Saturday, August 22, 2009

Animal Crackers in my Soup

Happy Saturday!

I know I've slacked off on blogging. I'm so sorry!
I celebrated turning 29 "again;" and life's just had me twirling!!!!! It's been a very good week!
I've eaten way too much cake, and threw caution to the wind as far as even thinking the word: diet! In fact, Myguy, baked me a carrot cake birthday cake with cream cheese frosting. Trent ate one piece with me, but other than that, I'm thee only one who likes carrot cake, so you know what that means..... it was a dirty job but cake should NEVER go to waste! Especially one, lovingly baked by your dear husband!!! We splurged on so much good food this week, and my jeans are so tight, but must say, loved every bite! You should see the cake "today." What remains is cake with frosting grazed off the top. WHO did that????????? The fork is still in the cake pan... just waiting for another scrape of icing.... by "whoever" dared to desecrate such a beautiful labor of love. (And that's all I'm sayin bout that.)*lickin the corners of my smile*

Remember I once told you that I have wonderful memories of my Angelmother letting me pick one "sweet" when we bought groceries? I often chose the little Barnum's box of animal crackers with the cute string handle. ;)
This week, a dear friend sent me a vintage and very collectible animal cracker tin to sweeten my day! Boy did it ever!!!

And she filled it with home- made animal cookies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! These little guys were so much better than the store bought.... and I'm pretty sure I ate puddleducks! They were deeeelicious! heehee
Thanks BettyMae!!! BettyCrocker has nothin on you!

I'm off to wallyworld today, as bad as I hate to go on a Saturday. Sometimes it's dangerous in there on Saturdays; have you noticed that?
"Do not fear, for I am with you...." Isaiah 41:10

Have an awesome day!


BECKY said...

Hi Sweetness!! Glad you're back!! Hope your celebration was sounds like that carrot cake was...especially the frosting!! ;o)

Wally World on Saturday? You are taking your life into your own hands, girl!! The one right by us is the largest volume store in the whole of central Florida, and on Fri night, Sat and Sun you definitely see it!! UGH!!

Have a wonderful weekend!! I am finishing a purging and organizing thingy in my room!! YAY!! I just took a little break to say HI to some bloggy friends! Back to work!

Love and hugs,

Kelly Combs said...

I see everything with a line through it, like a strike out. Your blog or my PC? Too hard for me to read. What's up?

Sweet Magnolias Farm said...

Well Happy 29th again Lea !!! I think I am going to have to take your advice and just keep celebrating the one I like over and over again ...This year I just sat down and cried !

Oh that's the best kind of cake to have one none of the rest of the family likes go Girl !!

Hey and I hear you on the Barnums Cookies ..My Mom did the same thing ..I always got the cute little string box with the cookies for my treat ..I remember how fondly I loved those cookies and felt so special when I got them ..How wonderful of a friend is that to send you a vintage can with no less homemaded animal cookies ..she's a keeper !!!

Well I hope you braved Wal-Mart ..I go there as little as possible ..well actually I go to as few stores as possible ..People are just to much for me anymore ..I try to go in the off hours ..!

Well glad you had a great week and Hope you have a Beautiful weekend ..!!!

Yolanda said...

What a special friend! I've never had home made animal crackers. But at our Dollar store this week, I saw animal crackers that were crackers not cookies for the soup. HOW COOL!


Kelly Combs said...

Happy Birthday Lea! So glad I can see yoru post now! How sweet that someone sent you homemade animal crackers. That is so awesome!

Have a great day.

KathyH said...

Hope you had a very happy birthday!
Are you ready for a Beth Moore study? Diane is leading the one on Esther the first part of Wed. mornings beginning Sept.9. I've listened to the sessions and they are awesome! Hope you'll come!

Laura said...

You're not the only slacker here :)

Very cute tin! YOu find the neatest pretties.

Sending blessings!


Cottage Rose said...

Hello Lea; Happy Birthday to you!.. how sweet and loving of your hubby to make you a B-cake... my hubby loves carrot cake.. I do as long as the raisins are not in there,,,, lol

I hope you have a wonderful weekend.


Denise said...

happy B-Day and if we cannot eat cake on our Birthdays when can we eat cake! hahahah I have been gone from the blog for a while, seems that summer is just so busy... I really look forward to the fall and getting back to visiting all the ladies........

Happy Saturday and I hope Wally World was not toooooooooo bad!

Denise said...

Welcome back dear, hope you celebrated you really good, you deserve to be celebrated. I love you.