Saturday, May 22, 2010

How We First Met

Cute isn't he?

I first noticed him from a distance. As I rounded the corner of our house, to enter the garden; I saw him bouncing away in the direction of the Sycamore tree. Must say; it made me happy.
I like squirrels and enjoy watching them. I knew he must have found a feeder.

There are three feeders at the potting shed. Bird feeders that is. One is a flat, staked tray that you push into the ground; it's in the center of the garden. Two others are hanging feeders and I try to fill them once everyday. Because of this; we have alot of visitors who sing and make the garden such a happy place.

Yesterday evening as I walked back into the garden, I saw a bunch of birds fly off as I entered.
I had my earbuds in and was listening to Following God With All Your Heart. My mind was sooo into it. "I was silent I suppose," and stepped into the potting shed looking for my gloves. As I turned my head,... we made eye contact. Me and Squirrel. He was sitting in my newly opened 50 pound sack of black sunflower seeds.

Do you know what a squirrel does when he's taken by surprise? Do you know what a 40something year old woman does when she too is taken by total surprise? Ya see... the thing is... the potting shed is small. It doesn't have a door and I was... in a bad place. Yep, I was standing right there in Squirrels exit. A neon exit sign may as well have been flashing above my head! We did not make actual fur to skin contact... but I'm tellin ya... it was close. Yes; I can scream! I think Squirrel did too! Blue racer lizard; whom I've grown to love was hangin out on top of the possum belly cupboard and Squirrel and I's interaction scared him to death too. He took off running as fast as his four little legs could carry him and I haven't seen him since.

Squirrel came back today however. And as I entered the potting shed; I made certain none of his friends came with him. I noticed the sack of sunflower seeds had broken shells all over the top where "someone" had been settin there again.*

To date; the potting shed's had a stray dog birth 8 puppies in it, ... a bird once made her nest inside the trash can; .... the shed is home to waspers, carpenter bees, mud dobbers and termites. The shed's had visitors of cats, lizards, a snake who I'm sorry to say lost his life, and no doubt our friend thee armadillo has ventured inside, and now this particular Squirrel.
Kinda gives new meaning to the words Home Sweet Home doesn't it? Lord have mercy.

Have a great weekend everyone!
holykisses xoxo


From the Heart said...

That was a good story about you and the squirrel, but when I first read your title I thought maybe you were going to tell us how you and YourGuy had met.

Happy Weekend, AE

Kelley said...

Oh my good golly gumdrops Lea, you have the most exciting adventures with critters...
Not too long ago Bob found a squirrel in our orange trees~I was surprised, didn't know they liked citrus?!
Oh course, Bella or any one of many cats or dogs may have scared him there!

I hope that you are having a blessed & joyful day in Jesus!

Simple Southern Happiness said...

Oh, you sure can make me laugh, I know I would have also let loose with the waterworks if you know what I mean. So the little bugger came back for more dinner hum.I hope you can hide the seeds. I am sorry to say I an not partial to the little varmints. Had way to many bad experiences with them. Looks like you have the perfect domain for all of God's creatures... guess you may need to find another area for your potting and turn that into a wildlife sanctuary. Short of a few gray hair from the shock, I hope you had a good day.

Denise said...

I enjoyed this story.

Barbara Jean said...

cute post girl.

Glad to be over for a short visit.

off to see a bit more.

hugs and blessings

barbara jean

Ozjane said...

We have possums and they are protected and if you get one in your roof you are in for dire lack of sleep. There was one outside my window in my third year of Bible College ...I was in an upstairs 4 bed room in a set of units/flats owned by the college. One of the lecturers had the underground one and I think I slept in all three of the others over 3 years. We had to move each term. Was good for hoarders such as I.
I was very glad when I persuaded my outside window friend to move on and glad that it was not able to get in the roof.

Sue@CountryPleasures said...

I love and enjoy those critters too, even though they can be a bother at times. We had a mama give birth in our well house over the winter, I didn't have the heart to disturb her, but was concerned they might mess with the wiring, but once the youngins got big, we placed some moth balls in the well house and they moved out but are still around to eat freely at the feeders. lol

Yolanda said...

You have such an extra-ordinary, God-filled life. Love it and I love you.

Sweet Magnolias Farm said...

Gods Small Blessings ..being sent to you I see ...

Hi Lea's been a while since I've been able to stop in and say Hi !!

Looks like your having a wonderful time with all Gods Creatures.

We had a squirrel here 2 weeks ago ..well in our area in the city that's not good and last year the one that came to stay did some damage ..Sooooo we had to give squirrel a new home I'm sorry to say.

I'm so glad your in a place to enjoy your sweet squirrel !!

Sending you Hugs and Blessings my friend ..


BECKY said...

Oh Sweetness!! I would have jumped clear outta my skin!! When I was about 10, I got buzzed by a bat coming out the laundry room door when I went in and I about fell over trying to dodge it!! It sure can be frightening!

Sounds like the shed is a real happenin' kinda place!! Never a dull moment, huh?

Hope your week is delicious and that all is well with you!!

Love ya bunches!


Oh cute post Lea..How are ya (:) been awhile..
Sunny here today ..
loved my morning massage and worked in the yard a little am coloring my hair now (:)
Spoiled rotten ~!

Cathy said...

Oh, my goodness! Bet your heart was really beating fast!:)
There is a door on my garden shed, but I think I'll start paying better attention when I go into it from now on!

Vickie said...

Good grief! You know what? I had run in with a RAT in my shed the other day. He scared me to death! I have some coco baskets hanging in the corner and he/she was tearing them up and taking pieces to his/her nest! When I came into the shed, I heard a whack, and turned and the RAT was skittering away as fast as a RAT can skitter. Scared the pee-diddle out of me!

I'm going to try the pizza casserole. I think my family would love it, too! How easy that looks! Have a wonderful holiday Lea!

Sit A Spell said...

This is too funny Lea! In Michigan I had a kazillion squirrels! I had big brown ones, gray ones, black ones and crazy little red ones that would latch onto my window screens! I miss those critters. I've only seen a couple here in Fl. However, because of the bear and huge racoon I have not been able to put my feeder back up.


yum pizza casserole ..Love the squirrel Lea..
Just popped in to see what you are doing..