Saturday, April 24, 2010

April Showers....

Greetings and Holykisses!
Storms are still moving across Arkansas today... so far, so good in our neck of the woods.
The rain has been wonderful, and as you see in the photo taken two days ago, I'd just finished tilling my garden. It was getting dry and very thirsty.
This morning, we had a break in the rain so I walked out to check everything.
This lil bird was setting on the ground right in front of the garden. He had a dirty face- bird seed I think. I don't know what kind he is, but he was chubby...and looked like a youngin. I didn't think he could fly. I ran inside to get my camera and he was still in the same spot when I got back. He let me take his picture and when I took another step... he just flew away. :)
I wish your could smell the fragrance this morning. So fresh and clean!
Everything is drenched in water and I love taking photos of blooms with water droplets.
This lavender Iris was water logged.
The red honeysuckle looked so healthy after it's bath.
And the peonies...were somewhat closed up, and waiting for sunshine.
These yellow irises were our only casualties. I may be able to prop up the ones on the ground but one was broken in two.
This is an old sink inside the potting shed. It was given to us and leaked a little, but it worked fine for years. Over time it started leaking like a sieve, and I had to quit using it. It became a catch all in one corner and if I wasn't sure what to do with something... it got tossed in the sink. What's that phrase... "everything in the kitchen sink?.... well last year, a bird even made her nest in a trash can that was nestled in this one. lol

Anyhow, last night we went to Lowes and bought a new sink just like the one above. I love vintage so the looks of it does little for me... but finding antique sinks without huge price tags is rare around here. ~ There was only one of these on the shelf at and the box had been opened. Myguy took it down to make sure everything was still inside to hook it up. It seemed to be but one corner was broken off. He made sure it wouldn't affect how the legs set in it, and it didn't. So we asked the sales associate if it would be marked down and he said, "Yes!" It went from 91? dollars to $60.00, with just one little inquiry. Myguy asked me if it would bother me to have a broken corner, but it's for the shabby olde potting shed... where cracks, chips, rust, and dirt are welcomed. ;) I told him I could probably put some duct tape on the corner so I don't poke myself and he said he'd use the grinder and smooth it on down for me! Yipppeee! I'm so excited to have it put in. I'll have a place to wash flower pots, old bottles and even beable to dip the dogs again! If we find a door for the shed, I think I'll spiff the sink up by putting a cute little floral skirt around it.
While digging around and cleaning things up in there this morning I came across these things hidden in the bottom of the sink. You can tell they've been there for a looong time. The dipper and spoon both had mud dobbers.

This is my before shot, because this weekend I have plans for the dirty ole basket.
You know how I gave our birds some pretty fluff to line their nests? Well, they didn't think much of it being in their bird feeder. Every time I went out there, everything was tossed out onto the ground. So this basket will get a makeover and I'll fill it with things for the birds to use and hang it on my gate. More pictures to follow in the days to come.... (God willing and the creek don't rise of course)
As I stood in the potting shed cleaning out the sink this morning, the lil chubby bird flew up on the post behind me. I think it was the same one who first greeted me as I walked into the garden this morning. (Least I think so.) He could have cared less that I was right there, and honestly looked sorta sick or something? He stayed put for about 10 minutes and then I witnessed a horrible thing. This other bird flew up next to it and started shoving lil bird out of the way. What a bully. I wish you could have seen what it did. With his feet he just started kicking him down the wooden rail.....
All the way to the edge. :( Pitiful. I've known a few people like that haven't you?

I really think as soon as the sun comes out Mommas' peonies will start blooming.
I can hardly wait!

I hope yall have a wonderful weekend!
I pray you stay safe if you're in this line of storms. The weather man was talkin tornadoes and it does feel "funny" out. So far here; it just keeps raining off and on. I think I'm gonna head to the flea market when it lets up. I'm still looking for an old door for the shed, a vintage water can,
old bottles, and wooden handled garden tools. The hunt is half the fun right?

Have a great day!
God is good!!!!


Sue@CountryPleasures said...

Glad to hear your safe and sound Lea, the storms have gotten pretty hard here. Loved all photos and what a steal on the sink, didn't know your shed had running water, that's great! I don't know what kind of bird he was, I've seen those too? Enjoy this rain, can't wait to see your mama's peonies bloom, just for you! Hugs!

Denise said...

Happy you are safe sis, awesome deal on the sink.

Mary Henderson said...

It's good that your shed is still standing despite the storm. But your garden looks good even with the doorless shed and the flowers are beautiful. I love looking at them. Oh, I pity that lil chubby bird which was bullied by a mean bird.And yes, you really had a great deal on the sink. I bet you can get that door you want for the shed.