Monday, January 18, 2010

Family Day

Greetings and Holykisses,

We had so much fun yesterday! And Myguy never did suspect that I'd even made his favorite cake. Think I used a half a can of febreeze, and the three smell-good candles worked perfectly. Although when he came inside from workin on his truck he said right away, "Man it smells GOOD in here!" I pointed straight to the candles and said, "Boy they sure do don't they?!" Inside I shrunk a little... The candles did smell really good, but I knew underneath; the man was really smellin: decadent chocolate with that hint of twangy buttermilk.

After morning service, the kids met us and we headed to Fort Smith together, to the Outback; our favorite place to eat (for fancy anyhow) and it sure was good. We feasted there, then hit Harbor Freight and the mall, and took the scenic route home. The brilliant idea of Braums was agreed on; so we stopped there, and then homeward bound for happycake. No one was even mYN--Utely hungry; but we all managed a small piece. lol Myguy wanted just one candle and said he had one wish/prayer that he was asking for. He told me later on what it was... and I pray God answers, .... in the way he hopes.

Here's a pic of my favorite three guys. ~ Don't they look like a happy bunch?
I hope Myguy had a relaxing day. We had a lot of fun together, and "my" prayer is that he has many more happy and healthy birthdays.
We're blessed to have these two boys as our very own, and I can't tell ya how much I love being their Momma. At thee end of our evening together, the kids headed to their own homes. Then Myguy decided he wanted to go see Blind Side, so we made a date of it. It was such a good story, and a good reminder, to do what we can in this world to help our fellow man.

A wonderful day.
.......With more memories made.


Mokihana said...

What a wonderful day you all had! And I love the hearts dropping down through the post!

Tracy said...

Oh, I just couldn't help but think of you and your sweet family throughout the day...I have to tell you I smiled every time. What a special birthday celebration and what a precious family!

I have to tell you I'm CRACKING UP that you were trying to cover up the aroma of that cake baking so he could be are one sweet wife! ; )

Love ya!

Sweet Magnolias Farm said...

Ah Lea ..what a wonderful day ..I don't think I would have been fooled by the candles though ..I can smell chocolat a mile away ..LOL !!!

Your day in town sounds like fun ..however my favorite part was Braums I do miss braums ...!!!!

You are so blessed sweetie with that lovely family of yours ..God smiled on you and gave you warm hearted men !!!

Happy Birthday to your husband !!!

Blessings Sweet Sister ...


BECKY said...

Hi Sweetness! I sure have missed my daily dose of sunshine from the shed!!

Tell your hubby happy birthday from your wacky Florida friend!! What a joy to have loving families, huh?

Hope you're doing wonderfully sweetie!
Have a blessed week!
Big hugs,

Denise said...

Sweet....... just sweet....... You hold tight to those precious boys my friend....Hold tight and pray over them with the fervent prayer of a woman possessed with love..... do not EVER take for granted the wiles of our enemy that would wish to harm your relationship with them.... I have a son out there now for 25 years. I did not pray as I should and now I am having to believe my Father God for the restoration of my beautiful first born....

BUT ..... not to put a damper on that wonderful party! Have many more happy days sweet husband of Lea!

Denise said...

Thanks for sharing your day, love the pictures.

Paula said...

Lea, you are truely blessed to have the love of your three guys!!! The picture of you just a grinning between your boys is so precious. So happy you had a wonderful family day.

With Fond ALoha Paula

Sue@CountryPleasures said...

What sweet blessings your guys are, I'm so glad your hubby had a nice birthday, he has the best gift of all, you!

Yolanda said...

Building sweet and precious memories. You do that so well! Lovingly, Yolanda

His Girl said...

I'm like Sara...actually I thought that I smelled that Chocolate Cake ALL THE WAY TO TEXAS...but thats so cute that you TRIED to cover the smell with candles! You are a great wife and mom! Love you between those two handsome sons of makes this momma miss hers like crazy! Glad your man had a wonderful special day! Thanks for sharing it with us!

May you ALL Be blessed,

From the Heart said...

I don't know how I missed this post. I'm so glad things turned out just the way you wanted and at the end of the day a date with your guy. That's special.

We celebrated our youngest daughter's birthday on Saturday. We went to the neatness place that cooks home made even their ice cream is home made. We had a lot of fun also.

My oldest daughter came home on Friday and her "boyfriend" came and ate supper with us. He also went with us Saturday night. He told me later that he really loved my family especially my 11 yr old granddaughter. She just cracks you up with some of the things she says. The Sunday he went to church with my daughter and they spent the day together. My husband said it looks like she's found someone that might be the one for her. He is very special.
Blessings and tell your guy Happy Birthday.
Love you,

Blissitydoodah said...

I admired your pics on fb the other day...your little boy is kinda purty btw!!! Haha :)
You need just ONE more boy and we'll match ;) I cannot think of being surrounded by girls (after having 3 would be weird!!) You know we also ate at the Outback sunday but didn't get chocolate cake after :7.

Angela said...

What a beautiful post. I LOVE the song that was playing when I was reading this post...blessed my heart.

Thank you for sharing the pics.