Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Last Pretty One, and A Garden In A Jar

This was probably our last "pretty" peony, so I just had to bring it in and photograph it with a few other found objects on the work table. *sigh* These beautiful blossoms have brought sheer joy to my heart this year. ~ The rocks are from my "childhood" lake. The clothespin... -- well; sure why not. :)

I didn't make it out to the nursery today that has water plants. But...
I did have a few other things to plant.
-And notice my broken wind chime? It's one I gave to my Mom a year or two before she died, and has since hung on the shepherds hook over her grave. This afternoon, I took it to my clothesline and was going to hang it from the pole. In mid air, I accidentally dropped it to the ground and the whole wooden top broke! It splitright in two. One string also broke and a chime fell off. Go figure!?* I guess it's a good thing it happened here, and not on her grave or the pretty blue glass piece would probly have shattered on her headstone.

While I stood potting the coleus and geraniums I found myself yawning constantly. ???
Then it dawned on me the soothing water from the little pump outside the doorway was making me sleepy!
It's wonderfully loud.
It even put Francoise to sleep. He was out like a light!
Have you ever seen these geranium bowls? When it comes to flowerpots; terra cotta is way up there on my happy list. To me; old- discolored, and weathered ones are best. And these bowls remind me of McCoy mixing bowls. I hope the salmon colored geraniums feel right at home in it. It needs to go outdoors and sit in some muck to wear off it's new-ness.
Then, remember this photo I've shown before? It's thee old jar, I came upon while walking in the woods. Grown by the Master Gardener Himself: God Almighty. This picture .... says alot. It inspires me on so many different levels. And yes, I left it alone, so one of these days I'd like to go find it and see what it looks like now. -- I just keep thinking about all the chiggers and seed ticks between our house, and that jar. lol
At the shed, I've started my own terrarium. It's not near as pretty as the broken one. And... it's a work in progress....

Today, I dug up some real moss and planted it in the jar, along with a couple crowns of Oxalis.
It had to have a cross in it as well. ;)
And on days it gets to breathe a little, .... a sweet lil hat.
I think I forgot to show you the bird basket. Remember I'd put some fluff out at the bird feeder? Watching the birds, I learned they don't like to mix fluff with food. They kept throwing it all out on the ground. I'd also read that dryer lint isn't the best nesting material, because when it gets wet, it weakens. I didn't even think of that!

The nests I've found, always have our donkeys' hair in them, so I filled this one with raw sheep wool, and three different kinds of moss, and some cotton string. So far, they like the moss on the front the best. I had to add a little today!
It looks like a lazy ending to our day doesn't it?
I hope you had a wonderful day as well.



Denise said...

You are so far beyond awesome, love you.

Sit A Spell said...

Darlin, this post belongs in a magazine! If I owned one, it would be front page!

I saw your watering can with your mamas peonie there...so sweet.

Salmon is a fav color of mine for those and this is the first yr I have not gotten any...sigh. Love the pot they are in, it'll weather up right nicely.

You sure are one busy little gal, aren't you! No wonder your pups are pooped...and you thought it was the fountain. ; )

Yolanda said...

This was so sweet and soothing. Holy Kisses to you!!!

Kathy said...

Peony's are one of my all time favorites. I try not to let the other flowers in the garden know that. I love your use of the Hoosier cabinet as a work station! Very cool!

Sue@CountryPleasures said...

Your garden posts makes me want to come and visit and take in all the beauty and your creative grace! Hugs!!

Anonymous said...

I just adore the "Potting Shed"!!! I wish I had one at my cottage in the city. Love to hear how you made your wonderful little pond. Love it. Have a wonderful day.

Simple Southern Happiness said...

Oh, I like your garden potting room. The Peony is so lovely and delicate. I have never tried to grow them, do they only bloom once a year?

Love the sound of water too, so relaxing. I see your sweet puppy-dog loves it to.

Looking over your pots and how you put plants in even a broken jar. That is so perfect, you have quite the green thumb.

God's Blessing to you and yours. i so enjoyed the visit, I would love to come back. I like unsweet tea! and we can sit by the fountain and chat about the lord and his grace and all the beauty he has put on this earth for us.

katie said...

Oh my what an awesome post.
I just love the terrarium, Gods love flows from everything you do. I love the top on the terrarium.
I love seeing your garden.


SO many pretties (:) love them all..hugs,Patty

Denise said...

Every time I come here I rest and I find such peace.. I read this twice and wandered around the yard with you... I love the statement about putting that pot in some "yuck" to weather it...... I SO understand... I have not planted any geraniums in years so I think I will have some this year...... I think Salmon also.. The pool liner is Terra Cotta so the Salmon will look good in the back yard.......

I hope to get outside this weekend.. We have had so much rain and I have so much to do... I need to dig in the dirt.....

Ozjane said...

I am committing the sin of envy over that peony.
I looked at the price of one this week and shuddered.
And the half price sale ended ...just when I discovered a few more spots for bulbs,.....LOL

Anonymous said...

I love this! I agree that this should be in a magazine. You are so talented!

BECKY said...

Hi Sweetness! Been missing ya gal and am thrilled with your peonies!! That sure seems fast from the transplant to the lovely blooms. Time is really flying by!

Hope all is well with you dear one, and that you are having a great start to your week!!

Mine started with the chiropractor and that is a GOOD thing as Martha would say!

May God shower you with joyful blessings!!
Love and hugs,