Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Peony Bed, and Lil Hen

Greetings and Holykisses Yall,

This week, we made a new flower bed to safeguard some peonies that we're transplanting from Angel Mother's house. The peony roots originally came off "her" parent's gravesite in South Dakota, so they're very special. I called the local nursery and they said it's touchy moving them this time of year. Great.* I really feel a need to get them moved because we rented out her house and I want them here where I can look after them. I'll never forget the day she and I planted them there. She was really sick that day and yet wanted to help dig so badly. She didn't like watching someone else work, and her not helping. She was always a busy lil bee. We spent several hours together outside that day and made many memories. The peonies have done fairly well there and when they bloom I like to take those very flowers to her grave.
Oh how I pray they survive the move to this new flowerbed.

Here at our house I dug out all the grass and turned over the soil really well, and then put a weed barrier down. Then started filling the bed with...
a little topsoil on the very bottom and then many bags of potting soil. I'm going to buy a little miracle grow soil for the very top part yet and try to hurry and get them settled in because they're starting to think about coming up. I pray they take okay to their new home. I keep looking to the word... plant in FERTILE SOIL. The lady at the nursery really thinks I should wait, but I really believe they must be moved now.

Thanks for your prayers and well wishes over the drop off dog, and the little hen who was taken.
I know I sound cold hearted over the dog... and it is so not his fault. He's only doing what he has to so he can survive. I just get so aggravated because people drop them off out here so often. If we kept them all... what would we do? Usually they find their way to our porch, just like Pearl the cat. But this dog, has been running for several weeks now. I've talked to other neighbors who are fed up with him as well. He needs to be caught and taken to the pound but there's a long waiting list to even get "IN" and they charge alot to take them now too. It's so frustrating.

I still can hardly believe my hen was carried so far away and grateful to have found her when I did. This morning when I got up and looked in my craft room she was still in the laundry basket. The sun was shining and when I went to pick her up she started cluckin.
I set her on the floor and gave her some bird seed and she went to peckin at it. She could stand well, and didn't tip over. She can walk but hasn't very much. I left her out so she can get a drink and have full run of my craft room if she wanted to. I left the screen door open between the craft room and livin room, and it's possible for her to get in our living room if she really wanted to. lol But she doesn't have the gumption. Myguy will probably raise his eyebrows in my direction, when he sees that door was left open, but I think he's gettin more used to this sort of thing. He used to say, "If it's sick, orphaned, limpin or snotty nosed, she'll drag it home." I don't think trying to catch and keep the border collie is a good idea. But I wish we could catch it and find a home for it. It's a very pretty dog. If you live in my area, and want him, come on over and bring a couple packages of hotdogs and some patience... you might get a couple new friends. The dog and me too!
I counted all 4 puddleducks today. WoooHoOoO! And it's soooo warm outdoors! Mid 60's! I looked all over for signs of the border collie but he's nowhere in sight. Kept our chickens locked up in their coop today, but Percy the guinea and 5 other hens are still loose.

I'm out the door to enjoy some of that sunshine! I hope your day is sunny as well!
Holykisses xoxo


Sue@CountryPleasures said...

Lea, I understand your urgent need to get them moved into their new bed, but the lady was right, they are very picky about being moved, so get as much as the soil as you can that they are in now with them so they won't go into shock, hopefully. Praying for new blooms soon and so glad to hear your hen is doing better. Hugs!

katie said...

Gosh, I don't know how I missed your post about the drop off dog and your chicken. I so hope she will be alright. Sad that people will do animals that way, and it is getting more and more often.
I find it interesting that I am also moving peony's of my mothers this year. They have been planted in the shade and beside a railroad tie wall and and have never done good at all.
I certainly hope your's do well with the move.


Sweet Magnolias Farm said...

