Wednesday, March 10, 2010

~Afternoon Walk~

Greetings and Holykisses,

Took my camera yesterday when I went on my walk. Thought you'd like to trot along with me?

"It's SPRING,"... sing the hyacinths!.
"It's SPRING," sing the buttercups!
As I strolled through the woods, I came upon this little tree. I knocked, but nobody was home.
Coming back up behind our house, I stopped by Abe's little grave. My dear friend Becky made him this headstone... isn't it beautiful? She used her dremmel and etched into the lettering. ~When I came around the side of the house thee other day, she'd left it on my porch. What a delightful surprise. Everytime I see it I feel blessed all over again. Thank God for friendship!
(God bless you Becky!)

Visiting Abe's little grave in our backyard got me to thinking how long it had been since I'd visited the cemetery in the woods. It's not far from our place so I decided to include it in my walk for the day.
No one gets buried there anymore. A family from Little Rock comes about once a year to pay their respects. They used to hire our son Trent to mow it and now my friend Maxi's family does it every now and then. It gets very grown up through the summer months and most people don't even know it's out there.
They told us that many of the rock headstones were for slaves. Walking around, I can't help but wonder about their lives. ~ I wish I knew their names. I hope they're all in heaven. ~Tasting the sweetest FREEDOM of all.
From there, I trekked down through the woods. You never know what you'll find. Most people would look at an old trash heap and wrinkle their nose. I... squeal! Once I was walking deep in the woods and found the most beautiful amber bottle. I brought it home and washed it and it "sparkled" so beautifully in my windowsill. In time, I found one just like it on the internet. I discovered they were from the mid 1800's. I wondered who dropped the bottle I found, as they traveled deep through those woods?

About 2 years after I'd found that beautiful, amber bottle; I opened the blinds in my craft room without thinking and it came tumbling down. The bottle broke into a zillion pieces on the tile floor. :( I've found others since then, but not that beautiful amber color, nor so old. But I love to look!
Part of the fun is in the hunt!
These shards were also found in the dirt yesterday. There was alot of broken glass nearby. I'd love to take my metal detector down there. I'm not sure but I think these shards are from a salt glaze crock. The color reminds me of some old saurkraut crocks I've seen.
I dug hoping to find a larger piece intact but... this was all I found. I didn't poke around very deep, as I didn't have a shovel. Just my pruning shears in my back pocket. lol I'd also forgotten to wear my boots. I was traipsing around the woods wearing rubber slogger clogs. Not too bright since snakes are out.
This was the only glass ware I found intact. It's not that old, but will go on the shelf in thee old potting shed with others I've found.
This was my FAVORITE sight to behold all day. Is it not beautiful? A natural terrarium! This is probably one of my favorite pictures I've ever taken and will definitely be getting enlarged for our living room. You probably think I'm crazy. lol
Here we are back at the potting shed. Had to stop back in to turn the eggs. This old incubator has seen better days but it still works! Didn't have very many eggs saved but thought I'd give it a try. I don't have the temperature set and lost my thermometer for it. So time will tell.... duds or a few chickies? We'll know in 17 more days.
This is a little birdhouse my Sil Jacki gave me a few years ago. It now graces the front of the shed.
Speaking of birds, I had to show you this. Many of you know that ivy covers the entire back of the potting shed. Well, every time I walk around the corner of the shed, birds fly out of the ivy and call it "Home Sweet Home."
The other day when I was cleaning out the inside of the shed, I moved the clay pots on top of the antique cupboard. It was then that I noticed all the bird nests you can see through the window! I'm going to love having this "birds eye view" this Spring when the eggs start appearing! -Notice the feathers?
Some are PUDDLEDUCK feathers and Percy the guinea feathers that the birds have used to feather their nests! I'll keep you posted if I notice any eggs and hopefully babies! Last year, they were making nests in my garbage can inside the potting shed. Those things just happen when you don't have a door. lol
Looking out at the back pasture, we are now seeing a tinge of green. The cows must be so anxious to have some sweet grass to eat instead of old dry hay. Popcorn the yellow cow in front looks like she's getting pretty pudgey don't you think? She's a very small cow, but pops calves out like corn more than any of our other cows. A very prolific little lady. The heifer on the right is "Wildchild." She has such a mind of her own and still does not come up and eat grain with the others. I don't know how we'll ever catch her. I wish we could get her in the corral somehow and pen her up all by herself so I could try to win her over.

This is the bull we bought from the Abbey. I kinda got a bad angle coz he's really fat and he doesn't look it from here. But we LOVE him! Finally named him BrotherJohn after the monk who started raising cows over there. We're really anxious to see the calves he throws.

