Monday, May 17, 2010

Garden and Grace

Greetings and Holykisses!

Happy Monday everyone!

Thought I'd share a few Bloomin pictures of the past few days.
Our lil Toad House sets empty because as yall know Toads like work boots better than mushrooms. A baby morning glory seems to have taken up this residence. Soon, only the verbena will know the little house is even there.

We've been having a lot of thunderstorms, so the flowers are squealing in delight!
The tunies are filling out in the flower pots but the ones that are planted in the garden have not grown very much. Why are my wave petunias not waving I wonder? lol Soon; I hope. ~Patience~
This is the little lambs ear. I wish you could reach out and touch it. I can't walk by this little plant and not feel it. Scrumptious. I'm like a toddler who loves her silkie blankie with this feelgood plant in my garden.
And lookie here. Can you say, " pest?!" Arrrrg.* I've not spotted him/her/them yet... but bugs beware.
I will find you, ...and when I do it won't be pretty........
This year, we have a few new heirloom tomatoes growing. I've never planted the black ones before. Not too sure about them, because I still have it in my head that a black tomato has surely "gone bad."
But...we shall see.

I can so not wait to have melt in your mouth vine ripened tomatoes. Tomatoes + salt= YUM.
The shadows got new hairdoos this week. Both are still wearing the bandanas they wore home from the groomers. They like em!

Francy and I have been playing alot of frisbee. He's improving as catcher! He likes to catch popcorn better but... then again, who doesn't?
Addies' more of a porch potato type.
The hens are having lots of babies. (One hen is setting on eggs in the actual henhouse too!)
If I find another chair, a few of these will get transplanted.
I've already bought another coco liner, but still searching for that "right" chairy. ;)
Most everything is now blooming in the garden. Even the squash, peas, and green beans are blooming. Now you know why I've not been online much. I just find it hard to stay out of the garden. Doesn't this yarrow depict: SONshine? --so bright and cheerful.
Hey; btw if any of you knows where to find pink yarrow, please let me know okay?
The Janie roses are doing so well after being pruned back so harshly. Roses like this one, are "why" I love roses so much. lol Thank you Lord!!! Think I'll throw them a teaparty this afternoon with a fresh pot of bunnyberry tea. ;)

This is an "anniversary" rose that my Mom gave us Once upon a time.
This one is rather unusual as well. And notice the calla lily leaf in the photo? Won't be long!!! Our son Trent gave me several callas one year and they're one of my favorite garden flowers. In fact, some of you know the "peony flower bed" that grows in our garden? It's an actual bed frame filled with peonies. This past week, I discovered I'd planted callas in it long ago as well and the peonies had basically covered them up. So, I cleaned out the whole bed and transplanted the callas so they could get some sunshine. They've already grown since I moved them! They should be bloomin in 2-3 weeks. -- And speakin of flower "beds?" I was given another old metal bed frame this week. It's now on the to do list. I'm thinking about setting it up, and transplanting moonflowers in it. What do ya think?
At the Thrift last week, I found some little wreaths for a quarter! Had a fine time playing with them, and decorating them with bachelor buttons, daisies and shamrocks.
This little one went on the shed. It's rather simple... but
After all, it's just the shabby olde potting shed.

Saturday after work, Myguy and I took a drive. Yall; we had so much fun!
We stopped at a restaurant up on the mountain that we'd never been to. It even has an antique shoppe. ;D We both agreed, that it was absolutely relaxing, and wonderful, and definitely hope to go back!

Here's my handsome husband enjoying the today's special: chicken, mashed potatoes, cornbread- stuffing, gravy, green beans and corn bread. This lady can cook yall! We even had home made cinnamon rolls for dessert. The best part, was sitting out on the porch- just the two of us, and gazing on a beautiful green meadow.

It was romantic and fun to go somewhere we'd never been.
Then we decided to just drive! So we headed up into the mountains, while listening to Casting Crowns, and holding hands.

We saw elk in the valley, and were way up in the clouds.
These are pictures I took on my cellphone. See the lil church in the distance? It was gorgeous.
I could almost hear it singing Amazing Grace.

