Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merry Christmas Eve!

I wanted to drop in and say hello because
I'm not sure when I'll have a chance to write again.

This evening, we'll be taking little tokens of love to a few friends and neighbors. I just about have everything done and ready to go.
I've told you that I like to make little birthday cakes to give to a few friends for their devotion time. Yesterday, as I started to make them, I asked myself. If Jesus were literally standing before me, and I got to be the one to bake His cake what would I make Him?

More than anything, I'd want to give my first and very best. I'm not a cake decorator by no means, and making an elaborately decorated cake is just not my talent. But my very best recipe is Chocolate Buttermilk Cake. My family loves the hearty decadence of it. So I decided this year, that I would try to make those for the birthday cakes instead of the traditional Pumpkin Spice cakes I usually make.

I learned that one, chocolate buttermilk recipe will yield 6 pint- sized jars.
The picture shows 5 going into thee oven but that's because I did the first test jar by itself and timed it. (It took 31 minutes) This morning, I made one more batch, and made a 9x13 pan for my family to sing Happy Birthday to Jesus, and I held out enough batter to make 2 more jars, in the same way I did yesterday for the jars above. It made the 9x13 cake a little less full, but that's okay. I needed 8 jars.

I didn't put the caps on right away and seal them like I usually do with the other pumpkin spice recipe. I waited until they cooled and...
... then frosted them with chocolate buttermilk icing, using real butter through the whole recipe. Only the very best ingredients for the King!
Then used fabric sandwiched between the lids and caps and included one birthday candle.
Just enough for a party for two!

I know many of you up north are in the middle of a blizzard right now. I hope you have everything you need, and stay warm! Your snow, is headed our way, and the weatherman said we may actually wake up to a white Christmas! Ohhh I sure hope so! It's been a very long time since I've seen that!

I'm wishing you all a merry Christmas!
Love n smoochy holykisses,
from the potting shed.

Happy Birthday Jesus!!

Holykisses xoxo


Debbie said...

Your birthday cakes for Jesus look scrumptious!! Merry Christmas my friend - may you enjoy this celebration with your family and loved ones!


Sue@CountryPleasures said...

We may get a white Christmas too? I just love this idea and even more so knowing any cake will do right? Merry Christmas soul sister, bright blessings await!

On Purpose said...

These are SO adorable, fun and just too cute. It's too late for this year...but I will be 'loggin' this away and anxious to do and share this for my friends/family next year!

Yolanda said...


(lots of love to you as well Miss Lea)

Debra said...

Merry Christmas, dear one!

From the Heart said...

Your cakes sound so delicious and what a neat gift to give to friend.
I'm sure God will bless you.
Merry CHRISTmas

Blissitydoodah said...

That banner quacks me up!!
Well did you get snow?
So thats that cake of PW's that I've been making w/buttermilk!
People LOVE it.

I came to show you a funny craft :)

Edie said...

Just wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas and Rich Blessings for 2010!

I just love your birthday cakes for Jesus! We got snow yesterday. It melted today.

Anonymous said...

We had a down right blizzard here in the Texas Panhandle...our white Christams came with high winds and high drifts SO my internet was out for a few days!:( I hope you had a WONDERFUL and blessed CHRISTmas Lea!

LOVE the Jesus Birthday cakes! YUMMY!


My ADHD Me said...

Your tree is beautiful!

AND I love the birthday cakes!

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!!

Simply Me said...

This was such a great idea! i would love the recipe and how to make these for gifts as well. Have a wonderful time with family and friends!

Barbara Jean said...

Hi sweet girl
Thanks for coming by

I'm still sick, maybe even a bit worse.
we have put our Christmas off till next Sunday when it is our usual family day anyway.

I am bored, but feel too poorly to feel like doing anything.
good time to work on my memory verses i guess. Can review, too muddled brain to learn new ones right now.
really appreciate what you said in your post about which loaf would you make Jesus. I think too often we give second or third best of ourselves to Him. I know i do.

Thanks again for dropping by.
feels like another nap time coming on

blessings an hugs friend

barbara jean

Linda Stubbs said...

Hey Lea, I used to make bread in a jar. It was so fun to open at a later date. Thank you for this adorable idea. I will do with my grandkids and give you credit!

Just for fun......I thought I would tell you that I designed the fabric that you used on your jars..........just had to say thank you for buying it. You didn't even know me, but it supplied a living for our family! Smile!

Hugs, Linda