Monday, September 21, 2009

~Running The RACE~

Greetings and Holykisses!

Happy Tuesday everyone,

I'm finally gettin around to sharing our night at the races Saturday. We had so much fun!
The guys have been building a little S-10 for quite some time to drag race, and it's been a slow process, as it needed a lot of body work. But recently, Myguy came across another little pickup, so, they dropped the motor in it instead. It was quite a scurry trying to get it all put together in time for the races that we had to leave for around 4:00.

Around 3, I walked outside and saw Tony outdoors; scratchin his head- in deep thought. I asked him if we were about ready to go, and he said, "Yeah, but..... we need to bring along more tires Momma." ....Then, he said, "Ya know,...your new tires on the back of your 66 would fit right on the race truck." It took a mere second for it to really register what he was suggesting.* I don't know if ya'll have ever been to the drag races or watched them on television. Perhaps you've never heard of power-braking; but this is a term very well known to the menfolk here on the Ponderosa. In fact, when our boys still lived at home, just for fun one afternoon I caught them putting old tires on a hotrod and powerbraking until a tire blew out. Are you now getting a visual, and understanding the suggestion towards "my" tires. The tires on my olde 66 chevy pickup, aka "Daisy?" About the same time that Tony made his suggestion towards Daisy.... out walks Myguy from the shop. I knew he'd overheard, and I could tell by the look on his face that he thought it was a brilliant idea. How did I respond?????
Like any other red-blooded American Momma who loves her sons and hubby would respond. "Well what are you waitin for son; you better hurry," I said. I was met with complete approval from Myguy, who grinned from ear to ear and who looked as though he'd marry me all over again. lol

I tossed Tony my keys, and before I knew it, Daisy was in the shop, and on the lift. (I know my Mil will laugh outloud when she reads this because these apples did not fall far from the trees. I've heard stories that my Fil would take the tires off her station wagon before they headed to the roundy round track when he used to race as well.) This is what happens when you marry a motorhead and have children. You make more motorheads who want your tires.
My camera doesn't take good pictures at night, but these are Daisy's tires at the race track.
.............. being "roasted."
This was getting close to the start line. Tony, Mike and Trent took turns driving, and getting a feel for how it handled.
This is a far off picture of just getting in line. Pretty much anyone can race anything. Motorcycles, four-wheelers, hotrods, trucks of all kinds- even big diesels.
I think Mike was driving here. Before your turn, you pull up to the line and back up into a little dip that has water in it to get your back tires wet. Then you pull out and power brake. (holding one foot on the brake, and gasin it with thee other.) Getting your tires hot helps you at the start, so you smoke em good! The bottle Trent's holdin is track bite. After smokin your tires, and right before you pull up to the start line, you squirt track bite in front of both back tires. Track bite makes your hot tires extra sticky; -- and as Martha would say, "its a good thing."
This is just a picture of changing tires while at the drag strip. Actually, those are Daisy's tires Tony's about to put on.

See the little bits of rubber all over the fender after the races?
Yeah, Daisy's tires have a lot less tread now. lol Oh well, we had a blast. I think they're ordering new slicks for the race truck this week. They did pretty good on their times, and by thee end of the night were using the NOS. NOS, basically sprays an extra mixture of "go juice" in thee engine. I've not ridden with them yet when they've used the NOS. Mike gave me a lil ride over the weekend and "got on it" just a little and it scared me ta death! I'm serious. It's a thrill but has enough horsepower without the NOS for me. They love horsepower, I just love the rumble. I love when they rev it up and you can feel it in your chest. That deep vrrrroooomvroooooom.
While I watched the guys race; I thought of all their preparations and the care they've taken in building their engine. I couldn't help to think of the race we all have to run.
"Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles, and let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us." Hebrews 12:1

"Do you not know that in a race, all the runners run, but only one gets the prize? Run in such a way as to get the prize." 1 Corinthians 9:24

Let's race to win.


heidi said...

Love it! You're the best! Running the race....

Nezzy said...

Oh girlfriend, you need the all time Moms Award. Ya'll gave up your tires? Nothing says lovin like a little tire givin! Sounds like a fun filled weekend. Just went by tooo fast, huh? Heeheeee.

Enjoy your day!!!

Denise said...

You my friend, are so far beyond awesome. I love you.

Rosa said...

What can I say. You're just AWESOME. You are a true inspiration to me. I LOVE YA' girl.

Edie said...

Oh Lea that looks like a blast!!! I always loved stock car races. I'm sure I would love drag races too. I'd give up my brand new tires for a look like that from my husband too.

Yolanda said...

You all just place the biggest ole smile on my face.

About the race....I've been learning that the most important thing is to run a marathon not a dash, and to finish. IT IS IMPORTANT TO many of OUR brothers and sisters do not finish and we gotta hang in there ;-)



From the Heart said...

You are an all around good wife and mother and a child of God.
You have outdone yourself.

Laura said...


Well, I really got an education on this one! Track bite?? Fascinating.

May I just say that you are awesome?

Bliss said...

I've had that race scripture on my brain ever since I started leading the youth a couple or three years ago. It is a verse young people can really understand I think.
As for understanding those boys and wheels...I grew up with three of them(brothers that is)...and my daddy...wheels, wheels and more wheels. Now three sons and you mentioned mudding the other day in the jeep? I thought no, not my boys...weeelll you nailed it. Rains came and so did the mud....luckily the trees hid their activity from Dad who would not condone this behavior at all :) And all is well with the world!
The mama and the dog and the cats and the chickens and frogs and turtles all said AMEN!