Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A bErrY sWeeT MaKe Do, and A Bunch Of Other Stuff ;)

Greetings and Holykisses Yall!

I didn't have to go anywhere this morning and I'm actually still in my jammies!
It's really chilly here this morning and flannel is definitely my friend!

The past few days, I've been busy making a few things. I get that urge to create, and it becomes such a part of me. It's sorta like lookin at things through rose colored glasses, and the oddest things can inspire me? That probly sounds sorta weird... -- I can't explain it; I just feel it.

The picture above is not quite finished. It's a strawberry make do. You can use them for pincushions, or just for a "prim pretty." I have a picture torn out of a magazine ... I think Country Living where one of these is setting on a night stand. I absolutely loved it, and found the pattern awhile back. In the pattern, they used muslin, and painted it like we do for primitive dolls. But I decided to use an olde-red, wool skirt instead. I love itchy olde time wool! -
I used black snaps stitched here and there for "seeds," but I ran out. After I sew a few more on, it will be finished.

Here is a picture of the pattern, and the name is on the front if you want to go visit the website and try your own hand at makedo's! When you visit Sassafrashill Primitives, scroll down to the bottom left side bar and you'll see where it says FREEBIES. Click on it and you'll find e-patterns for free! I'm making bird nodders now, from my pattern that I won from Debbie at Barefoot Primitives! I'll show it when I'm finished and also the pattern I used as I did for the pattern above.
Mine found a place on our mantle. The little tag on it, is a picture of my Great Grandmother Rosanna. She was a very beautiful woman and my aunt Nancy told me that she was well-known for having teaparties for her lady friends. I wonder if they were her "sisterchicks?" Oh how I wish I'd have known her.
Do you know what these are? These are persimmons. People in our neck of the woods are always "talkin persimmons." Old timers predict the weather by persimmon seeds. Just for fun, I walked our fence rows and picked a few persimmons. I've tasted them before and they're actually fairly good, but I've never made cookies or preserves like some folk do. I wish I would have taken pictures of the seeds I cut, but I didn't;-- sorry! The first seed I cut open, I realized I'd done it wrong. I cut it on the flat side; the easier way! You're supposed to look for a knife, fork or spoon inside the seed. What I saw, was none of thee above. lol So I googled it, and realized you have to cut the seeds the dangerous way. Picture an almond... that's what they look like, and you have to cut the almond the narrow up n down way. Only your seed isn't dried out and toasted, it's slimy, and hard to hang onto!!! I finally got a pliers, and held the slimy seed with one hand while I cut this very hard seed with a knife. Once it stuck into the seed, I'd let go of the pliers and get a hammer. This is a very dangerous process people. After three seeds.... ALL SPOONS I said, "forget it!" If you see a spoon: it means alot of snow, and the spoon represents shoveling!! A fork, means a light winter... and knife... means, very cold... so cold it cuts through you like a knife. --- ALL of this and yet.... near as I can tell, ONLY GOD knows the future right? It was kinda fun though, and I thankfully; still have all my digits*
Over the weekend, I came across this little beauty. Okay, maybe you don't see beauty at all, but I did! On another thrifting adventure, this lil gem was hauled home in the bed of my truck.
It turned into a messy ordeal. Not because I had to rip the back off of it, but as you'll see... puddleducks had congregated. (See the feathers?) So after kneeling down to work on this old mirror frame, my unknowing knees were time and time again, resting in duck poop.

As my afternoon faded into evening; Trent walked up and asked what I was doing? I noticed a grin spreading across his face. I asked him what was funny, and he just said, "You are one crafting woman aren't you?" -- After he left; I realized just how bad my green knees and green pantlegs really looked... -- More than likely his humor was because I'd been wallerin in poo.
I've seen inspiration boards, covered in chicken wire, and liked thee idea of hanging things using clips and clothespins. It worked out pretty well. I had fabric left over from making the skirt for my long craft table, so now the board and it matches.
The problem is; it doesn't exactly "fit" in the spot that my other board did. Part of me wants to take it back outdoors, take it all apart, and make it half as small. But not today!
This morning, I added a new entry into my Victory Journal. I finished reading Psalms, and have started Proverbs. Only things that I've conquered, ... and answered prayers get written down in it.
This photo shows how I started my day.

