Friday, December 18, 2009

Think I'm Walkin On Thin Ice..................

Greetings and Holykisses,


Look at this darlin little face! Homeless at Christmas time.... Yall we cannot have that!
Last night as I went out to check the chicken coop for skunks, .... this beautiful kitty was on our porch! Hello Kitty! I greeted her, and she started meowwwwwin, and rubbin up on my legs.
I reached out to pet her... a little warily coz you never know if they are gonna take a bite, but she's so friendly.

I ran into the kitchen and took her some turkey- butterball actually. Myguy was on my heels!
He said, "You giving it our turkey?" Me- "Well yes honey, she's starvin ta death- just look at her!" He shook his head.... but thankfully *understood.* It's not that he doesn't like cats, but as I've told you before, cats and customer vehicles don't mix well at all! Never seems to fail... if a customer leaves a window down on a vehicle and a cat is around... guess what happens in it? Now you get the picture.* Not pretty.

Anyways, this beautiful kitty was still at the porch this morning.
I made her a warm bed in the rocking chair last night before I went to bed.

This morning, she enjoyed a bowl of warm milk. I think her "lapper" is messed up though because she kept pushing the milk out of the bowl with her tongue. More than likely its only because she is so darn hungry. I picked her up and she's light as a feather. Bones, hair, and that's about it I think.
Pitiful isn't it?
I already love her!

Shhhh .... don't tell Myguy because we have to work into this very slowly....yall.
It's crucial.
I must be very very sweet today.

Yesterday, I got my 2010 calendar. These are becoming my traditional calendar. And from yesterday's post on Tony's Have A Heart Cards, I've decided two things.
1. In 2010 I'm going to try to start being better about sending cards..... and ON TIME!
2. TO REMEMBER birthdays, and things, I need my calandar loaded with everyones' info!
So, I'm going to start workin on that right away!

I gotta run. (whispering)........ because I'm going to Dollar General to buy canned catfood.
Have a wonderful day!
What do you think we should call her? Think "old fashioned" names....
Holykisses xoxo


Laurie Ann said...

Love the cat. She's beautiful. I hope you get to keep her. Old fashioned names...hmmm....Abigail, Lillian, Beulah, or Isadore?

From the Heart said...

How about Victoria? She sounds and looks like an elegant cat or is it regal.. well you know what I mean. You are a very loving person even with animals. God made them too, you know.
Merry CHRISTmas.

Tracy said...

What a beauty! Merry Christmas to you, huh!? about Elsie, Liza, Charlotte or Minnie? Can't wait to see what you decide to call her. What a wonderful home she's wandered into. Saying little prayers that yurguy says she can stay! ; )

Shanda said...

I think she is very pretty and she looks like a graceful lady so maybe Gracie would be nice.


Love you for that Lea(:) I am the same can't resist a hungry critter(:) big hugs,Patty

Jane In The Jungle said...

Name....Noelle or Mary...tis the season!
She's beautiful! We have 5 to go along with the 4 dogs and 4 kids....I know, zoo.

Denise said...

I love the kitty, call her pearl.

Sue@CountryPleasures said...

Another mouser, they stand no chance of getting in now! She looks like a Chrissy, for Christmas!lol Love the calendar, I had no idea they even had them....where have I been?

SweetAnnee said...

Some body names Lea is a sweet heart!! Not just to Kitty, but to Deena

and the birds will appreciate the food..

I should have a "Feed the Singing Woods"

again..thank you.. I love the's so ME

and you are a dear..

kitty name.....Twinkle

Edie said...

Your Guy should know you well enough by now to know that he has lost this one. He might as well just give in now. LOL!!!

I LOVE her. I would name her Christmas, Christmas Hope, or Christmas Joy. I know those aren't Victorian but they are very symbolic. :)

Paula said...

Oh Lea, thank you for having the heart to "befriend" this sweet lost kitty. Hmm old fashion nams. I have always love the name "PEARL". It has an old fashion ring to it :-) Is it a boy kitty or a girl kitty?

P.S Do you give out your mailing address to recieve cards? I have a christmas card here to send to you

Nezzy said...

She is just precious, how 'bout Precious?

You have a wonderful weekend enjoying the joys of the season!!!

Yolanda said...



That's it, I can't help but think one or the other, and I'm positive thee others are thinkin' the same thing, what is Miss Lea gonna call her?

I'm thinking about Stuart, he's not gonna be happy, ya know?

Simply Me said...

I know how it is with men and their rules about animals! I think she is very special and you should give her a very special name. How about Prissy! Old fasion but, still cat like. She is just so pretty! I hope you get to keep her. Just like hosting an angel, animals are blessings for God!

Anonymous said...

Well...I am a kitty lover so my heart is bursting with gratitude that you took her in..poor lil thing...I would have done the same! I have a BIG OLD fat boy cat named Jesse and he has 6 toes~his paws look like mittens! :) Im with the other girls..something Christmas-y since she wondered on to your place this season...If you did choose Mary how about MERRY cause that is what I think of when I think of are always SO MERRY...and YOU ALWAYS bring me JOY...oh JOY would be a good name too!!! GOOD LUCK with your man! I will be praying you get to keep her! :)


irene said...

She's a beautiful CHRISTmas gift and has some Siamese in her to boot!! I think you should find a wonderful Bible name for her Sara, Dinah, Miriam, Tamar, Naomi....or Noel!! Merry CHRISTmas Lea, we are off to Alaska XXOO

Dawn Dutton said...

My vote for a name would be Ella or Emma.....
Merry Christmas.....

Mel said...

Looks a lot like our cat, Miss Noisy, only ours has shorter hair.

Hopefully, your sweetness will earn you the "yes" to keep her.

Good Luck!

Blissitydoodah said...

She's sweeeet!!! Her lapper needs fixing :) Thats so funny!
Meri Noel (a southern girl with a double Mariah Urina out in the shed...)
Myguy asked what he could get me for Christmas? I thought for a few minutes because I have everything there is already...except for not a Maltese puppy.
So I said "Maltese puppy."
But no. :(

Anonymous said...

Hi Lea,

She is so pretty and dainty... and since she can at Christmas time I think Miss Holly would be very sweet.

Love you!


Laura said...

A sweet little Christmas gift!

Blessings, Lea, and Merry Christmas.

Jackie said...

Old Fashioned? Hear are some names of my Tennessee aunts; Georgia Faustine, Mildred, Charlene Faye; Bethel Luella

Let us know!