don't remember planting this type, but I guess I did? Unless a thoughtful bird "brought" it to the shed?
This is what most of them look like right now. Full of seed and droopy. I love watching the birds try to hang upside down to peck out the seeds. Sometimes I cut the big flower heads, but I like to just leave a few as is.
In the Spring, I found a "snow queen" clematis at Lowes and brought it home in honor of my angel Mother who won a snow queen contest when she was young. I didn't think this would bloom this year, but .... it must have loved all the rain as well? It's really pretty and I hope next year it fills out alot.
We still have lots of zinnias. I've been deadheading the flowers and saving them for next years seed. This pink one is one of my favorites. I love this blush pink shade, even though it now has freckles.
Morning glories are starting to vine up into the zinnias too. I've been pulling a few to feed to Mrs. Potter. She loves fresh morning glory salad, especially if you add a few candylions for garnish.
Our chickens are laying like crazy! But these two are broody old heifers. I swear they're part "pitbull." I just dare you to reach under either one and try to fetch an egg. I'm warning ya; they're ruthless.
Since it's gotten so hot outside, we've started turning all the chickens loose to eat bugs and have more shade. I love looking out and seeing them run free.
Percy the guinea is still with us. Don't you think guineas are amazing? All those dots on their feathers almost make you dizzy, and those heads....!
They're a riot. We have two, and I call em both Percy coz I can't tell them apart anymore. Percy had a wife named Corabell, but she was murdered by a coyote or something. I found her feathers on the other side of our woods. So we bought another guinea chick for Percy and now that she's grown ... I can no longer tell them apart. Percy1, Percy 2. Kinda like the Cat in the Hat... with "Thing One and Thing Two. " Oh well, they don't seem to mind.
Awhile back we had a little wren make a nest inside one of our sheds. She built it right next to an old lasso hanging on the wall. If I remember right, she had 5 eggs, and one day I noticed they were all gone. So was the little wren... I never saw her after that. So I carefully, carried the bird nest to the potting shed and put it in the basket you see on the chicken crate. I thought I'd bring it into the house one of these days and use it to decorate with.
But a couple days ago, I went into the potting shed at dusk and turned on the light. A little wren frantically jumped out of the basket and flitted around the shed! I turned the light off and left her alone. The next day, I peeked in the nest and there's a new pile of eggs! When I went inside to take this picture today, the wren was back. So maybe this little nest will house some babies afterall?
Last, I thought I'd show yall our "granddog." This is Gracie. Years ago, she just showed up at our house. Someone had dumped her off, and a week later she had 8 puppies INSIDE the potting shed. She raised them all up, and we started giving them away. She was such a sweet dog that we decided to keep her. We took her to the vet, and got her shots and had her spayed so this couldn't happen again.

Our kids loved her, and after Tony got married and bought his house, he decided he wanted to take Gracie home to be their watch dog. The first day he took her home she poked her eye on his fence and went blind in it. Tony himself, had an eye accident when he was little and is blind in one eye too. He now had a one eyed dog as well. Will wonders ever cease?

Well... they lived there three years and not long ago sold the house.
So Gracie's been living with us again ever since. Our Grandgirl.
Not only are two of our chickens part "pit" but so's Gracie. For real.
Didn't think we'd be havin another dog, but...
just look at that sweet, lil face.

Hope yall have a great weekend!


Denise said...

Your blog makes me so happy. Thanks for sharing your life, love you sis.

Anonymous said...

Today's been a super hard day and coming here has soothed my weary soul...
So glad to see that your zinnias are doing well...I am so sad that I didn't have any this year=(
I am envious of your garden sweet friend~mine just hasn't done well this year at all.
Thinking of you today and wishing you a blessed weekend! ♥♥♥

Anonymous said...

So happy you mentioned Gracie. I have been meaning to ask all about her. She is soooooo darling. I am glad she is home with you. Does she get to come inside? I just love her.

Love, Janie

Dawn Dutton said...

Oh how I loved your post tonight. Wow your garden is full and growing good. Whew... I love your photos... Just great.. made me happy and thankful reading your post...Thanks, Dawn

Lea said...

Thankyou yall. Kelley, I have lots of zinnias for you for next year... and I really will get you some seed sent. Janie, Gracie has been coming inside and stays in the sunroom on the tile floor. And Dawn... I hope you get your book soon... my postmaster said she can track it if need be.... hopefully tomorrow it will be there!

Blissitydoodah said...

I'm blown away that your nest is full of eggs again!!!!
My wrens were born but were missing a week later when we got back from church camp :(.
Also! I have some blindness in one eye from histo as a child...and a few years ago I was picking out a new dog from a litter of Maltese puppies...well there was one with only one eye and I took her :)
She disappeared one morning on a walk...I think somebody took her...and I'd just had her to a breeder :(

Sue@CountryPleasures said...

Who could resist that sweet face! I've had a couple of pits and they are great dogs. Loved the tour and your garden in thrilling as is the book you found, how cool!

From the Heart said...

You are a breath of fresh air. Thanks for sharing your flowers and pets.
Blessings, AE