Friday, March 5, 2010

Visitor At The Potting Shed

Greetings and Holykisses,

I'm sorry I haven't blogged anything nor bloghopped hardly at all. I've been either workin at the shop, or outdoors gardening and cleaning up the yard for the past 3 days.

Yesterday, I'd went up to Mom's olde place and dug up most (not all) of the peonies. When I came back, I walked by the shed and saw this. I freaked out for a split second because at first glance, I thought it was a snake. My friend Becky, has already killed one at her house. But then I realized this was no snake. I grabbed my camera because I had to show you my visitor! You've met him already.... As I walked around this corner and got down on my hands and knees and peered beneath the shed.... LOOK who I found---
Thee armadillo. The very same one we video'd. He was just rootin around and doing what good little armadillos do. Usually he's out in the pasture, but it makes me happy that he was right under the potting shed. I'd love it if he made this his home.
I noticed after I put the pictures on my computer that the other side of his tail has been gnawed on. He's a hard life by the looks of him.
This is how I knew it was the same one. He has the same battle scar on his shoulder.
Anyhow, that's "him" ... the rock looking thing just to the right of the rock stepping stone that goes into the potting shed. He came out while I planted peonies and sunned himself for quite a while.

I've been thinking ... no; not thinking... wanting something- and looking at this picture, I'm wanting something all the more. I want a DOOR. Really bad! Every time I walk into the shed, I have to look for varmits. It's unsettling at best. lol If you've followed "the shed" you know that the wisteria has it's way in the doorway and when that happens I even have to worry about snakes as I enter under them into the doorway. It's time for a DOOR. So yall pray I find one. I don't want a new one... it has to be old and SHABBY right? We want painty, chippy, peely, rusty, crusty. Sooo tomorrow I'm gonna measure it and carry that with me in case I come across one out yard saling or something.
I pondered and read up on all the wisdom I could find about planting peonies at the wrong time of year. I'm pretty sure I did everything absolutely wrong! But they're in the ground... and now we wait n pray.

Mom's flowerbed was completely full of bermuda grass. When I'd hit one of these roots with the shovel, I nearly cried. But ... you do what you gotta do, and do it with all your might. So I dug.

Once at home, I dunked them all in bucket of water and tried to get every bit of grass out of them. It was a real chore.
For the most part they looked pretty good. I planted them with the tips just barely level with the soil. When the holes were dug, I put miracle grow in every hole and used it to cover them with. I still want to get some sawdust and use it for mulch. Oh I hope so badly they do well.
I have purchased peony roots in Spring before and planted them and they grew! So what's the difference? I have faith these plants will grow and thrive.
This was actually a picture as I was just getting started. I tell ya, it looks so different today. After the peonies were all transplanted; in went some strawberry plants as well. The rest of the day I pulled down all the old morning glorys and have a huge pile to burn. Then I tilled this whole spot you see out there and then two other spots as well.

The cattle panels are where I plant tomatoes and those were taken down and I tilled all of that really well. Two other areas were also tilled for zinnias and maybe peas. The area where the corn is going has to wait to be tilled because it's where the round bales of hay is stored. There's plenty of time for that.

The rest of the day I weeded flowerbeds and weed-eated. Haven't felt this tuckered out in a long time. This girl is out of shape and my hands?.. ...not pretty that's for sure. :( Ohwell.

The chickens are now incarcerated. If they were loose they'd be right in the peony bed scratching it all up. I nearly had a cow when I noticed my huge iron kettle. It's had hens and chicks in it for a long time... the plant kind! But... someone... got in it and scratched everything up and out! I've seen Henny Penny in my cannas and she's the likely one. So the chickens are all caught. Today I finally caught Percy the guinea and he too is penned up. At least until the garden's planted and growing and there are enough grasshoppers and bugs out to keep them busy- instead of intent on just messing everything up.

I about had a heart attack today when using my hand cultivator in my flowerbed; I hit a toad.
Ohmygosh... I LOVE toads. It was horrible. I'm still not over it ... I covered him back up... - didn't inspect him too much but I think it was his funeral. Diggin up toads is the worse part of spring planting. It's not time for them to be up yet... and unearthing them by tilling... not good.*

Anyways... I'm so happy to have gotten so much done. I can plant potatoes and onions now.
The rest will have to wait until around the 10th of April. ~Tomorrow if it's not raining, I'll tackle the potting shed. It gets so junked up through winter. Not having a door,... you can imagine. It sees a lot of visitors. Mice, a rat, lizards, snakes, and now even armadillos! I'll bring my camera tomorrow so you can see the changes.

Hope yall are enjoying some time in the sun as well!
Have a great weekend!
Holykisses xoxo


Denise said...

I love visiting your blog.

katie said...

