Sunday, January 3, 2010

Wintery Day

I'm winding down for the day,... and thankful.
Had an awesome service this morning that included holy communion. It was a perfect way to start the new year. It put my focus back into proper perspective.

During the sermon I was thinking about Jesus being crucified... for "me."
I know it sounds terrible but .... I tend to forget somewhat what he really did... and went through on my account. I needed the reminder.*

Tony came over today and brush hogged the back pasture. It was soooo cold, even snowed most of the day... just beautiful flakes. While Tony was on the tractor, Myguy did some cleanup with the chainsaw. Years ago, our boys built forts up in the trees. Basically, they'd built about three tree houses and had boards and sheet iron nailed all over, with walkways built up in the trees between forts. It was pretty cool back in the day. (It was during their "Robin Hood" thing.) Back then we had such a mean Brangus bull and he'd chase them up the trees. I think their forts gave them a place to hang out a while. lol --- That was many moons ago. Most of it had fallen down and let's just say "time" turned it into quite an eyesore. Half of it had been on the ground for years. It's all cleaned up now and it was such a beautiful wintery day to be in the woods. We should have been cuttin firewood. It's supposed to get in the single digits here this week!
The dogs were so happy to run today. I had to leave Abe at the house and it breaks his heart;--and mine.
It's really hard to leave him, but he's been going down hill alot. He breathes so hard; even when he lays around. :( Francoise and Addie in this picture are his "kids." Brother and sister from different litters. Someday, I'd like to find a registered female puppy to raise and breed to Francoise, to keep Abe's bloodline going.

Well, it's after midnight;... time to hit the hay.
Sweet dreams everyone--


Sue@CountryPleasures said...

Too cold to be a on a tractor, burr...What kind of dogs are those? I hope the Papa gets to feeling better, poor doggie! Stay warm!

Yolanda said...

Good morning! Life at your home is always a pleasant adventure.


BECKY said...

Hi Sweetness!! Happee Monday to you!! Your smiling face sure does brighten up a computer screen!! Love how the Lord shines thru!!

I'm sad about your puppy that can't join in the fun. That's so hard. I'll pray about that gal.

Can you belive that with the wind chill down here in my sunny state this morning it was going to feel like the 20's!!?? That's just crazy!! I have sheets pinned to all of my plants as do most down here.

Hope you have a delightful week, my friend.
Love ya,

irene said...

Good Morning Lea....wish I was there to take a walk in the snow with you and your doggies, couldn't we carry Abe or perhaps a stroller?? Love You!