Monday, April 12, 2010

Whispered I Love You's

Greetings and Holykisses,

Happy Monday!
Oh what a weekend at the potting shed.
Saturday, we had an Appt. to take a cow and two heifers to the vet, but.. we couldn't catch one of the heifers. The cow was preg tested and we found out she had a large mummified fetusbaby inside of her. (I'm back to edit this: the "vet" called it a fetus, I'm callin it a baby.) Anyhow, no wonder she hadn't calved in so long and was so huge. We couldn't believe she never got sick from it!

The vet advised us to sell the cow, so after driving home to unload the de-horned heifer; we hauled the cow to the salebarn. The rest of the day was spent mowing, and weed-eating. So happy to have it all done!

Sunday's message at church was in John 21, when Jesus asked Peter three times in a row, if he loved Him? I keep thinking about it.....
Sometimes in our everyday life, I'll ask Myguy,... "Do you love me?"
He'll sweetly say something like: "With all my heart, ... I just told you that a little while ago, don't you remember?"
And I'll say, "Yeah... but I just wanted to hear it again."*

A long time ago, I wrote about a lady friend of mine who always says, "I love ya honey." She says it to everybody. I've heard her talk out loud to Jesus many times. You could be at the store she worked in, and hear her talking to someone, and then hear the name Jesus,... and you'd know... she was talking to her Jesus again. ;) She was unashamed. She was bold. And oh how I admire her. She's says and shows her love for Him and her neighbor too! ~ Plain and simple, the woman oozes Jesus.

My devotional, says to stay in communication with Jesus by whispering His name throughout the day. After our message in John yesterday, I'm not only whispering His name, throughout my everyday, but whispering I love you's. If I like to hear it so often, I keep thinking that maybe He does too.

It's finally warm enough that I'm setting a table next to the lilac bush that's in full bloom to do my daily reading/study. It smells so wonderful, and I find myself lingering there when I water, so I decided to read next to it. When I was little, we had a huge lilac bush with hollowed out areas in the middle of it. I'd borrow a stack of books from the public library, and carry them home in the basket of my yellow banana bike. Then I'd place a blanket in the middle of that lilac bush and lie down and go to all the far away places inside my books. Today, I'll be visiting the Garden of Eden as I'm currently in Genesis.

-- In case any of you have wondered about the toad....
He's been pot hopping. He goes from claypot to boot, to claypot, and back to boot.

He thinks I don't see him.
But I can.
Do you?


Anonymous said...

Oh wow! You did have quite the weekend.
Your poor cow~it is amazing that she didn't get sick!

I thought of you this morning when I saw some new irises that had bloomed because of the rain...

Isn't our Jesus wonderful? And I do think He loves when we tell Him that we love Him!

Wishing you a joy-filled day ♥

Sue@CountryPleasures said...

I can picture you in a hollowed out lilac bush reading your books, even today! Love that thought! We have a lady just like you do who will come into Walmart praising and singing as loud as she can! :) I wonder if there related? LOL

Dawn Dutton said...

Sorry to hear about your cow.... and yes a baby not a fetus.....
Jesus is the answer! to all!
Love your postings... Great is our Lord Jesus..... we shall praise him...... blessings, Dawnt

Denise said...

I want to ooze Jesus and yes I see the frog!!!!!! Sounds like you had a busy sweet Dennis was home all week last week and we worked till we were exhausted! But we got a lot done!!!!!!!! I am planting the garden this week and the pool will be heated up by the weekend! I am going to swim!

come and swim with me!

Alleluiabelle said...

Precious Lea,

I so love your heart and your place here. You always encourage and inspire me and fill me with even more love for the Lord and in so many ways.

Please stop over and read my post I just put up. You have the most beautiful heart ever...

Love you & Big Hugs,

karen hopkins said...

I found you, via AlleluiaBelle, my sweet and special online friend. I am a lover of all plants, flowers, gardens, nature, too. In fact, I even have a package of the same Forget Me Not flower seed packet that I attached to a homemade greeting card that I made. I love crafting , and its just so special to give things away once I have someone in mind. So thank you, new blogging friend, for how you have touched my friend with your awesome gift of love. Her humble heart just makes me so glad I know her, through by blog, and hers..
Hanging onto the Thread of Hope,

Sit A Spell said...

So sorry about your cow, what a blessing that she didn't get sick.

You in the middle of a lilac with a book...I can so see that. : ) Sounds like my Sissy. I had a Lilac in Mi, but not down here in Florida! Take a whiff of it for me sweetie.

This post reminds me of my Sissy. She "needs" me to tell her "I love you" often and I do. She'll say something and I'm like Darlin, I just told you I love you. She knows I do, but loves hearing it, just like our Lord does. (I love you Lord and I lift my voice to worship you...remember that one)

I see your little froggie friend. I had one on the back porch screen tonight.

Denise said...

The day you were born, the whole world smiled. So glad you are in my world. I love you.

Yolanda said...

With your closing, we think that no one sees us, But JESUS can! ;-)


From the Heart said...

I use to read a lot also especially during the summers when school was out, but don't remember ever reading outside. I guess I'm not an outdoor person, but I sure enjoy reading about your adventures outside.
Love you, AE