Ah Lea ...Your not cold hearted about the Dog ...your just trying to keep your own safe ..just like any mama would do. Just because we get frustrated doesn't mean there isn't love in our hearts ..and knowing how much you love animals like me ..well you have a spot for that dog in your heart too. It's pretty sad people dump them ..I'm not sure how these animals can survive when they are truly not wild. Hoping someone nearby reads your post and comes with some hot dogs and patience ..for the dog ..and for you ..because I think that might be a mighty funny picture seeing you beg for hot dogs ..ROFL !!!

Your new flower patch looks wonderful ..I'll be praying your flower make it ..God will tend them ..well just ask him to send an angel that loves to garden to do so.

Oh my so good to hear about the hen ...You know my Scout ..she's come back to life so many times I think she's part cat ..We've seen her on the brink of death a number of times and she's just not ready to go ..I think your little hen ..just isn't ready to leave you ..she just needs some love and mending time. Whick I know you will give her plenty of both.

Until Next Time ...Sara

Denise said...

Sis, you are never cold hearted about anything. I love you.

Alleluiabelle said...

Sweet Friend,

I read your previous post about your poor hen...I'm glad to see that she is getting around and looks like she is doing much better.

I always love to hear what you have been never sit idle for too long. You're like a breath of fresh air here when I read. I'm anxious to see pictures of the peonies when they come up in full bloom. My mom used to have two beds of them such as what you have made here...about the same size too. She had pretty deep pink ones. She also had three lilac trees which I love. We have one not far from our swing that Ron and I sit on together and talk. The lilacs are a light purple and oh they smell so divine! I can't wait for those to bloom. I am also anxious to plant the package of Foreget-Me-Nots that you sent to me. I haven't figured out where yet, but when I do it will be in a special place because they are from you sweet friend.

Love you Lea,

BECKY said...

Hi Sweetness! So glad your little hen is fairing well! You know I will pray about those peonies, for sure! What a lovely thing to take those to your Angel Mom's grave. Just precious...just like you! I have a feeling you are very much like your Angel Mom. The fruit doesn't fall too far from the tree you know!

I am off to see your shop!! You need to post some of your goodies on your blog from time to time, ok?

Love and squishy hugs!

Beautiful pear tree lane said...

Hello Lea, Yes I am alive and well. How wonderful to be able to visit you today, I have been so absent from my computer lately. And I have so missed not visiting.

I love your peony bed, and have wanted to grow them for years. I will be praying for the success of yours moving to their new home. How special they are to you. I am so glad that the weather has been so you can get outside, I am so looking forward to ours breaking, and the weatherman has promised us some warm temps. this weekend and i am going to hold him to it.

I am so sorry about lil hen's episode with the stray dog but am glad she is doing better.I don't know why people put their animals outside the road or at other peoples houses. We live in an isolated area and this happens to us all the time. And we have gone through the same experience that you did many times, and have lost quit a few chickens as a result.When it comes to my chickens just don't mess with them or any other of my fowl. lol. I do hope the dog gets a good home though.
I Hope you enjoy that sunshine today, and please send some my way, I haven't seen it for days.
Hugs and Blessings,

Yolanda said...


I planted Peony's last fall and hope they come up this spring. Never had them before, and I can't ever remember having them in our yard when I was growing up either. I think they are lovely flowers!

Love you and you are lovely as well!!!!


ozjane said...

Plant those plants in prayer and do a walk of prayer around the bed each day.......I believe God cares about things that are special and nothing is too small to pray about.
Seaweed mix....we have seasol, or something like that is usually good too mix in water and use once a week or so...

Jackie said...

Hey Lea!

Beautiful post.....can't wait to see photos of the peonies!! Praying that they bloom forth stronger and more beautiful than ever!!

Glad to read that your hen is better! I've been told since I was little that if there's any stray, hurt, abandoned critter it will find it's way to me!! My daughter has the same "gift"!!

Thank you for visiting my blog and for your sweet comment and prayers!

I'm following you now - new bloggin' sister in the Lord!

Hugs and Sweet Blessings!