Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Basic Cookie Recipe... for M&M's and Chocolate Chip

Greetings and Holykisses,

Leave it to me, to post a sweet without a recipe. lol I know I've put these on here before, but have a hunch I accidentally deleted this one. woops. Ohwell.... here's a do over!

This recipe is what I use for chocolate chip cookies and m&m cookies.
My brothers and sister and I were raised on these. We even got to have chocolate chip cookies for breakfast with a glass of milk when Momma made them. Mmmm - hers were always the best.

Now before we get started.... can I just say: USE YOUR dadgum measuring cups! I'm warnin ya... they won't turn out just right if ya don't! You can eyeball "cookin" but you can't eyeball baking. Know what I'm sayin?

2 cups packed brown sugar
1 cup granulated sugar
2 cups crisco shortening
4 eggs
1 teaspoon baking soda
dash salt
4 1/2 cups all purpose flour

*(bag of chocolate chips, or bag of m&ms)- holdup on this part til the very end.

Mix the dough well. Really, really well! IF you use chocolate chips, dump them in at the last. BUT: *IF you use
m&m's, here's the tip.....

Make your doughballs and then put them on your cookie sheet. NOW, grab a handful of m&m's and put them on the top of your dough ball and push them in a little and around the sides.
This way, the cookies will be "pretty!!!" Now bake at 350 until light golden around the edges.
I usually underbake them a little coz we loooove em chewy!
I know some of you will ask: "how long do they bake?"
I have no idea. lol Bake til they look done!!! Lightly golden around the edges.
Never brown.
Oh, and one more thing.... Some of you probably have already learned
this the hard way but: trust me when I say:
Never.... ever blog n bake.

Now don't forget a glass of cold milk!
It does a body good ya know. ;)

Smoochy holykisses xoxo


Denise said...


BECKY said...

Hi Sweetnnnnnnesss!! This look DEE-LISH!!! Funny that you mentioned about measuring. Back when we were first married my hubby thought he could just "eyeball it" and we ended up with one big, sorta round, soggy chocolate chip cookie. Hmmm....(scratching his head) Maybe this dumb ol' girl (my endearing nick name back then!!)LOL!! of mine does know what she's talking about sometimes!!! It was soooo funny! We had a good laugh!!

I am going to make these and will let you know how they come out!!

Love ya bunches Lea! You're a treasure!!

Thanks so much for checking up on me!! You ALWAYS make me smile!!

Territory Mom said...

We are soooo going to try this recipe. Thanks!!!

Tracy said...

Oh! They're so pretty and Valentine-y! I might just have to make a batch of these! = ) Thanks for sharing! Love ya!

Kelly Combs said...

That is a GOOD LOOKING cookie! Yummy!

From the Heart said...

Sounds so good. My husband made some brownies Saturday that are for diabetics I think. You start with Black Beans in a blender, unbleached flower and a little cocoa. Some liquids and an egg I think. Chocolate chips go in without blending, just stir them in and put in your baking dish. I was surprized they were really good especially when warm.

Farm Chick Paula said...

Oh BOY! Those sound deee-lish... I can almost smell them baking from here!

Angela said...

oh I loved the pics that you have shared..thanks for the receipe..yummy. They look just so yummy.