Tuesday, March 2, 2010

My Poor Hen

This evening, as I was headin out for my usual walk, I noticed a few hens coming up from the barn, and from the edge of the woods. It was nearly dusk, and usually they'd have already been inside the coop to roost for the night. They looked so .... out of place? Then I saw him. The dadgum border collie that someone dumped off out here weeks ago. He was down on the other side of the pond tossin something around. At first I wondered if he'd caught thee armadillo. Because the dillo's been out here almost everyday as well. Then it clicked: chickens all over and the border collie that had "something." I took off running. He saw me coming and laid down by the blackish mound. I was afraid he'd pick it up and take off with it, and I knew I wouldn't beable to catch him if he did. He was a long ways from me. As I got closer he got up and ran for the road, leaving his hunted prize. I could hardly believe what I saw, when I got to it and my eyes refocused. It was my lil black cochin!!! She was lying there in a frumpled heap. I picked her up gently,... and she resembled a ragdoll.
It's now been over two and a half hours later and she's still alive. She can stand, but tips over. :( I dumped some sawdust in my laundry basket and laid her in it; then ran back out and made sure to close the chicken coop door! Percy the guinea and 4 other hens were not there, but were safe in the rafters of the barn. I bet everyone was just scared to death. -- It makes me so MAD! A few weeks ago, this same dog came sneaking up and I happened to be outdoors and scared him away. We've been seeing him all up and down our country road-- Now this.* I'm so upset and feel so bad for this little hen. I guess now, ... we wait and see.... Was I too late? She doesn't have any holes or tears in her, but I wonder if she's broken on thee inside? Now, I'm worried sick about the puddleducks. They're down on the pond overnight and that dog will no doubt be back looking for his meal. I'm sure he's hungry, and now acquired the taste for "chicken, and killin chickens." He looked like he was thoroughly enjoying himself when I first saw him.

I sure hope this sweet, little hen makes it.
I love her.
And I'm praying the puddleducks are still alive in the morning too.


Tracy said...

Awwww. Poor girl. I'll pray she is alright and the puddle ducks will make it tonight, too. I feel so bad that happened. = (

Sweet Magnolias Farm said...

Oh lea ...I'll be praying for your little hen ...and for the dog ..So sad for the hen and so sad someone dumped the dog ..it's just doing what comes natural to it ..but that sure doesn't make it any easier does it now.

Hugs ..my Friend ..


Dawn Dutton said...

I will keep you all in my prayers. Even the dog... sad that he was dropped off. No excuse for his behavior or his previous owners. I am sorry. I will keep you all close in thought and prayers... Dawn

Kristi said...

Oh man! I hope she makes it through the night. Bless get little heart.... And yours too.

Linda Stubbs said...

Oh this is so sad. I am praying for her. I know that the Lord loves all my chickens. I have some black Cochins myself. I have Lily who is my sweet sweet chicken! Keep me posted on how she is doing.

Love your blog. It makes me feel like I am at home!!!!!

Sit A Spell said...

Ohhh...poor little gal. I grew up in the country and people would "drop" dogs out our way often. So, that's a hot button for me...do ya think you can catch the bugger and turn him in some how? That breed could adapt well to living in the woods on his own.

Well, I pray your little hen makes it through the night...and your paddleducks too.


Denise said...

Praying for your dear hen sis.

Katy~The Country Blossom said...

I hope she makes it Lea! What a beautiful gal she is!

Sue@CountryPleasures said...

This is the hard part about having farm pets, I'm praying she makes it. This has happened to us all too many times, I know how bad you feel and hope that poor dog that someone dumped finds a good home soon too.

Blissitydoodah said...

I hope to find today that your hen is much better and that the puddleducks are safe!

Can you just get the dog and call the dog catcher to come get it?

I responded to a bunch of those emails that I discovered at my other email address...did you find them? I'm "blah" :)
And I thanked you for the very sweet card!!!
I am doing well thanks to some prayers I think!

From the Heart said...

I'm so sorry about your hen. Hope and pray it is alright today and your puddleducks.