Friday, April 16, 2010

A Pearl Found and Chasing Wisteria

Happy Friday!

It's turned into a very happy Friday for me because little Merry Pearl is back.
Today was her 3rd day gone a missing. I had looked everywhere for her!

Just after noon, Mike opened the kitchen door and said, "Did you know your cat's under the Xterra?" (major squeal !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!- because nooooooooo, I did not know that!) I ran outdoors and scooped her up. She was filthy! Even her feet were dirty; she looked awful and had even lost weight. I wondered if she'd had kittens but- she hasn't. I really think she got stuck in something. I have turned this place upside looking. I've opened every door on every building, I've looked under buildings, and even vehicles. It's all a big mystery, but I hope she stays "home!" From the day she turned up on our porch; she's had my heart.

She scarfed her favorite can of 9-Lives and is now purring contentedly.
I guess she's officially adopted because we all missed her while she was gone.

The other day, I charged my camera batteries and hopped in my truck to chase Wisteria.
I'd noticed it's been blooming on some of the old homeplaces around here.

I love the beautiful long clusters so much.
So graceful, and whispy.
The vines climb trees as high as they can.

I hope the wisteria growing at our house will one day bloom like this. Instead, it looks like...

"this." A friend of mine gave me a start of her wisteria a few years ago. I planted it too close to the doorway not realizing what it would really do. It grows right up in the doorway of the potting shed, so I always end up cutting it back because I worry about snakes laying on the vines right above my head as I duck to go in and out of the door. Last year it got really bad. So as usual, I cut it back. Somehow it needs to be trained to grow up around the other side of the building because I never get any blooms since I'm constantly cutting it out of the entrance. I'd love for our place to one day be an old homeplace with wisteria growing high in tree tops.
Now I have a question for some of you bird watchers. This is a nest in our red tip photinias and there are many nests! I cannot find the entrance into the nests at all.... does anyone know what bird made them? The nests are very hidden so I've not noticed a specific bird yet? I'm very curious.
Part of me is wondering if they are mocking bird nests? We get them in our red honeysuckle vines as well.
I'm going to town today to look at bird baths.
This is my bird bath. lol Sad and yet, the birds do love it!
Notice my brick placed strategically in the bucket so they have something to stand on and yet reach the water?

Maybe I'll find a real birdbath for the center of our garden. If I do; this bucket will stay under the hydrant for our fine "country" feathered friends.

Yall have a wonderful day!
And a great weekend!


Angela said...

I too ended up getting a clipping of a westeria. I adore that vine so much. I'm hoping this year to get some blooms. Last year it didn't..the year before it did..Glad to know your "Pearl" has been found...

Sue@CountryPleasures said...

Wisteria is blooming all over here too and I'd love some but it takes so forever to bloom. I planted some seeds once and it took 7 yrs. for that thing to bloom, I'm a little impatient! lol

Tallulah's Antique Closet said...

Hi Lea, Thank You for your vist. I am glad you liked the garden furniture. And most of the goodies we find at the flea markets. Or at auctions. There some good deals out here. I am glad you also liked the girls. But they are a handfull. Great post today also. Have a good day gardening..Julian

Denise said...

Glad your cat is back sweetie, love you.

Yolanda said...

The Wisteria is beautiful, your purples showin'!

I'm glad Miss Pearl is back and that Mr. Mike was glad for her return as well.

I'm wondering what are you baking this weekend?

Blissitydoodah said...

Glad that kitty is back and safe! She is sooo soft!
I LOVE Wysteria...I had an old lady friend LOL who stapled silk W all over her porch. It was very convincing too!
You are lucky to have the dripping out of trees kind. We are not that far south :) I always notice it as we get into Georgia.

katie said...

So happy pearl is home. She is so pretty.
Wisteria, there is nothing like the smell. I have a tree that blooms on the shoreline. I keep it tree shaped because there is nothing for it to climb on.

From the Heart said...

Well, I think I've caught up with all your posts starting with WFW. We were gone all day today so I've been trying to catch up with everyone. I'm glad your cat came back home, and you got a new calf, and lots of flowers blooming. You have been a busy girl. I don't know when you find time to blog. But we all seem to make the time don't we. I enjoy reading yours so much. You always lift my spirits.

Did you see my chair? Do you think I need a new one? Nah, don't think so.

God bless you my dear,

Tracy said...

I'm so happy Miss Pearl is back home with you. = ) I don't think I've ever seen Wisteria. It's gorgeous. So glad you captured those photos! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


Sunnyside Up said...

Well I dont think? we have wisteria in these parts of Texas cause I have only seen pictures of it...maybe its too hot and windy here? That is AMAZING that it grows up in the trees like that and its so beautiful...thanks for letting us all come along for a ride in your pickup truck with you!

SO, so happy that Miss Pearl is home! Dont you wish she could talk and tell you all about her adventure!

Have a blessed Sunday!