Sunday, August 23, 2009

Makeover Progress!

Are you ready to see a little progress?
A few months ago, I shared pictures of our bedroom and asked for your advice. You'll never know how delighted I was with your response!! So many wonderful ideas and suggestions.

Thee above paint chips were my hearts desire. Recently when we went back to Lowes; I tried to put it out of my mind and just "look." Maybe something else would tickle my fancy. But I walked out of the store that day, toting 2 gallons of wintergreen ash, 1 gallon spruce frost and a gallon of green river. The very colors I chose those many months ago.

You'll be happy to know, the painting part is finished. But keep in mind, we still lack all the WHITE trim boards around the doors, and baseboards. So are you ready?.....
This was before.... with the grey sponge painted walls.
Tadaaa, here is thee after! There are alot of things I still want to change, but the hardest part is finished. All the doors, are painted the darkest color: the Green River. The walls are the medium shade: wintergreen ash. And the hutch, and our whole bathroom, is the lightest shade: spruce frost.
The before picture of our bed..............
And thee after picture, with new bed covering and shams. Oh, I also painted the little wooden boards on that round wrought iron thingy, the lightest shade: spruce frost as well. So far, nothing's turned up that would look awesome above our bed. But I like the L&M, so it's all good. Now I know some of you are wondering why "my" initial got to go first.* Well, don't you want to holler O P when you see L&M? heehee Please don't tell me that I was the only kidlet who sang my ABC's like that? (Yolanda do you see your handmade doily?!!!) Love it!!

I know some of you thought the hutch needed to go. But I like it. Now I even like the gawdy pink glass knobbies. ;) We took the glass doors off the front, and we both like it better this way. Maybe a white pip berry lighted garland across the top of the front? Maybe lace.... ?

If anyone knows a neat way to display the vintage silhouette pictures that are on the hutch, please comment or email me. My dear friend n Sissy Fancynancy started me on the coolest collection of them!
Here's that little corner with thee old desk. My friend Janie thinks a distressed pink wicker rocker is what this corner needs. But I haven't found one yet. Until then, ... I have some ideas brewing....
But for now, .... here's the after.
Last but not least... here's the little corner in the before picture.
And here's thee after. Just using what I already had, and very subject and probability to change. lol

So you see... I really did paint!
Our next thing on the honey do list is new laminate floors in our living room and hallway. Depending on the cost,... we hope to continue it into our bedroom. *Please don't feel sorry for Myguy having to do all these difficult chores on the honeydo. He's always tellin me when we discuss fixing things in our home or on the farm, that I need to write it on the list. He also knows that I wrote a 6"lift and new tires for his muddin truck on the list as well.* He must be proud of that because he's been braggin to the guys at work that he must have the only wife in the world who would write that on the to do list. ;) Live n learn ladies. Live and learn! ;) heeheehaahaahoohoo

Holykisses dear friends,
I'm off to add more feathers to our nest.


From the Heart said...

Your room looks beautiful. You have done a great work of art.

Shanda said...

Lea, its awesome. Love your color choices. It looks so different. Everything looks so nice together. I am craving a blueish green bathroom upstairs. Love your choice and will have to jot it down. I buy all my paint at Lowes also. It is good paint and washes easily. You did good girlfriend.

Denise said...

I love your room, looks very nice. I also love your blog header.

Paula said...

Beautiful Lea! Love the color, it just made me go AWWWWHHHHHHH, and came down a few notches. What a big difference a little color can make. Great job Lea, can t wait to see what you do next

Artsy Fartsy Junkin Finds said...

Love your makeover!!! You have been a busy gal! My fav color of course, Looks great!! Off to work for the day, Have a great week, Janna

Sue@CountryPleasures said...

Wow Lea, it all looks great, I love the colors,so refreshing! I love the hutch too and wouldn't part with it. I do have a cheap fix for over your bed since you asked. Hunt up some frames from yard sales or thrifting, all sizes and shapes. Take out the glass, you can either paint them to match or leave them alone. Hang them over the bed in random order or patterned. The frames alone become the artwork. I've seen this in many magazines and I love the look. I'm currently on the hunt for frames to do this somewhere in my house! lol

Yolanda said...

Would you seriously consider coming to my house next? I really LIKE what you did with your bedroom and all the pretty's. WAY COOL! And I didn't think about the alphabet with the letters, just thought that might be your side of the bed. Left, Lea....Love ya all the way to the moon and back!


ozjane said...

You are one clever, talented and energetic lady.
I thought the L & M stood for
Love and Marriage.
Isn't that a good idea.??? LOL.
I need new curtains in my may inspire me yet.
In 1980 I took a term off teaching to move in here and make all my I am not sure I would know how and have all day every day. Oh where did the energy go?

Edie said...

Wow Lea it looks great! Amazing what a little paint will do to lift a room and a heart.

Keep adding those feathers! How cute!

When I was a kid, my sister and I both had dresses like the ones the first girl is wearing in your header. Only ours were dark blue with white trim. LOL.

Tracy said...

Wow! How beautiful! So glad you shared these photos! You've done a great job and the colors are just beautiful. (One of my favorite touches was the corner with the suitcases and the wild flower bouquet!) The new bedding is beautiful!

I had to laugh out loud at your "wifely wisdom." I'm taking notes, girlfriend! LOL ; )

Bliss said...

What do do?! Now I want those colors too! It looks wonderful!
I love the hutch and your new quilt.


LOVE the aqua walls ~!!