Monday, February 8, 2010

Another Winter In WONDER LAND

Will wonders ever cease?
Once again, we awoke to another beautiful snowfall.
I was out the door still in my pj's and coat trying to get a few pictures. It was kind of melting and snowing all at the same time. This snow was heavy! And then it started snowing harder, and kept it up all day! It was so beautiful!
Later in the morning our power flickered, and then went out. :( Thankfully, it came back on an hour or so later. I was wanting to bake these cookies, so hopped to it in case it happened again. It went out several more times throughout the day but kept coming right back on and did manage to get all the cookies baked anyways. lol They don't look quite right, and are a little on the heavy side? - but... ohwell... they're sweet and even though I banned m&m's from my life in 2009... I ATE two cookies today! lol I'm letting them back into my life... but they no longer have a hold on me. I can happily say, I have victory over M&M's. lol Thank you Lord! :) I know I've shared this recipe here at the shed, but for the life of me I can't find it. I'll keep looking. The only difference from the Christmas ones, is this time; I used valentine M&M's.
Here we are back outdoors. See the mound of bent over shrubery?... it's our bamboo and the fishpond is somewhere in the middle of it.
Here's the new calf playing peekaboo. The little rascal is already eatin grain.
Course he washes it down with a milkshake afterwards.
I don't know if you can see them in this picture but wild ducks are now visiting the pond.
Wouldn't you "think" the puddleducks would want to go meet them? (They're kinda snooty, little things.)

Lastly, here's a picture of the new bull. Myguy turned him out right away, and we were a little worried; but he stayed put... thank God.

I told you that he has a "story." The man we bought him from, bought him from the Subiaco Abbey. Monks started plowing the land there and raising animals in the late 1800's. On their site, I read that at one point when they sold some of their cows, they had a billboard calling them Holy Cows.- That kinda cracked me up. -- Long story short, they now raise registered black angus cattle. I guess if any of them has any white on them at all, they're sold UNregistered. This one indeed has a tiny bit of white underneath. Our cows are all crossbred anyways, so it doesn't matter to us if he's not solid. --Hopefully he'll be a good bull. He has a thick neck on him and we really like that. We've walked around him quite abit while feeding grain and so far he's been alright. He doesn't seem aggressive towards people at all.. not that I'd ever trust him but still.*

Well, it's getting late. Time to put more logs on the fire and hit the hay!
May all your dreams be sweet.
God bless yall.


Denise said...

I love this post.

Kristi said...

Oh, the baby calf is precious. I just the love the beautiful big brown eyes. Your winter wonderland is delightful! Tomorrow is Hannah's 13th birthday and we have a 40% chance of some snow. She is hoping for a snow day on her birthday and I am with her on that! Thanks for braving the cold to make our day! Your photos are gorgeous!

Yolanda said...


Thank you for sharing your day with us and I'd be mighty interested in the cookie recipe.

With love and affection,

Sue@CountryPleasures said...

That handsome bull was just meant to live on your farm, loved the story! And your animal shots are the best, I love that little calf face and the goat, I so miss having a small farm! I'm glad you made peace with M&M's, you deserve a treat now and then and your cookies are so cute!! Enjoy your snow days sweet friend! Hugs!

Territory Mom said...

I love your photos, everything is so beautiful!!

katie said...

Great photo's.
I love the little calf's face.
You really did get the snow didn't you.
Stay warm and eat a cookie for me.