Saturday, June 5, 2010

Paint, Blooms, n Visitors?

Greetings and Holykisses,

While on my walk yesterday, around the pastures; I came upon what we call: the Lightnin tree.
Taking a shortcut to get to my mowed path, I rounded the tree and discovered this little door.
Who lives here?
I knocked...
but no one answered.
I thought I'd misplaced one of my cans of spray paint.
But now, I suspect it was "borrowed."
Who lives here? I hope to go back today and get a glimpse of our new neighbors!

Speaking of those cans of spray paint.... don't stand still in my garden or you might get painted.
I kinda went nuts with the spray can.

Once the tub was repainted, .... then came the butterfly house.
Even the birdhouse. When I took it down and washed it, I was amazed that you can actually "see through" the plexi glass again. lol I think it freaked the birds out a little seeing their reflections; that or... they just aren't crazy about the jadite color like me. They haven't been swarming this feeder like they used to. "Get over it birds."
The garden is so colorful right now. We'll have alot of seeds to save for next year.
See those little shasta daisies? I pulled them up from the roadside, and planted them in front of this old gate. Inspite of their move.... they did really well and look at all the seed for next year!
I'll always love pink roses, but there's just something very special about wildflowers like daisies, and black eyed Susies.
Purple Coneflowers have climbed my favorites chart, all the way to the top.
Finally, they're growing and thriving in our garden.
Ohoh... the ladder stood still too long and it too got a shot of jade paint.
Actually, I stole it from our chicken coop in the barn. It was no longer being used as a roost, so I scrubbed it like a madwoman and if there was any remaining poo;... got painted.* ;)
Now everything matches. Ohoh.. but that chair. No.... I didn't. Not yet anyway. lol
Remember a few weeks ago, I asked yall if you knew where I could find pink yarrow?
No one had seen any. I have yellow, and white planted, but no pink. When I went to the nursery I asked for it... and they said, "No pink, but how about red?" I didn't even know it came in red! Another new planting, climbing my favorites chart.

Last night, I went to the coop to say goodnight to the girls and closed their door.
As I went inside the shed to grab something, a huge dragonfly came inside the shed. It went to the light... just like dragonflies do. I flipped the switch so it wouldn't get hurt on the lightbulb and then... it landed on me. Right on the front of my neck. It was BIG! So I cupped my hand around it and went to the house and asked Mike to take a picture of it.
Isn't it pretty!!! I was DELIGHTED!!!
What a gift.
She even had blue eyes!
Thank you Lord!!!

Well, it's supposed to reach near 100 degrees today. I'm gonna go play in the sunshine!
Have a great weekend everyone!
Crank yer praise!
God's good!

Holykisses xoxo


Kristi said...

Gorgeous! Absolutely gorgeous!! And I love the pure delight your Heavenly Father blessed you with. Don't you know that He could hardly wait to see your delight! Oh He is the giver of all good gifts and pure joy!

Sue@CountryPleasures said...

I second gorgeous!! WOW, I love the blue paint on everything and that little door is adorable! What a blessing for that dragonfly to land on you, too bad your camera wasn't handy, close ups! Your gardens are my dream come true!

From the Heart said...

Your flowers are beautiful. Did the dragonfly match your shoes?

If you like you can joint One Heart and I for a Weedkend of Worship. Check us out.
Love you dearly, AE

PS I don't think I've told you this before but I like your Rapture Picture. Would you mind if I put one up? I'll find a different picture but I love the words. I am so looking forward to that day.

Kelly Combs said...

If that dragon fly had landed on me - I'd be screaming, and dancing and flapping and going nuts!!! And you caught it?!? You are brave.

Your garden is gorgeous. Let me know who lives behind the little door. Just don't go in. It reminds me of the door Alice went through and met the Mad Hatter!

Yolanda said...

Please do tell us about that little blue door!

I planted black eyed susans, but they didn't come up. makes me sad.

Rebecca said...

I really like the the color! Your whole garden & yard charm me. (The dragonfly, not so much...) I saw an old garden gate behind the daisies and coneflowers...My husband just got done placing ours in the yard. I need to do a little planting around it yet.

(I also enjoyed "Blessed Redeemer" - the new tune/contemporary setting of this oldie....)

katie said...

Your garden looks stunning. I love all the jade green you have placed around.
I think my soil must need something
because nothing of mine gets that lush looking.

It's beautiful

Denise said...

Everything is so beautiful sis, just like your heart. I love you.

irene said...

Lea....I soooo enjoyed the visit to your garden today, we're still grey and raining here so not many splashes of color, and I love that beautiful blue eyed dragonfly, a precious gift indeed!! Seeing that little door in your tree I am confident that you now have gnomes for neighbors, we have many forest gnomes around here, they mostly live under the bi ferns in the woods. Lucky you! They love to help out around the place and take of injured animals, just all around excellent neighbors!! Love to you my friend!!

BECKY said...

Hey Sweetness!

I didn't realize you were so "jaded"!! LOL! Sorry...couldn't resist!! You garden looks delightful and I, too, love the purple coneflowers!!! They are gorgeous!! He made them for you and me, you know? ;o)

Trust you are enjoying a wonderful weekend!

We're in our rainy season, so if you're not out in the'll be out in the thunderstorms!! Hey...not keeps our water bills down, and renews the earth!!

Love you gal!!
Have a blessed week!

Beautiful pear tree lane said...

Loved it all Lea, but I just have a heart for dragonflies.Aren't they simply one of God's most graceful creations. Isn't God so wonderful to send His creations our way for us to enjoy. I would so love to live nearby to go on a walk with you through your pastures.
Now if you run out of things to spray paint, I have a few things around here that need a touch up.


''don't stand still in my garden or you might get painted.''

OH I love it..
I'm a spray paint lover too (:)

I love the whole post-- all the cute ideas and things you've said and PAINTED(:)
you are a sweetie pie..and always bring joy to us all who know you~

Farm Chick Paula said...

Your garden is a beautiful place, Miss Lea- splashes of color everywhere; some from your hands and some from our Father!!
I especially love the shasta daisies and the "borrowed" chicken roost... those girls may go looking for their lost roost one of these days! *giggle*
Best of all was the picture of you holding little Miss DragonFly... such a sweet picture of you, you pretty thing.

Jennifer Hudson Taylor said...

Love the photos!

Blissitydoodah said...

awww a visit from your Mama :) I was telling the boys yesterday about Christmas Eve and my pkg. arriving. They loved hearing it.

Those cherries!!! Aw MAN I should have made MORE!!! We ate one jar which was unreal delicious on Blue Bell homemade vanilla :)
Truffle brownies are in the oven...come over?
I do need to see what is behind that blue door...

Blissitydoodah said...

awww a visit from your Mama :) I was telling the boys yesterday about Christmas Eve and my pkg. arriving. They loved hearing it.

Those cherries!!! Aw MAN I should have made MORE!!! We ate one jar which was unreal delicious on Blue Bell homemade vanilla :)
Truffle brownies are in the oven...come over?
I do need to see what is behind that blue door...

Cathy said...

Just beautiful! What an exciting adventure for you!! I love dragonflies♥
I've really enjoyed browsing through your posts that I missed reading lately. Love the pic of your heirloom tomato ~ yummy! I still want to get at least one heirloom tomato plant. Do you know if it's OK to plant it by other non-heirloom tomato plants? (I want to save the seeds) I've never planted these before and I was wondering if they are close to the other ones will they cross-pollinate? If you know, I'd be grateful for some help. Thanks :)
Have a great weekend,