Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Greetings and Holykisses,

Stoppin to smell the roses today, as I've been soaking in some morning SONshine.
Haven't had much time to blog lately, as my nose has also been buried in the book of Ezekiel. I've read in this book before, but would get so stuck in the symbolisms so when I started this week I asked God to pleeeeease reveal to me what He wanted me to understand, and that if there were things I didn't feel like I was absorbing, to please help me not get frustrated, and remember His word never returns void. That seems to help so much!

I've been busy transfering images onto fabric this week. I'm working on "adding pages" in a crazy quilted button book that I started a few years ago. Also, I'm really interested in altered books. I want a big one that will be a continual work in progress through my life here on our farm, with chapters depicting my life inside the shabby olde potting shed, and the journey of my walk in faith.

Last night, I started to further age antique muslin, and lace, by giving it a good soak in some strong coffee and tea, and today I pulled out my "dryer" and left it to hang on the racks. I've already started transferring some of my favorite photos for my new "olde" book. I can't wait to have this part all finished so I can start putting it together and adding whatever tickles my fancy. ;)

More Winter weather is supposed to be heading our way. Puts a damper on my SPRING thoughts, but... at least we have time to prepare. Our woodstove is back in now, and tomorrow, I'm going to town to get more candles, kerosine, and batteries. From what the weatherman said, we're right on the edge of the ice storm so it could go either way. I guess tomorrow I'll need to clean the portable cage again, and bring Mrs. Potter back inside. I've been sooo tempted to order baby chicks early this year, and the threat of this ice storm, convinced me to hold up til the nights are above freezing.

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