Happily, I also found my next memory verse for the scripture challenge! The right one, just hadn't come along until today!
Proverbs 3:3 " Let love and faithfulness never leave you;
bind them around your neck,
write them on the tablet of your heart."

In the photo, you can see my newest copy of the Purpose Driven magazine came.
I had to include it in the picture because I absolutely love this one! I began reading it before bed last night and was so taken with one story, that I had to read it to Myguy this morning. A story how two men met eachother at a men's meeting, and God ordained it all so one of the men would give a kidney to thee other. If you have any doubts that God isn't about the details in your life, read the story! It starts on page 23!

I see there is a new Christmas book out as well. I think I'm gonna read it because I also want to do the DVD Purpose of Christmas included in this magazine.
There is a journal inside this one as well.... and I decided to blog it starting December 1st. You can click the picture to read the prompts if you're interested.

Guess I better get after my to do list for the day! There's also a few things to add to the honeydo. Myguy is off on vacation starting this Wednesday. We're not going anywhere, but have alot of things we hope to get done around the place.

One of those things is rip our old carpet out of the living room and put laminate flooring down.
We're starting this on Monday. Do the math.... Thanksgiving is on Thursday yall. Should I start to panic?
"Martha, Martha," the Lord answered, "You are worried and upset about many things," Luke 10: 41

Have a wonderful day everybody!
Holykisses xoxo



HI Lea..
LOve the berry makedo soooo cute and the pegboard is just so beautiful great fun jobs huh??
Being creative is such a gift~ hugs,Patty

Yolanda said...

Lee, I really like the chicken fencing on the mirror, what a very clever idea, and I love those tiny miniature clothes pins. Got me to thinkin, Sister.

Did a fun craft up at the school this mornin' and I'm going to share a picture of it on TT.

Love YOU

Denise said...

I love all of your crafts sweetie.

BellaBliss said...

Dear Martha~
That old mirror turned bulletin board is SO wonderful!!! Chicken wire on rosey fabric and clothespins...I love it so much...DON'T cut it smaller! *whiney voice* I like how the white frame lightens up that corner too.
Are people coming to your house for turkeyday?

Katy~The Country Blossom said...

I just have to tell you Lea, that I LOVE this song by Mac Powell on your blog.... :) I love his voice and I haven't heard this song of his yet...and it is just beautiful. Jesus, Jesus, Precious One, How we thank you....

:) LOVE it! :)

From the Heart said...

You have had a very busy day. You are really talented.

When I was a little girl my dad and I use to walk to the cotton mill where he worked to pick persimmons off the ground. We'd take them home and my mother would make persimmon pudding. My husband's parents had a persimmon tree in their yard and that's what she always made. Mine never turned out as good as theirs, but that's what they did with the persimmons in the south.

I want laminate floor covering in my little apartment kitchen but have never been able to get it. You are so lucky.

I spent today finishing what I started yesterday - cleaning out my refrigerator - all by myself. My husband usually helps but he wasn't home and I could not look at it any longer without cleaning it. I also cleaned out the drawers in the kitchen. I have to take things slower than I use to.

I still need to get my carpet cleaned and throw rugs washed, then I'll be ready for the holidays. However, there's a piano sitting where I usualy put my CHRISTmas tree. We may have to do without one this year. There's no where else I can put a tree. Oh, well, God will work it out some how.

My husband's step van that he used to deliver pianos has died. He and another guy have worked on it all week but it just died. Poor thing it is an old Lance van that delivered crackers, etc. He bought it in 1981 for $125. It has been running every since until today.

Oh well he will think of something. About all he does now is move pianos so he really needs a truck. I'm confident God will provide.

Can't wait to see what you make next.
Luv u,

Barbara Jean said...

Very sweet post.
Love your memory board. Can't you find a place for it instead of tearing it apart?
Especially since you are tearing your floor apart!

Hope all goes well with that.

Blessings from one noodle to another. (and yes, our brains do really work that way).
barbara jean

Territory Mom said...

I my goodness, the berry is so cute!! I love your chicken wire board. I'm going to try that we have lots of chicken wire. I need to check our persimmons re: the weather. I made tea out of them one time. It was okay.