Well, the sun is shining here, and all the rain we got last night made the peonies happy! So far so good! I hope yall have a wonderful day today! Thanks for coming with me on my little jaunt!
Holykisses xoxo


Kristi said...

What a delightful walk! Thank you for taking us with you. I can't wait to see you pictures of all of the spring baby birds! Blessings to you!

Denise said...

I really enjoyed the walk sis, love you.

Sit A Spell said...

Loved this walk with you...ready for those cookies and tea! lol

I loved that you found that 1800's bottle, but gasped when you said the old bottle fell.

I remember seeing old family cemeteries in the woods. Interesting that yours has slaves and I too pray they are part of the best freedom, heaven.

That vine is something else! I did see all those will be neat to see what Spring brings.

Now that IS an old hatcher! Once Sissy's class was hatching eggs and somehow she was able to bring home a fertilized egg (which I didn't know). She put it under her bed wrapped in my electrip heating pad!!! She was really trying to get a chick, right there in her bedroom.

I miss seeing those Spring time's quite different down here in Fl. You don't see bulb flowers. Thanks for sharing yours.

That broken jar pic is cool...neat how that happened.

I love ramble'n thru the woods, but YES, wear the right shoes Lea!

Well, your storms are on us now...tornado hit near hubby's work place.

Sue@CountryPleasures said...

I wished we lived close enough to walk together, I'd race you through the woods for old bottles and treasures! lol I love that stuff too, always bringing home junk as others call it, but they are treasures to me! Enjoyed your walk with you! Love the cows!!

Blissitydoodah said...

We also have a really old cemetary backed up to our property and I have found similar things there! It is so fun.
That little terrarium is so cute!
And what a sweet gift from Becky :)
I forgot to tell you the first time I planted peonies...
I planted them all upside down LOL! They had made a little u-turn underground when I finally figured it out.

BECKY said...

Oh Lea, what a fun walk! I would squeal, too at the little terrarium and the bird nests!!! I know your heart had to sink when that little amber bottle dropped. An adorable pudgy little birdy a close friend got me for Christmas hit the deck last night when the cats were running...hopefully I can put it back together. I LOVE old glass too! I go junkin' a lot so I'll keep my eyes open for an OLD amber bottle!! I know I haven't seen any yet, or they would have caught my eye!

Love all your animals and the hope of new little chicks!!

Love ya sweetness and hope you have a delightful Friday and weekend!!


AWH Abes grave is so nice..and loved all the pictures such and interstingpost..I'm like you love finding junk / treasures(:)

Joyfulsister said...

Hi Sis,
I enjoyed our little walk together LOL.. It seemed so surreal and Like I w2as actually there beside you, well in spirit perhaps. I love the terrarium that would have been my favorite treasure for the day.

Luv ya Muwahhh

Beautiful pear tree lane said...

Hi Lea,
What a wonderful walk with you . I can't believe how we like the same things.I have found so many treasures by just taking a walk in the woods. And have even found similar bottles, and have asked the same questions about who might have owned them. I guess I am just too nosy.
It looks like your weather is breaking too. We have had some pretty weather and I have been taking advantage of it too. I can't believe your daffodils are bigger than mine. since your weather is colder, it must be the snow. lol Have you cut a bouquet yet? I am still waiting for mine to bloom.
And just love the pictures of your cows.
Thank you for taking me along with you.
Hugs and blessings,

Cathy said...

Thanks so much for letting me tag along on your wonderful walk!! I love your pictures:)

katie said...

Oh that was so much fun walking in the woods with you.
I love the terrarium , it will make
wonderful art for you house, what a perfect way to remember your walk.
I think you should take your metal detector to the woods, that could be really exciting.
Hope you hatch chickie, my dad used to raise quail and it was so fun to see the little ones hatch.

Yolanda said...

I truly enjoyed the walk Sister. Truly refreshing.

With love,

Paula said...

What a wonderful part of the world you live in Lea! Thanks for letting me tag along:-) Really enjoyed walking with you today.

Aloha ~

Angela said...

Oh I loved going for a walk with you this morning. Just beautiful. Yes, I think that terrarium is gorgeous and I too would get it enlarged and placed in my home framed! That tomb stone your friend made was so precious....Blessings dear sister.

Denise said...

I swear!!!!!!!! We are kindred spirits.. There is NOTHING I had rather do than roam through the woods and carry a big stick.. Turning over anything that looks like it might be hiding some buried treasure that belongs on my shelf in my shed! I love your natural terrarium and it would grace my shelf if found in my back yard... !!! I am back to blogging and just had to come and see what you were up to! I am so glad I did!

Territory Mom said...

I love, love your photos. So beautiful. It helps me cherish what I have. One man's trash is another's treasure. I take photos of stuff I find at our place.
I didn't know you had a cemetery on your place. I think that is great. They can be very peaceful.