Everything is so green. So alive!!! We were in awe. Two-gether!

My chains are gone
I've been set free
My God, my Savior has ransomed me
And like a flood His mercy reigns
Unending love, Amazing grace

Have a glorious day!
Holykisses xoxo


Kristi said...

Your photos are gorgeous! I absolutely love Lamb's ear. It is just like a blankie and your church photo should be in a calendar. Holy kisses to you!

Denise said...

I love you sis, the garden looks awesome. Your day with your hubby sounds wonderful.

Angela said...

Oh I forgot to add,,loved the music too.

Angela said...

SIGH....oh how this post blessed my heart right now. I love that Francy. Just TOO cute. I love the feel of Lambs ear. I have some around my garden too.

Thank you so much for such a sweet walk around with you. Loved the pics of hubby too!

From the Heart said...

The tour of flowers was beautiful and the roadtrip I thoroughly enjoyed. Thanks for inviting us along.
Love you, AE

katie said...

Your garden is lovely.
I think the plants you sent me are coming up, do they look like little clover leaves? Maybe, maybe not.

Jackie said...

I always am blessed by a stop at the shed. Thanks for posting. I wish I could really take a walk through your garden. I also wish I would get more hi-tech so I could add pics of my secret garden and share with others.

Anonymous said...

I just recently found your blog and I am loving it. Thanks for sharing the pics of your beautiful flowers, doggie and of the drive you and your husband took. I enjoyed every one of them.

I will be back often to visit. I think you will inspire me.


Blissitydoodah said...

You are a hard worker! I know it isn't work for you though...
everything looks so pretty! Even the doggies :)
But those hazy mountain church photos are wonderful! *singing church in the Wildwood~Forrester Sisters*

Ummm have you heard the song Beautiful Beautiful by Francesca Battistelli? My song of the week!!!

Simple Southern Happiness said...

Thank you again for a delightful trip through your garden. I always find something new each time. The black tomato? I have not seen that before so you will have to let us all know how it taste.. But! you must have a slice of Vidalia onion with it.... Taint (as the south would say) notin' better.

Your sweet one is one handsome gent.

Till you invite us again, have a blessed day.

Denise said...

Well.. I loved walking through your garden and seeing the beauty that is yours..... Your roses are awesome and tell me more about the Cala Lilies.. I would love to plant some but have no idea what to plant.. I thought they were annuals.. My garden is soaked and water logged and I am hoping that the SON comes out and gets things growing... We have had such a wet spring...

The picture you took of the church is haunting and you should keep that and print it out somehow.. I found it very humbling..

Your hubby looks like he is enjoying himself with that plate of food...... YUM!

Our trip to Tulsa was wonderful and so needed......

Have a blessed Tuesday AND my morning glories that you sent are up and running! I will take pictures.......

Beautiful pear tree lane said...

Lea! What can I say, I enjoyed every photo, You have been one busy girl, and that trip you and your dh took, just was so sweet. The photo, of the old church needs to be framed.

What a blessing to come by here tonight.

Kathy said...

You took me from anticipating summer tomatoes, to enjoying your lovely flowers, your adorable pet, smiling while thinking of your nice drive with your husband to praising the Lord in your praises!
God Bless,

Anonymous said...

Lea, Just love your photo's. What a lovely post. Lee and I enjoyed a wodnerful ride too the past weekend. It was cold in Carmel, Ca but so fun to be together with our 2 girls. Love your roses, Lea.

Love, Janie

momoflots said...

Even though I love my Pacific Northwest home you made me wonder about living somewhere a bit warmer and sunnier :0)!! Tomatoes so SOON?!!! I haven't even planted my garden yet!! I can't wait - you made my fingers itch for dirt!!! We had four days of sunshine and temps above 60 after 62 days of gray and cold - oh it was nice!!!! Thanks for sharing your pictures and your drive with your guy - so fun!!!

Shanda said...

The church pictur eis amazing. It reminds me of a gospel record album cover. So beautiful, I think it would look awesomed framed. hope all is weel, miss you, we are just so busy right now. Ready for things to settle in and just enjoy things.