Friday, September 18, 2009

~Market Fresh ~ Chicken Salad

Greetings and Holykisses,


Apple Prayer Bread's on the to do list today. And since I have extra apples, I decided to use one to make my favorite "samiches." Have you ever had an Arby's Market fresh samich? They are deeeeeelicious! As much as I love em; I don't go very often coz they're loaded with calories. 769 to be exact. lol As good as they are, I hardly ever eat all the bread that comes on them either... so I like to make my own version at home.
I use:

1 large can of drained Tyson chicken (or cook your own)
chopped pecans
chopped red grapes... mmmmm (the best part)
1 chopped apple
Mix all of this really well with either fatfree Mayo or Lite mayo.
Then, I usually use the 50 calorie bread, but today... wheat thins!
If I use bread, I also add a little lettuce but today used crackers instead.

I'm spoiled on the thinking that I need chips with a samich; so I like using wheat thins for the bread. A girl needs her "crunch" don't ya know! ;) Pickles are great for "crunch-factor" but... my taste buds tend to scream "No!!!"-- to pickles mixed with grapes. lol Go figure?

My oven's calling me, so I better go tend to it. Otherwise the smoke detector will be hollerin next. Besides; you know the rule: Never blog n bake.
Have an awesome day!

One more thing; Can't believe I almost forgot to share the good news-- test results came back today .... no skin cancer!!
Thank you Lord! Our God's good!
Soli deo gloria


Anonymous said... FORGOT to post the Apple Prayer Bread recipe! We want to know how to make it...and post some pics! It just sounds SO Yummy and Fall-ish! mmmm I can almost smell it...mmmm!

Charlene xoxoxo

From the Heart said...

Praise the Lord for answered prayer. And your making me hungry so I guess I better go see what's to eat.
Luv u,

Sweet Magnolias Farm said...

Oh Lea ..I didn't know about the Skin Cancer ..but I'm thankin God ..that you don't have it ..Praise the Lord ! My brother had Melanoma He went through an excruciating surgery on his back and lymph nodes under his arms. It's such a terrible thing...

Thank You Lord your all clear !!!

Your recipe looks yummy !!!


Cottage Rose said...

Hi Lea; First of all Praise the Lord for you test results... And WOW! that is a lot of cal... why is it that all the good tasting things are so darn bad for us.... :( oh well.. have fun baking.. and a great weekend.

Denise said...

Praise God for answer to my prayer, love you so very much.

Bliss said...

I read down this far today :) Because that chic. salad was tempting me to go past the apple bread...both look sooo yummy!
So happy about the test results :)!!!

Yolanda said...

Praise you Lord, praise You! Thank THEE for answering my little hearts prayer for my precious friend.

MidniteScrapper said...

Praise God that everything is fine!! So glad to read this! Now this salad looks like something I can sink my teeth into! Yum.