Wednesday, July 1, 2009

~I AM~

Holykisses, and Happy Word Filled Wednesday.

This week, I began filling my notebook page with words to describe God. I asked everyone in a blogpost to please share their words with me, through their comments.

Savior, Emmanuel, Redeemer El Shadaii, Truth, Holy
My Father who never fails to love His children in the most beautiful, strong, faithful way!
My portion, my deliverer, my protector, He is my sustainer.
Mighty counselor, the source.
My good shepherd!
Shining light, lover of my soul, bridegroom, lighthouse, my rock,hiding place,my provider, the great I AM.
Lord of Lords, King of Kings, Friend, lover of my soul, Redeemer, the forgiver,
Powerful healer, my ALL.
Almighty redeeming Father, Just and loving God, Most High!
Faithful redeemer,
Amazing friend, glorious savior, my refuge, my rock, my hiding place, my deliver,
Holy, holy Holy!
My prince of peace, my shepherd, and the strength of my life!
He's our Father, our brother, our redeemer,
our soon coming King! Lover of my soul, Prince of Peace, my shelter in the time of a storm.

Thanks to everyone for sharing your words with me, and us! ;)
10,000 praises to our King!

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Thanks eLisa!!!


From the Heart said...

Beautiful post for WFW. Isn't it wonderful that we have a God, a Saviour, the Holy Spirit (all 3 in one) who cares about us in soooooo many ways. Praise His name.

Denise said...

No more words necessary......

BECKY said...

I just love reading this list, Lea, and yet like you said...words seem so inadequate to truly accurately convey the holiness, perfection, righteousness, kindness, mercy etc... of our loving heavenly Father!

Thanks again for this just really blessed me!! You're such a sweetie!! So glad our paths have crossed!

Beautiful Pear Tree Lane said...

AWESOME!!!POST!! Thank you for sharing. And to this I say AMEN>. Blessings to you and your family as you celebrate the 4th Of July.

Debra said...

Beautiful, Lea...I get a thrill just reading His names. I heard a teaching show today that mentioned when the Old Testament was being written or copied, when they would write the word for God, they threw away the pen, or instrument they used. They felt His name was so Holy. Wow-if we revered His name that much-it might be a different country-one focused on God.
Love, Debra

Denise said...

So precious, love you my friend.


HI Lea..
Love the boys ..what a fun pic of them...