Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Finding Happiness in Ordinary Tasks

Greetings and holykisses,

Summer is here, and I'm finding myself delighting in a few simple things.
I haven't used the dryer since I forget when? Instead, I'd rather carry laundry to the clothesline. I love wearing my apron to carry the clothespins in, and find myself dawdling as the last piece is hung on the line. ~Then throughout the day, I glance out back and smile as the sheets, and towels flap in the warm breeze. ....This little bluebird also loves the clothesline. I see her there often.

Don't ask me why but for some reason, I've been in the mood to iron.* I don't like ironing clothing but love to iron vintage linens.
The fragrance of Niagra starch, and ironing rectangles and squares, also brings a smile.

With the hydrangeas in full bloom, I'm delighting in fresh bouquets throughout the house. Love the changing colors from greens, to creams, to periwinkle, and finally sky blue. I'm so thankful God created flowers. I can't imagine a world without them!
Been scrubbin my kitchen cupboards and bringing out more summery dishes.
Also got the big pantry jars washed, and refilled. Eggs were washed and even a homemade buttermilk chocolate cake baked!
When fleamarketing recently, I bought the clear glass snack trays and matching teacups. Thing was; I was one cup short, until about a week later, I stopped at another sale and found ONE that matched! Now I have service for four. I washed them up and I'm leaving them out on this cupboard so this summer when my friends stop by; they are ready and waiting! Speaking of washing dishes, we still haven't bought a new dishwasher. I never thought I'd say this but, I don't even care if we ever get one.* I don't miss it?!!!!! All the dishes I did today, I enjoyed doing by hand. The first week our dishwasher broke, it was definitely weird getting into a dishwashing routine. I found I "soaked" alot. lol But now, weeks and weeks later, it's changed. Myguy told me yesterday that he still plans on getting a dishwasher bought soon. But I told him it's okay, coz I actually "like" washing them by hand. In fact, I'd rather pull the old dishwasher out, and box in where it went, and sew up a cute little curtain there instead. I'd love to have a "place" for the huge stockpot, and cakestands that I don't have room for now. He grinned, but wasn't surprised. He knows he married vintage. ;)

Oh- notice the ribbed, pantry jar on the left? See the Hersheys inside of it? It's actually filled with grahams, marshmallows and chocolate, just waiting for the next bonfire. Now we're definitely ready for summer!
Finished up the little sheet music planter and got it hung in my craft room. The silver sticklers worked great for that final touchup. Love that stuff! If you haven't tried it... - it's good stuff! Hobby Lobby carries it and they have 40 percent off coupons online. This week, the coupon is only 25% off, but every little bit helps right?
With summer here, our little pink breadbox isn't feeling so out of place. I even put away all the pip berries and garland and things that looked autumn/winter, and filled planters with daisies instead. We're now officially summerized. Even the winter coats finally found their way to the closets, and sweaters and flannels put into totes until October. I just noticed looking at this picture that I "still" haven't put that handle back on the drawer. I'm off to do that next. lol

Simple and ordinary tasks, I found joy in.
How about you? Have you been finding happiness and joy in your everyday? Leave a comment- I'd love to hear what you delight in doing!

"Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might," Ecc 9:10


Denise said...

Such wonderful things you enjoy my friend, love you.

Angela said...

Simple and ordinary tasks, I found joy in.
How about you? Have you been finding happiness and joy in your everyday?

amen amen amen sis...I thank God, literally I do..Thanking Him that I have been filled with a joyfilled heart as I go about my day. There are days I will praise God as I'm folding clothes, bringing them close to my nose and inhaling deeply the sweet smell of clean clothes, thanking Him that I can wash clothes in my house, with a washer and a dryer. To have health to clean my house, to make my house a home..I LOVED this post.. I LOVED the pictures...

Yolanda said...

This just exuberates me....I too am finding so much happiness in the ordinary that I absolutely dreaded just a little over 30 days ago.

The lettuce popped thru yesterday morning when I walked out and weeded the tiny little garden that I put in.

Yesterday I did some baking, fixed a nice lunch for the two of us and then headed off to run errands and prepare for Bible Study.

Love to you!!!

irene said...

Wow Lea....your house reminds me of mine right down to the missing drawer pull and lack of working dishwasher (I've never even had one) I'm always more comfortable vintage! I once lived in a big Victorian house, that old kitchen with it's high ceilings, built in flour bin with sifter and old corner parlor stove was my favorite ever! Wish I could come over and share a cup of tea and some buttermilk chocolate cake. Thanks again for reminding us all that God is indeed found in the simple things. XXOO

Sue@CountryPleasures said...

Yes I do find joy in everyday things! Love the hutch and the pink bread box too, I have one just like it but white, I may have to paint it? LOL

Anonymous said...


I enjoy reading your posts, love your puddleducks and the queens crown. I am really lovin simple everything.... gave up foo-foo for the most part. Thanks to you! It's not about how you look, what the label says or how much you have! I am so much happier. I love startin the day reading your blog with my cup of coffee. Love you! Janie in Dixon