Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Day After Christmas ....

Greetings and Holykisses everyone!

Did yall have a merry Christmas? I sure hope so.
I was so dragonfly kissed this Christmas. And my heart is still all warm and fuzzy!

I think we were on the edge of the winter storm that so many were experiencing Christmas eve. And when we woke .......... Christmas morn, we definitely were blessed with a fresh dusting! The wind was blowing so hard, I think it blew most of our snow away but ... it was wonderful!

The kids came over later in the morning and we opened presents. It was alot of fun and we were all spoiled by one another. It's so much fun at Christmas to give little things to your loved ones isn't it? Especially those things that you know they need, or something they've had their eye on, or a little something extra special.

It's tradition at our house to have ham for Christmas and we've become very spoiled with ones that are spiral cut. If you've never tried one... well; do what you have to and get one! If you're a vegetarian.....; a ham like this might change your mind about all that. lol We like Tyson, and Petite Jean the best, and we hardly waste any. Tomorrow, even the ham bone is going into a pot of beans and our cast iron skillet is ready and waiting for cornbread!

My favorite part of our Christmas was the prayer before our dinner, .... and having my family sing Happy Birthday to Jesus, with all four of us leaning in and blowing out His one candle together. It just means so much to me, that my husband and children "know" the Lord and recognize that His birth is the true meaning of Christmas. (happysigh)

The rest of our day was spent at home, talking to long distant relatives on the phone and watchin the dogs play with their new toys. Even old Abe was acting like a pup with his new hedgehog.

~ Today, Myguy's been babyin me a little. I guess Trent shared the crud with me, and yesterday as the day progressed, my voice started leaving me just like his did. It's pretty much gone now. Started out a sore throat, and now I can't hear from my left ear either. I'm takin it easy, and have just been puttering around all day.

The boys came over at lunch to work on all the leftovers, and Myguy babied me some more by doin all the dishes! I'm so serious! Then he went out and did my outside chores as well. Now stay sittin.... coz I have even bigger news than the dishes to tell ya. Remember how I've been tiptoeing all around the "new cat issue" with him? Well, I was frettin and frettin over her because with all this bad weather she refused to go to the barn. Instead she stayed hunkered down UNDER our porch and would just sit there shivvvvering. I just couldn't stand it. It was so bittercold, and the wind was horrible. --It was plumb pitiful. So, I coaxed her out and carried her to the shed. Then I found a box and lined it with an old coat, for her very own warm bed and she acted oh so happy and thankful. Now get this: Today, Myguy went out to do chores, so I asked him if he'd open the window for her out there so she could come and go as she pleased. He looked at me sorta funny, but he went off to do it! Now that was really sweet wasn't it???... But guess what else he did? He said while he was out there, he picked her up and held her for a minute.* I'm so serious. -- ALL ON HIS OWN. I asked him if she started purrin like she was runnin open headers and he said, "Yeah!" -- He'll like her for that.* Oh yeah; that's a way to his heart for sure. Now, ... I just have to figure out how to break it to him that I think she's pregnant.

I'm gonna go sit by the Christmas tree and start a new book. Hope you're all enjoying a relaxing evening. It's hot cocoa time!
Holykisses xoxo


Kelly Combs said...

You just had me grinning with this post. To think of you rescuing the kitty, and eating the ham and all your pup with his hedgehog, and singing happy birthday to Jesus. Great times!!!

I hope you'll be feeling better soon! I will soon be back to blogging, so I'll see you in 2010!

Sweet Magnolias Farm said...

Lea it sounds like you had a wonderful and Merry Christmas ..!!! Spiral Hams are Oh So Yummy to be for sure ..those vegetarians are missin out aren't they ...LOL !!! That dusting of snow was just the perfect Christmas gift beautiful !!!

Enjoy your new book ..

Wishing you Sweet Blessings ..Sara

Tracy said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful and special Christmas with yourguys. (heartsmile) Sorry you're feeling puny today, but glad yourguy is babyin' you.

Oh my, sounds like that little furbaby is wiggling her way into yourguy's heart...isn't she? Wow, and you think she's pregnant...goodness...she better be EXTRA sweet. ; )

Take care, sweet friend. Hope you feel better soon!

Denise said...

Love your memories of yesterday.. What a beautiful family you have.. We will have our Christmas tomorrow (Sunday) I look forward to the laughter more than anything......

Happy New Year girl and thanks for the beautiful card..... it was so unexpected.......

Jackie said...

Thank you for sharing your family Christmas time with me. I am new to blogging and forget how I came across yours, but I do so enjoy reading another sister in Christ's sweet thoughts.

Yolanda said...


I'm thinkin' by this time, you might have spilled the pg part, and how did MyGuy take it?

How is the book you started?

Love ya,

ps: the day after Christmas, I waxed and buffed every single piece of bedroom furniture in our bedroom. It looks so nice, and I sure worked up a .....perspiration....sweat is not ladylike, I've been told. Still coughin' my head off in the mean time.

Denise said...

Such a fun post... AND I am fixing to put a Tyson Spiral ham in the oven here in just a minute..... It is our fist one... I am looking forward to tasting it.......

Praying a little pray that you are feeling better today. I am going to start a book tomorrow. That is one of the things that the Lord has instructed me to do....... Read more...

Have a warm Sunday..

Blissitydoodah said...

Oh I hate that you got the crud!
Sounds like you are being taken care of...
That Kitty is so pretty and sweet slinging the milk everywhere LOL! I want one of the kittens!!!

Alleluiabelle said...

Hi Sweet Friend,

I so enjoyed reading through your post. I was smiling from ear to ear. It sounds like your Christmas time was beautiful and oh so precious with your family.

You are beautiful and I love you dear sister.

Hugs & Prayers,

Sue@CountryPleasures said...

Get feeling better sweet friend, bright blessings await!

From the Heart said...

Your Christmas sounds so good. Ours was great also. My grandchildren and their parents got a Wii for Christmas and they hooked it up Christmas Day at our house and believe or not I actually learned to bowl. My granddaughter taught me and I beat her in a game. It was so funny.

Hope you get to feeling better.

Dawn Dutton said...

Feel Better soon sister! I will keep you in my prayers.... Dawn

Meg said...

The day after Christmas was a wonderful day for me and even though I had a horrible headache most of the day, before the evening ended on December 26, God blessed us with a new baby grandson. He was due on December 29th and I did so much want him to be a Christmas baby not a New Years baby. My daughter named him after her brother and when I went to see him she said to me "Mom I see Jonathan in him" and you know what so did I.
The new year holds great treasures for those of us who know the Lord. God is really stirring our hearts for the New Year message we will deliver to the church on this coming Sunday! Our God is Awesome!
We would not have any other kind of ham at our house either, spiral it is.
On the mama kitty note, your guy sounds like mine, we call him an M&M hard THIN candy shell SOFT MELTING chocolate on the INSIDE.A sweetie and he just can't hide it!!!! Hope you feel better soon. Blessings Meg