Saturday, October 10, 2009


Greetings and Holykisses,

Fall is finally knockin on our doors here at the shabby olde potting shed.
And it just feels like the perfect day! No air conditioning, and no heater, although I'm sure we'll turn the heater up tonight. It's actually chilly outdoors!

I've been crafting some today, and have finished 3 new Lydia jars. I've also been going through my prim patterns and started dreaming up a few things I want to make. I'm just in the MOOD to make something! Wanted to share the picture above with yall, of Maude wearin an apron my Sisterbear made me. Thought some of you might want to try to make one. It's a square that she quilted and then stitched a loop to one corner to go over your neck and two other "ties" stitched to two other corners to knot behind your back. Cute huh?! Maude loves it; crazy girl won't stay outta my aprons.

A little while ago, I cleaned out the fridge and carried the left overs out to the chicken coop. As I approached, five deer were wandering around behind our barn. They come every evening to eat the acorns off thee ole Sweetheart tree, but I don't see them this early in the day very often. Although it's huntin season; our place is posted NO HUNTING, and I think the deer have told all their "friends" that this is a safe sanctuary. I wish I would have had my camera with me. But by the time I'd finished my chores and came in to get it, they'd already went down into the woods.

The mums are all in full blOOm right now. Some years, when it's been too warm, they're a bit sad looking, but not this year! They're a bright and cheerful yellow.
I'm not sure what these weeds are called but they grow up all over the place, and I never have the heart to pull them. I love every part of them; aren't they pretty? The leaves change from green to RED and they get loaded down with purple berries.
A few of you have been asking about the puddleducks. Here they are! They are completely free to roam wherever they wish. But of course, they stay right in our yard and have taken over our goldfish pond. They never did venture off and go live on the big pond... they're quite content just being puddleducks. At night, they come up by the house and bed down out in front of the porch. Especially if we leave the light on; which of course we do ... just for them.* I'm saying "we" but truly should say "me", although I do think my "dear husband" is sorta starting to like the puddleducks now. He looks at animal raising a little differently than I do? He likes raising cattle coz they "make" money. I like our animals because they become part of the family! lol Over the years, when we've gone to the salebarn, I've often come home with a new "friend."* I've heard him say, "If it has a snotty nose, is coughin, limping, 3 legged, starvin, blind, or pregnant... she'll drag it home." 26 years later, I think he's finally gettin over it all." Maybe even starting to kinda "like" some of them!

I'm heading back to the craft room. We're burnin daylight!
Hope yall have a wonderful sabbath tomorrow.
Happy Fall!

"There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven. Ecc 3:1


Debbie said...

Thanks for sharing your day! It has still been quite warm here but I can hardly wait for the cooler and wetter weather - that's when I feel like sewing myself :-) I'm getting ready to make a denim quilt this year - just looking for the right pattern! BTW - love your puddleducks (although not so much the mess they leave behind LOL).

Denise said...

I really enjoyed this post sweetie.

Edie said...

Hi Lea!! We sure don't keep up like we used to huh? I've had you on my mind all week.

I love your puddleducks. They are so cute! Your life sounds so nice Lea. Like a little bit of heaven. :)

I'm working on a prim website for someone. It's been a little challenging for me cause prim isn't my style and I usually do blogs. Websites are different. But it's been fun.

Cute idea for the apron.

Love you!

Laura said...

Lea--You always make me smile! I just know I'm in for a treat when you say you've "been crafting". YOu amaze me. Tell me about your Lydia jars? I have a dear friend who lost a baby late-term. Her name was Lydia and I wondered if I could maybe make a jar for her mother.

Those weeds are called Pokeweed, I believe. When I was a kid, we would fill old coke bottles with the berries and crush them with a stick. Then we would use the "ink" to paint rocks all over our hollow.

Fall is settling beautifully over your place.

Holy kisses,


Barb said...

He friend.

Just came by for a quick peek and hi, then off to bed.
cannot even stay awake to read

blesgins on your Sunday

Barbara jean

Anonymous said...

Were a little lasy here at this farm this weekend too Lea, we are enjoying it though. Lit the furnace for the first time this Sunday morning. Pretty chilly out there. Gonna be laxy today also.
Make something pretty and be sure to show it iff to us, cool weather makes me wanna craft also. I'm ready for some staying i the house weather. Got lots to do for sure.

Sue@CountryPleasures said...

I want to hear more about the jars, sound interesting? Love the arpon and all the goodies behind it. I don't know what it is about fall, but I too am in the creative mood and baking too!

From the Heart said...

Looks like your back from your "break". I'm glad, I miss you when your not around.

Your place sounds like a place my great-aunt Effie lived on way up in the mountains. My mom and I would always go up when my great-aunt Alice went and usually stayed about a week. Aunt Effie's sons were much older but my cousin and I use to have a lot of fun with them. Tried to milk a cow one time but never could. My aunt raised chickens and cows. There would be a lot of the "bitties" I think they were called until they got grown. She had a dog that would go down the road from the house, seemed like a mile maybe less, and wait for the boys to come home from school. That dog knew exactly what time to go without anybody telling her. I miss those days. I still have one cousin whose son bought Aunt Effie's house and remodeled it. My cousin lives in a trailer farther back.

My husband mentioned riding up to the Parkway in the mountains maybe next week. I told him I'd like to go by there and see my cousin. She and I have the same name. Her's is Alice Dare. We were named after my great aunt Alice.

This is a lazy Sunday after noon.
My oldest daughter came home Friday and went back earlier today.

Have a good day,
Love you,

Mel said...

Your puddleducks are so cute, wish we had a pond, I'd have a few puddleducks myself.

Getting cold here as well, down in the 30's tonight... Brrr!

How funny, I was just going through my material drawer this past week trying to come up with the right combination of fabric for an apron. What a nifty idea!


Yolanda said...

I am so thankful that your back and that your blessings spill out and bless me as well.

Now, leave the porch light on, ya hear me? :-)

Love YOU

Bliss said... too! Dragging home not only animals...but children :) and nothing anybody can do to stop it :)
I'll pray for your friend who is struggling.
OH MY GOSH!!! My code to type in is AMENS!!!!