My O My you did some work.
Sure in hopes your peonies make it. I really think they will, they may not bloom this year but I just kinda think they will.
Yep, I thought that was a snake also, hate thinking they are out already. We have some huge black one up here and I know they serve a good purpose, I just wish they would yell"youwho I'm over here" rather than me coming upon them and my heart jumping out of my chest.
Hope you find that door for your shed. We have had a ground hog living under ours for years.

Sue@CountryPleasures said...

Did I read that correct, you want your visitor to stick around? As for a door, if you have a ReStore near you, the ones Habitat for Humanity uses to sell and recycle building materials, check them out. I found a very old, shabby screen door for $5 last year, it now is my door to my craft room. I'm praying your Mom's peony's will thrive in their new home. Peony's once established are picky, I would of kept the grass in tack until they got comfy in their new bed. But, I"m sure your Mom will send down angel kisses to kick start them! Keep me posted and enjoy your time outside, I want to clean out beds so bad, but last March we had a snow blizzard!

From the Heart said...

Oh, how I wish I had your energy.
Can't wait to see pictures when everything starting blooming.

I have posted an update on my health.

You have been such a joy getting to know you. Thanks for all your prayers and uplifting words.

Yolanda said...


Good MORNING! I can't imagine how sore you are and you accomplished a ton of things from sun-up to sun-down. Did you fix dinner as well, or enjoy a samwich? ;-)

You are LOVELY!


Tracy said...

Holy cow, girl...I'm tired just reading about all you've been doing! Love your armadillo photos, although I thought for sure that first photo was a snake. I've often thought about your shed and wondered...aren't you afraid of snakes being in there!? I'm so hoping you find a door...just the right one. Praying your peonies take well and look just beautiful. My MIL has two old, large plants and they are gorgeous when they bloom. I'm sorry about that toad...knowing a little about the tender soul you are, I imagine that just broke your heart. Anxious to see more photos as things start changing.

It's still pretty cold here, but it's a beautiful, sunny day. Looks glorious! I think by tomorrow, temps are supposed to reach high 40's or even 50! Woo-hoo!

Love to you sweet friend...


Oh Love him Lea(:)
His tail does look like a rattle snake ugh..
a new shabby door yes yes
Love your background flowered so pretty ~!!..

BECKY said...

Hi Sweetness!! I am SO looking forward to seeing your Mom's peonies! I just know they are going to be gorgeous!! :o) Praying hard!!

You are just such a critta lover!! That just blesses my heart, too, and makes me like you even more!!

Hope you have a lovely, worship-full Sunday! Know how you delight my soul!!
Love ya,

Laura said...

My, you have been busy! I looked at that first picture and felt a little queasy weezy in my tummy. Sure looked like a snake. But the little armadillo is kind of cute.

He must like you.

Blessings, my friend!


WHAT A LOVELY SPACE Pattycake!Thanks you (:)
*I love the lamp light...
Thanks LEA I bought the brown shade for it at Fred Myers and am loving it(:)
*what kind of sewing machine do you use?
the sewing machine is a Brothers (Walmart) I think it was under $100.. I like it..

I had FUN with young Carter and the bathroom is coming along. YEAH ..LOL


Thanks LEA~
**I love the lamp light...
Thanks I bought the brown shade at FRED Meyers and am loving it too~ **what kind of sewing machine do you use?
The machine is a Brothers- from Walmart under $100
am having fun with Carter and yup the bathroom is coming along slowly- but coming along I am happy about that ~!!!

Denise said...

Hey girl friend..... I am praying for your peonies! They are my favorite favorite flower and I am so sad that I did not dig up my mom's before we sold the house...... I will regret that.. You have been so busy outside and that is where I am headed this week. I am finished in the house with the things that I wanted to do so now it is outside.. There is SO much to do and so little time........

Sending blessings to you my friend. I have missed being here..

ozjane said...

Do enjoy those years when you can do vigorous work in the garden, but do take breaks and do take care of your back.
I hope to go and buy goodies for the handyman to use on Wed after gym tomorrow. We have been blessed with safe steady heavy rain.....other parts of Melbourne were decimated by huge hail stones and Millions of $ of damage was done. We are maybe blessed by the rain shadow that so aggravates me and causes us to miss a lot of rain. My gutters had been cleaned out in time feel blessed but sorry for many who have to leave their homes for the moment.
I had a flooded room about 3 years ago....this one will be tough as so many will need help....looks like the East escaped fires this year and got floods instead.
Not quite the same areas but close.

heidi said...

An amadillo??? I can't even imagine!

Just wanted to tell you I received my Heart Gal from your Etsy shop____ SO CUTE!!!!! SO sweet!!!! So much love stitched into her!!! I adore your work!!!! Thank you so much! (Love the booklet, too!)

You the armdillo!
God bless you today!

Hugs, Heidi

Jackie said...

I loved reading about your day!! It lifted my heart!!

Yes, I can imagine a wonderful shappy, paint peeling, old shed door! Hope you can find one, it would look great and keep the critters out!

Have a wonderful week!!

Sweet Blessings my new friend!!