Friday, January 29, 2010

Bird Watching In The Snow

It's snowing!
It's been coming down steady so I dug my old boots out of the closet; dusted them off and took the dogs to the woods. It was so pretty and there's nothin like a brisk walk in the snow!
We bought a 50 pound sack of birdseed last night and filled all the feeders, as well as the tops of stumps, on posts and especially the roof of the rabbit hutches that are beneath some cedar tree. The birds love it there! -- I'm amazed how many new faces we saw today. Hopefully, they'll keep coming. But at this rate, .... that big bag isn't going to last very long!

Hope my camera is okay. I wore it under my coat and tried to keep it dry... but that was impossible.
This picture was taken through the door in my craft room. Miss Cardinal looks a little bloated doesn't she? lol I know the feeling.* ;)

This little guy seemed to be on cat duty today. He mostly just perched on the fence and "watched." With Pearl lurking nearby; who could blame him? Some days I catch her sitting completely still under the feeder by the kitchen door just waiting to pounce..........
Marble Mocha Machiato hates the white stuff. She told me so.* Said she wants to move to California and be one of those "happy" cows.
It hasn't let up at all! Still snowing!
--I just love livin in the south. It's fun to see it snow... and it's fun to see it go...


Edie said...

What beautiful pictures Lea! I just loved them all! Your poor little Marble Mocha, I feel so sorry for her. I was thinking today about how animals feel about being out in this nasty weather. It's just a part of their lives but it can't be any fun.

Have a great weekend!

Denise said...

I love your pictures. It is snowing here too.

My ADHD Me said...

Your pics are awesome. We're supposed to get 8-10 inches starting tonight. Yep, the south is great!

Alleluiabelle said...

Hi Dear One,

I just love red cardinals, blue jays and all of the birdies. Your photos are beautiful. When I saw the picture of your Marble Mocha Machiato I thought, "oh yes this is exactly how I feel when enough is enough all ready"...It was 3 below zero here this morning after a day filled yesterday of white outs, wind and much snow. We are used to it, but I'm ready for spring.

Big Hugs,

Mokihana said...

I love love all the bird photos, especially the cardinal one. I used to see them in Hawai'i growing up, but we don't have any in Oregon and I miss them.

Sue@CountryPleasures said...

Great shots Lea, it snowed ALL day here and didn't let up till bedtime so I didn't get out, but were heading out for breakfast and some picture taking this morning! We must of got a foot! I love the birds all fluffed up and that cow shot is great. Enjoy your snow day! Hugs!

SweetAnnee said...

It looks lovely..and I LOVE the birds.
Ours have not been around as the feeders
have remained empty here for a while.

I feel bad , I know now is the time they
have trouble finding food.

This summer for some reason was not plentiful with our Oak and Hickory Forest and alot less for the wild life to eat than the winter of 08-09

God will provide though

Love ya girl

Jackie said...

I enjoyed the beautiful winter wonderland pics that you shared. I need to get some seed in our feeders. The snow started in southern Ohio this morning and is coming down at a steady pace and is extremely cold. I think I will stay in and look at your photos again. Thanks for sharing!

Tracy said...

Wow! I was behind on your posts! It was a crazy week at work and some busy evenings so I haven't gotten around much. Just read back through your last several posts. Loved the one you wrote on peace. I was shaking my head in agreement. When I find myself getting crabby, it's either because I'm dog tired or I've allowed Satan to steal my peace. You quoted some of my favorite passages for times like that.

LOVED your bird and snow pictures! So glad you went out and walked in the beautiful falling snow. Love taking walks in the snow!

It was sweet to read about your boy wanting to have lunch with his Momma. (Heart smile) Don't you love times like that?

You have my curiosity up about what new thing you're up to... ; ) Have I missed something or are you keeping it mum?

Love you bunches sweet Lea!

Farm Chick Paula said...

Greetings, sweet Lea- you are so wonderful to take care of all the little birdies around your place! It's snowing here too... we got 8 inches last night and still falling! Jeez!

Laura said...

Your snapshots make me want to get out in the snow! We got about six inches last night. A surprise this morning. I tried to take a pic of Mr. Cardinal at my feeder but he flew away. The deep red against white is so lovely.

Enjoy your snow day, Lea!

Yolanda said...


From the Heart said...

Wow, your hard to keep up with sometimes. I just read your last two posts. The pictures are beautiful. We got about 2 inches and then a lot of sleet on top of that (very unusual for this area we're in). It is pretty thought and my camera was in the car so I couldn't take any pictures.
Continue to have fun. You always brighten my day and at this time of day I need it.
Love you,

Blissitydoodah said...

What great photos you have!!!
I need some boots....I have had wet feet all weekend!
It sure has been pretty :)

God's girl said...

There is something so soothing and peaceful about visiting your blog:) As you walked me through your afternoon in the snow, God reminded me that He creates beauty in the winter as well as the Spring. And not only that, but if we look carefully enough, and take the time...we see that even in the midst of our snowstorms, He'll bring a little bit of Spring to us...

Sobbing in my WI chair, yet being renewed by the beauty God had you share!

Blessings my friend!!!

LisaShaw said...

Hi precious! I enjoyed the photos and my visit. I love and appreciate you dear sister.

BECKY said...

Hi Sweetness!! I cannot believe all the birdies you are surrounded with!! I enlarged the one of the shed, and was amazed!! How fun!! And I think your black and white buddy needs a warm blankie!!!

Thanks so much for sharing your great pics! Praying for your camera!


ByLightOfMoon said...

I love seeing your birds and farm Lea along with the snow and playful hearts floating. I adore your blogger header photo.

Sweetness to you!
Smiles, Cyndi