Thursday, December 17, 2009

When You Care Enough To Send The Very Best

Greetings and Holykisses,

Like most of you, I've been writing a few Christmas cards, .... and even made a few home made ones. As I wrote in them; I started wondering about the tradition of card-giving. Not only at Christmas, but for other celebrations as well.

At our house; on our birthday; we always make eachother a handmade card. It's probably one of my very favorite things about my birthday. For many years now, Myguy and our boys each take a piece of usually typing paper and make a card. Very rarely, do they ever use anything other than a pen or pencil, but their words of love... melt my heart.

When the boys were small, Hallmark had a lot more commercials on television than they do now. They were wonderful; ...would make me cry, and you knew if you received a Hallmark card it was because "someone cared enough to send you their very best!!" But we "made" our cards... remember? So Tony started drawing a Hallmark emblem on the back of his cards. Only he;... over the years; started calling them "Have a heart" cards.
I think I've kept them all.
Maybe you are a card saver as well?
This week, I started looking through my cedar chest and found stacks of them that I've kept.
I've found myself thinking of them so much, and I learned first hand how special cards are to me after my Angel Mother went to heaven. Seeing hers, with an "I Love You" written in her own handwriting, is like getting one more hug and kiss.
On the back of this one, Tony was pretty young and I guess his translation got a little jumbled between Hallmark and Walmart. :) On the inside however, ... his words of love are clear; especially to this Mother's heart.

Today, as I sit and write out cards; I keep thinking of that slogan "When you care enough to send your very best."
Maybe "having a heart" is really caring enough to send our very best afterall.

Holykisses, xoxo


Denise said...

Such a sweet post sis, love you.

Sweet Magnolias Farm said...

Oh Gosh Lea ...what treasures ..Not expensive in Money ..but High cost in sentiment and memories ..something that can never be taken from you ..and something that can never be reproduced ..!!! You dear are so very blessed. I love the "Have a Heart Cards" ..I think it should be made into a line of Kind and loving cards. Not these smart aleccy ones. Why not tell people pleasant and beautiful things !

How is your son ?? I have been keeping him in my prayers.

Blessings Sweet Sister in Christ ..

Sara of Sweet Magnolias Farm

Denise said...

I am a card collector from way back... My home burned down in 1995 and I lost all my sweet cards from my two sons but I have more since then...... They are cards from young men grown.......but they are still as sweet.. I love sending cards and always try to send the very best.... Merry Christmas my friend.

From the Heart said...

Love the cards. I have saved a lot of my cards over the years. My husband and my girls all have a way of finding cards that always touch this mother's heart.

We are all truly blessed to have loving families who care enough to send the best they can find.

Farm Chick Paula said...

Awww.... that is SO SWEET!!! I think handwritten notes are the best... I don't care if Hubby ever buys me a card, but when he sits down and writes his feelings on paper, I melt into a bubbly pool of molten lava!
(Wow, that's a visual....)

Sue@CountryPleasures said...

Aren't those handmade cards just the best, such treasures! I too keep all the cards I get, in a special box. I love to make them also and you will have to join in my Valentines card swap coming up soon, all handmade, so much fun!

BECKY said...

Aaawww,Sweetness, now you've gone and made me cry!! I am HUGE on making and giving them, the hunt for just the right one for the person, and probably love receiving them more than presents!

I, too, have many cards saved, especially those from my kids! I also have saved some pretty sweet notes of apology from my girls, too. ;o)

This post just warmed me all up, gal! Just precious.

May your day be full of little joys! Sure do LOVE my visits with you!

Big Hugs,

Simply Me said...

Such a sweet post! I love looking back at those handmade card that my kids have given me as well. It makes everything we do each day for them worth every moment! Enjoy your day and cherish those moments forever!