Wednesday, May 6, 2009

~Sunshine Makes Me Happy~

Greetings and Holykisses!

We saw the sun today!
Days upon days we've had rain... more rain.... storms, light mist, heavy downpour... and so on! Inches upon inches of rain. The pond is overflowing, and puddles ... are everywhere!

I've been trying to stay uP inspite of the dark, dreary days, and the fact that everywhere I go... "weather" is the hot topic with much grumbling. I just look at people and say, "Lovely day we're having aren't we?!!!!" Why do they look at me like I'm crazy? ........ Have you noticed it's a little harder to look on the bright side when everyone else is complaining? lol ~ I try to just focus on the fact that the flowers are going to be "beautiful!" And truly....they already are!

Yolanda asked me today if the peony I shared for wfw was one of my own? Yes they are; and they actually have a neat story! Thee Uncle I'm named after sent, these peony roots all the way from South Dakota! They grow on my Grandparent's graves and were spreading, so he sent a boxful to my Momma. She didnt' even have a flower bed to put them in, so I dug one for her the length of her deck and we planted them together! She was very sick already but stayed out with me the whole afternoon! It was .... a wonderful day.

Even as chubby buds; I adore these flowers! *They make me think of a word of wisdom, my angel Mother left me with: She said, " learn patience."
Waiting for these fluffy blooms to strut their stuff, has definitely been teaching me a little patience!
Today, I picked one from her flowerbed; took it to her grave... and laid it on her headstone.
She would have liked that. ;) Isn't it something how these flowers have gone full circle? From her Momma and Daddy's graves.... to hers.

"The grass withers and the flowers fall, but the word of our God stands forever." Isaiah 40:8

This bush was a puny little stick she once bought at a yard sale. I'm so happy she did! ;)
And now, introducing: Percy and CoraBelle~ thee odd couple! I bought them as baby guinea chicks the same day I brought home the baby puddle ducks and pullets. Percy and CoraBelle are worth their weight in gold. Ok, maybe not to you... but if you actually "met" them, you might think so too. They work sunup to sundown eating ticks, and I hope chiggers too! If it's crawling, it won't stand much of a chance with these two on watch. -- Thee only thing I have a problem with is they have "a thing for toads." (Run little toads, run for your very lives!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

This afternoon, since the sun was shining, and it was still too wet to mow... I went to see my Hospice lady. Afterwards.... the Thrift shops began calling my name!* I hadn't been to them in quite a while and today was my day! I can't wait to show you what I found! I want to tell you so bad... but it will be better to "show" you in pictures. ~ I also stopped off at my friends' new antique shop. OMGosh, did we had a time! She'd bought two big tins of buttons and had been saving them behind the counter for me go through and tell her what was what. She scored big on one! Bone buttons, antique czech glass, mourning buttons, charmstring, mops, celluloids, bakelite, ... I had so much fun sorting and making piles. And she gave me a beeeautiful purple, iridescent, Czech-glass button for my collection. It's gorgeous! Nothin like a friend, Thrifts, Tiques', Fleas, and buttons to add even more fun to my SONfilled day! (whooHoo!)

I hope yall had a wonderful day too. GOD'S GOOD! Rain, or shine, all thee time!
Smoochy holy kisses,


Denise said...

Wow, such beautiful flowers dear one, love you.

Sharon said...

Yessss he sure is GOOD!! Loved those photos. Please send that rain to us, we are in such a drought here, we can't even wash our cars, can't water nothing, our grass is dead, I take a bucket out to a few of my plants and water them it's so bad!
But it's ok, I am enjoying the sunshine for sure. I wish the temps would come down a bit, it was 92 here yesterday.

Happy Mothers Day!! :)

I was wondering if you sell the crown of thorns, I saw a picture and it was beautiful, you make these?? Let me know little Miss. Sunshine :)

Yolanda said...

I want you to know that I'm itching to go to the nursery/green house now that I have some time on my hands.

Oh, I might need to bake that chocolate cake you had on here awhile back as well.

You are such a joy to my heart and together we love the SONshine!!!

From the Heart said...

Lea, Did you think I had deserted you? I've had some problems with my computer (still not fixed, but nothing has happened today, so pray that I can get this figured out.

You are a "ray of sunshine" even when it's raining. Loved the flowers. I have a peace plant in the house that I transplanted from a basket of plants and it has grown so big and has about 5 white flowers on it. Plants in the house is about all I can do now.

Loved your verse for WFW. God is so good to us and His grace is sufficient.
From my heart to yours,

Barb said...

Just drop over to say hi.

thanks for your support.

barbara jean

LisaShaw said...

Yes! Whatever the season GOD IS GOOD! I'm with you on that sweetie. I pray sunshine days for you. I'm glad you are able to spend quality time with your precious hospice person. The photos are beautiful. Love ya.

Bliss said...

Yeah, what's up with all the weather complaints??? Good grief!

Love the peonies!!! Can you believe ants open them up? Craziness...
Well I still have to get to the bus but wanted to give you the song I just described in my email...

irene said...

Lovely Lea....Thank you for sharing your lovely peony story, I too have had some special peony beds in my life but I will cherish the thought or you planting yours with your Mom. Thanks too for sharing Percy & Corabelle, they are indeed worth their weight in gold (and that would be lot these days!) Ahh the simple pleasures in life :)
"Live wholeheartedly, be surprised!
Give thanks and praise!
Then you will discover the fullness of life!
-Brother David Rase

The Whites said...

I love peonys! I love the story behind yours too!