Sunday, December 27, 2009

No church today; at least for me. No "sleeping in," either,... since my inner alarm went off at 6.

Instead, Mr. Coffee, me and "Isaiah" have been havin church next to the Christmas tree. At least here, no one minds that I've sneeezed countless times, or that half a roll of Charmin has blessed this Rudolf nose. KeeeerchOooOoOOoO! -- "God bless me." (Do you say, "God bless me," when you sneeze?)

Three corgis have been lovingly keeping my feet warm this morning. Who needs socks with pembroke corgis? What faithful and furry friends. They don't mind if I'm contagious. They just snuggle closer. When I first lost my voice and began whispering to them, they'd look at my like "Say what?!" But now, they listen more carefully and perk their pointy ears at nearly everything I do. I love my little buddies.

Isaiah has had a lot to say today. Some of it really stuck, and other verses seemed to trickle down into the crevices of my mind. Where they go, I don't know... but I read on; knowing God's word never returns void. The key verse today seems to be:
"Isaiah 26:3 " Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on thee
because he trusteth in thee."

With New Years only days away, I can't help but wonder. A few friends have begun sharing their new resolutions with me, and so far I haven't made even one. Nary a one. My pen went to paper, and yet, the page remains blank. ~I looked for "resolutions," in the word, and found none there either.

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