Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Keepin Watch

Greetings and Holykisses!

I've been so out of the loop these days! ~Nothing's been "wrong;" truth is: I started a new project, and then today began preparing for the predicted snow/ice storm that's supposed to get here tomorrow evening. Our Son- Trent asked me to go to lunch with him today and he actually brought up how many days it's been since I've blogged! Egads... time flies when you're havin fun huh?!! (I was a little surprised to learn he keeps up with "the shed" too!!) Hi Trent!!!! lol

Earlier this morning, I went to Walmart to stock up on supplies..., you know; just in case. Our lamps were all low on oil and I thought of the parable of the 10 virgins, while I drove to town. This verse seemed fitting for today's wfw scripture picture.
I've been having a bad case of Spring fever. I mean really really bad! I want to dig in the dirt, and run barefoot through the garden. I want to plant,... hoe, fertilize, .... and witness the miracle of growing fresh fruits and vegetables. I want to wear my floppy garden hat, and drink cool water from the garden hose. (I probably lost a few of you there. lol)

Seed catalogs have now flooded my mailbox, and my orders and plans are all coming together.
Since I can't actually do any planting yet, I decided to create an altered gardening book. So I opened my antique trunk, and brought out my last piece of vintage, muslin sheet. Then I brewed a pot of strong tea, and reheated black coffee and started soaking fabrics, and lace. They soaked over night, and were then hung on the olde dryer. The fabric aged just the way I like!

While the fabric was drying, I started going through my very favorite gardening photos; including our furry and feathery friends: Mrs. Potter, Percy the guinea, the puddleducks, Violet and Spirit, Lydia the goat and others. Then I began transferring images to fabric until our brand new ink cartridges were gone. !!!!!

The book will be a continual work in progress. Something to add to every year. But I'm so excited and it's exactly what I needed! Now, I can "Plant" in my garden book until Spring arrives. Even on bad weather days, I can play within the pages of my garden book. Even when it's snowing and icing!
Here's a picture of a few of the supplies I brought home today. Candles: check, lighter: check, oil: check, wicks: check, glowsticks: check, and three packs of batteries: check. I also stocked up on things we can cook on our woodstove. Did you know Folgers coffee come in singles, and are made just as you would teabags? Just heat hot water; drop in your coffee bag and walaaa! One hot cup of joe!

After our lunch at Subway, I cleaned our lamps, and tried to get everything ready. I think we're stocked up on everything and Myguy put the round bales of hay out for the livestock and set them next to the woods so the animals have a windbreak and the shelter of the cedar trees. They usually don't even bother to come up to the barn during bad weather.

While I did my chores earlier, I cleaned portable cages so I can bring Mrs. Potter back in the house if needed. I love that honeybunny! And Merry Pearl; our new cat, lives in the shed at night, so she'll be fine. Her tummy is getting very big now! Kitten anyone? I would not be surprised to find kittens anyday now. ~Myguy has been briefed of her "condition," and so far~ so good! In fact, it warms my heart to see him pick her up and listen for her motor to run..... purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr*
He's such a softie on thee inside.
Wanna see what's waiting on my nightstand? While at the store, these two magazines jumped into my buggy. Can you smell the lilacs through this cover?! I've been trying to learn more about my feathered friends who visit and dine at the potting shed, and this issue is loaded with info!
And then this one.... Ahhhhh - I'm sooooo smitten with this shed. Yall just take a look at that beeeeautiful, rusty-crusty roof! Is it not wonderful?!! ~~ *Closin my eyes, I'm sittin in my own vintage green, chair next to the shabby shed. Bumble bees are buzzin in rose of sharon petals, and the skyblue hydrangeas are in full bloom. The peonies are loaded in the flower bed, and the mocking birds are scolding and swooping down at Merry Pearl. Mr. Toad is nestled inside the dirt of the olde coffee pot planter, and dragonflies are darting to and fro... --- (Told ya I have it bad.) ;) ---------- Back to reality Lea....
and supper dishes, by lamplight!
Holykisses xoxo


Denise said...

Once again, you have sweetly blessed my heart. I love you.

Denise said...

Girl friend.. everything sitting at your house is sitting at my house.. Lanterns, Birds and Bloom and Garden Gate and Country Gardens! I want to dig in the dirt and I want to dig NOW!!!! I get like this right after Christmas.. I grow tired of the cold and the gloomy days...... I need sun and dirt and a hoe and rake and bags of manure and potting soil poured out in my shed! I want to see that book when you get it made....! Good to see you....... Watch that ice storm!

From the Heart said...

Wondered what had happened to you but didn't realize you had not posted in a while until tonight. You've been a busy little "bee", and so have we. We've changed our internet company, telephone company, and TV.
The other company's bill got way too high and my husband decided to do something about it. So he visited the local telephone company and signed up with them. We get all that we had with the other company, unlimited phone calls, Dish Network (my internet is so much faster). We get so many more channels and Southern Gospel Music which we both love.
We also bought new phones and I can actually hear what people are saying. The others were cheap phones and I had to keep saying "what" I'm sorry but I'm a little hard of hearing, but not anymore. A lot cheaper than hearing aids.

Loved your verse. We really need to watch and pray for we know not when the Lord will return. It pays to stay prayed up and ready to go.

My cousin is doing better and losing weight so hopefully he will be able to get a liver transplant or a healing. I'm expecting the latter.

Well, we should be all caught up now.
Love you,

BECKY said...

Hi Sweetness!! Glad all is well with you!! Too funny that Trent called you out!!

I want to subscribe to Bird and Blooms! I almost did last year, but know I need to!!

I wish I could get busy!! Still recovering and my side muscles that they had to cut got strained and are not better yet. So I'm just hanging out...trying to NOT do anything! Ugh! Please pray that this passes quickly. I'm not very good at this!!

Love and hugs gal!!
Love that shed, too!! :o)

Yolanda said...

I can't express often enough how I would love to be in your presence with that cup of coffee, GOD's word, those flowers and birds and just reflectin'.

Sittin' and reflectin'

Reflectin' and sittin

Lovin' and a few Holy Kisses thrown your way today!


Hi Lea
love the post-- all your darling pics the black board above with the message on it..the lamps,the clothes rack with the coffee stained sweet..hugs, Patty